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Here we offer links to additional resources in that may be helpful to you. These include pdf versions of printed brochures, informational videos, DVDs, and other content. If you have suggestions for other stuff you'd like us to offer, let us know! This is, after all, an evolving process.

LA Sight's Vision Correction Brochure - LASIK

LA Sight Cataract & IOL Brochure - Lens-Based Surgery

Dr. Wallace's Tips for Using Eye Drops


LA Sight Video Segments on LASIK & PRK:


These segments are all included in the DVD that we send out with our LASIK Brochure.



Patient Comments and Testimonials - #1

Patient Comments and Testimonials - #2

Meet Dr. Wallace

Meet Our Staff

Bienvenido a LA Sight #1

Bienvenido a LA Sight #2

A Journalist's Personal Experience With Lens-Based Care

We were fortunate to recently have the opportunity to treat a patient with over 40 years' experience in TV journalism, first as a reporter, then cameraman/videographer, then director and producer of his own shows.  His name is Jim Ryerson; he had all his life been significantly farsighted; and came to us seeking our advice regarding his own vision correction.  At the time he first saw us he was 64 years of age, so we felt it more than appropriate to offer him clear lens replacement with Premium IOL care.  He offered to document his own experience, and gave us following video clips of his experience.  All we asked at the time was that he be completely candid, forthright, and totally honest in his reportage.  We thank you, Jim, for doing such good work!

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