Why Choose LA Sight?

Vision Correction Team at LA Sight

Asking "why should I pick you" is a good question, but a difficult one. It's a little like asking a mother, "Why should your child be on our soccer team?" (what's she gonna say...!) But there is good reason to ask about a surgeon, "Are you the best doctor for me?"  For advice on how to investigate any medical provider, see our page on Finding a Good Surgeon for Vision Correction.

Having said that, here are a few things we want you to know about LA Sight.

  • We're a boutique practice offering top-tier technology for a very reasonable price, allowing our patients to realize a great price-to-value ratio.
  • We're not pushy or sales-driven, like some offices. We're candid and straight-forward about what we can do. We're not into mega-marketing or running a "mill". If anything, we try to help patients sort out the science from the hype, and separate the reality from the marketing.
  • We believe that, properly done, LASIK can help patients achieve excellent results, and the results should speak for themselves. We don't have to 'spin' or distort the truth.
  • We'd like to think that we represent the best of technology-based vision care in a very comfortable, patient-friendly setting.
  • We're proud to host one of the most content-rich, informative websites about vision correction in the world. It's been recognized, won awards, and has even been copied by other laser providers.
  • While it is extremely rewarding and lots of fun to help people achieve the dream of clear vision without glasses or contacts, we recognize that our patients place a tremendous amount of trust in our hands; we take that VERY seriously.
  • Dr. Wallace was named one of "LA's Best Doctors" by Los Angeles Magazine.
  • Dr. Wallace sees all patients personally and will happily answer all questions from patients, friends, and family at the consultation. He personally performs all surgery and oversees all follow-up care.
  • We are in this for the long term. We want our clients to maintain excellent vision for many, many years.
  • Dr. Wallace will personally answer online inquiries whenever possible.
  • Dr. Wallace has patented and developed several diagnostic and surgical instruments now used by eye care professionals worldwide.
  • We believe in honesty, candor, accountability and full disclosure. Many people find that a refreshing change from other centers.
  • We won't give you "attitude". We are here to answer your questions and serve your needs, not vice versa!
  • We understand that almost everyone who seeks our consultation is both strongly motivated to have corrective eye care, and terrified of potential adverse consequences. It is both normal and appropriate to be fearful before such care. We do everything possible to demystify the process, and explain it in terms easy to understand. Many people find our approach both helpful and reassuring, as well as instilling confidence about our center and our staff.
  • Care like LASIK is very much a team effort, combining a dedicated surgeon, committed staff, great technology, a well-controlled environment, and a million little details. We are detail fanatics, and this definitely makes a difference!