Refractive Services

Vision Tailored to your Lifestyle, Visual Needs, and Preferences

Couple enjoying great vision after cataract and IOL care

At LA Sight, we provide premium IOL care in combination with other specialized care referred to as refractive services. This includes discussing your visual needs, interests, preferences and habits; then custom-tailoring a plan designed specifically for you. We do quite a bit of extra surgical planning, take special measurements during surgery, and take steps at surgery to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.  We also are able to fine-tune the results if needed, by doing LASIK, to achieve a desired optical target for best visual results.  Combining Cataract/IOL care with Refractive Services can correct virtually all optical imperfections including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  Certain premium or "Lifestyle" lenses can also dramatically reduce the need for reading glasses in a very high percentage of patients

Our refractive services package allows us to virtually guarantee that you will achieve a desired optical outcome with cataract and IOL care.  We recognize that your vision is critical; and that cataract care is an important investment in your visual well-being.  The portfolio of refractive services allows us to achieve extremely high-precision visual outcomes, and is our way of saying "We'll get you the outcome you desire, and we've got your back." 

While PPO or traditional indemnity health insurance will cover some or most of the costs associated with cataract care, this does not extend to refractive services.  Therefore, refractive services and the extra costs of premium IOLs are the responsibility of the patient. 

It's important to customize recommendations for premium IOL care based on several factors including your lifestyle, activities and specific visual needs.

Why Tailor and Customize?
Because We're All Different!

couple on sailboat

Are you into sailing? You'll want excellent distance vision, and also want to see charts, instruments.

Men playing tennis

Avid tennis players need optimal distance clarity in both eyes, to see the spin of the ball off their opponent's racquet.

couple hiking

Do you enjoy hiking, or just walking? Distance clarity is a priority, but you'll also want to see your cell phone!

Musician playing piano

Musicians have their own needs - for reading sheet music, or playing piano, and other instruments.

Man in hammock reading iPad

Like to be just hang out in the hammock? You'll want clarity at 20 - 24" instead of closer. And distance clarity.

Woman reading with daughter

Reading with or to your kids, or grandkids? That's a further distance than when you look at a cell phone.

golfer on fairway

Golfers all want to watch their ball bounce hundreds of yards down the middle of the fairway, or onto the green. 

woman viewing her laptop without glasses

Viewing distance is different for tablet, laptop, and desktop screens. At what distance do you view your screen?

Couple travelling, consultin gmap

Like to travel? You'll want good distance and reading clarity for maps, GPS, travel guides, museums, etc. 

Artist painting at easel

If you paint, you need clarity at the canvas, about 26 - 30." You also want to see your subject. 

Couple gardening

Gardening is best with clarity arms-length if using hand tools, and at 5 - 10 feet if tilling, raking, sweeping, etc.

Couple on beach, relaxing

Who needs a watch, cell phone or book when life is this carefree? Well, maybe later!

In a perfect world, eye surgeons would be able to implant auto-focusing lenses so that everyone could see perfectly at every distance, near or far, under any lighting condition, day or night.  To put it mildly, we're not there, yet.  However, with careful evaluation, discussion of available options,  and tailoring of care to individual situations, we can create very functional visual solutions for the patients we serve.

One of the questionnaires we use is our Visual Preferences Checklist.  If you'd like to take the next step, schedule a consultation and feel free to download, print, fill out your answers, and bring this with you to your consultation visit.


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