Self Evaluation

This information is provided as a courtesy by LA Sight and is not intended to substitute for an in-person evaluation. This information legally does not meet the definition for any "telemedicine" consultation. Information is offered for its educational and informative value only, in part to help a prospective client appreciate the complexities and nuances of the vision correction specialty. The opinions are those of the authors and should not be construed as representative of any community standard of care, or any legal standard. The reader should also recognize that reasonable, experienced professionals may differ in their opinions about candidacy for any medical or surgical treatment including vision correction therapy. While helpful advice is the intent, it is virtually impossible to craft a logic-based online analysis and response system that anticipates every conceivable variation, every possible abnormality or disqualifying factor, or every client's expectations and questions.

  1. Your age group:  

  2. Do you know your current glasses or contact lens prescription?  

  3. What is the most important issue for you regarding vision correction? (Check all that apply)

  4. What type of eyewear do you use now?

  5. Have you ever had any eye injury, corneal surgery, or serious corneal infection?

  6. Have you ever been told that you have keratoconus?

  7. Do you currently wear reading glasses?

  8. How interested are you in seeing well up close (reading) without glasses?