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See clearly again. It's possible and affordable.

For many patients, LASIK eye surgery is the most common path to vision correction and glasses-free living. The procedure takes just a few minutes and can provide a lifetime of dramatically improved vision.  And with over 20,000 vision correction procedures, decades of experience and advanced technology, there's few surgeons in the United States as equipped to to perform your LASIK surgery than Dr. David Wallace, founder of LA Sight.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is the most commonly performed type of laser eye surgery to reduce or eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  Nearly 30 million people worldwide have had LASIK since it’s introduction in the early 90s, and over that time technology has evolved such that it is now possible to correct virtually any prescription , removing the hassles and inconvenience of lenses, and restoring clear, natural vision.

In fact, good candidates for LASIK should expect vision that is at least as good, if not better than they can see with their best glasses and contacts!

How Does LASIK Work?

The LASIK procedure is a simple three- step process. Shown here are the steps for correction of nearsightedness:

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1.  The first step is to create a thin flap in the outer layer of the cornea, that is folded open like the cover of a book.  This step can be performed either with a precision instrument called a microkeratome, or a special femtosecond laser.

2. Then the excimer laser sculpts the desired treatment shape into the underlying collagen. The procedure usually lasts less than one minute, and Perfect Pulse™ technology ensures complete accuracy, even if your eye moves slightly during treatment.

3. After this, the flap is closed, and seals within minutes, secures within hours. Patients can usually return to their full activities the very next day, even driving for the first time without lenses!

Shape Subtraction

Vision correcting lasers all accomplish their intended effect by an elegant sculpting process of shape subtraction. Nearsighted correction in eyeglasses works by placing a concave lens in front of the eye (thinner in the center, thicker in the periphery).  The stronger the prescription, the thicker the lens as the curvature is greater.  The same principle works in contact lenses -- nearsighted-correcting contacts are thinner in the center and thicker in the periphery, so achieve their effect by adding a concave shape in front of the cornea.  Instead of adding a concave lens as in glasses and contacts, laser vision correction achieves its effect by sculpting to evaporate a very small convex-shaped bit of tissue from the cornea.  The stronger the (nearsighted) prescription being corrected, the thicker the center of the convex shape that needs to be sculpted.  There are animations on our Visual Optics page that explain this visually.

Advanced Laser Technology

Customized Treatment, Amazing Results

At LA Sight, we utilize the Wavelight Allegretto laser for all our LASIK and PRK treatments.  The Allegretto is the most sophisticated, and best designed laser available for vision correction surgery today. 

Using “PerfectPulse” technology, the Allegretto laser controls every single laser pulse, allowing it to provide the fastest and most precise laser treatment possible.  Additionally, this laser provides Wavefront treatment for EVERY procedure, and does not require the patient to pay extra or “add-on” for a "Custom" wavefront treatment as do other laser systems.  Simply put, thanks to the Allegretto laser, every procedure we perform is tailor-made, customized to your unique visual needs.  The result is dramatically improved visual results, and improvement in the quality of vision in all lighting conditions, including nighttime lighting.

Is LASIK Right For You?

Advancements in vision correction technology mean more people than ever before are candidates for LASIK.  At LA Sight, we can safely correct wide ranges of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  In fact, around 85% of patients are typically good candidates for LASIK, and many patients who have not been candidates in the past may now be helped by the technology and treatment options we provide. The typical LASIK patient: 

•  Wants to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contacts
•  Is at least 18 years of age
•  Has had a stable eye prescription for at least one year
•  Is not pregnant
•  Has no cataracts or other eye-related medical issues

The only way to know for sure if LASIK is right for you is to have a free Comprehensive Eye Examination.  Our team will evaluate your eyes using the most modern  measurements available, discuss all the options and answer any questions you may have.  For patients who are not candidates for LASIK or PRK, other treatment options, such as lens implant technology, may be available.

Making LASIK Affordable

At LA Sight, our mission is to offer exceptional, personalized care and deliver great results for a reasonable fee.  Utilizing technology such as the Wavelight Allegretto that has 'customized' treatment built in, we are able to offer top-tier treatment at a price most anyone can afford.

Why do we do this?  Simply because we believe everyone should benefit from this life-changing procedure.  Our treatment costs start as low as $1250 per eye, which is about half the cost of the average LASIK treatment in Los Angeles.  We’ll even help you determine the best way to pay for it.  We offer several affordable payment options, including low-interest and zero-interest financing. 


Our No-Cost Evaluation

Are You A LASIK Candidate?  At LA Sight, you can find out for free. Many centers charge upwards of $150 for your initial exam, but at LA Sight we waive the fee for this comprehensive evaluation.  We believe strongly in providing patients with the most education and information possible, so you can make the decision that's right for you.  We also understand that LASIK is a big decision, and you want to feel comfortable with the center and surgeon you choose, and that's something you shouldn't have to pay to find out.   

During your exam we perform multiple diagnostic measurements, including 3-D measurements of the shape and thickness of your cornea.  We'll explain everything, review all your options, clarify all costs associated with treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

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