LASIK Fees and Financing

lasik fees and financing

Anyone can afford to get rid of their glasses and contacts.


LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

At La Sight we take pride in providing superb quality care at a price that's incredibly reasonable.

LASIK fees are as low as $1,400 per eye, including treatment and post-operative care.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash or check.  If you choose an extended payment option, such as Care Credit, finance charges may apply.  

Affordable LASIK

At LA Sight, we understand that many individuals experience the pressures of finances. We get it! Our LASIK is one of the most affordable procedures in the area. By working with experts in the field, we have been able to get the best price available while also providing you top-notch service. You can afford LASIK. Contact us and we will be able to arrange affordable financing so you can get your vision back.

Affordable Financing is Available!

We work with Alphaeon Credit, a program that organized specifically to help finance elective lifestyle care including vision correction,  cosmetic/aesthetic care, and cosmetic dental care.



We also work with Care Credit, a division of General Electric Capital, which is a lending program tailored to healthcare financing. You can click on the links above or below to find out more, and apply online.  They offer several programs that help make LASIK affordable: 

  • No down payment ("Zero-down" plans)

  • Zero-Interest for 6, 12, 18 and 24-month financing periods

  • Low, fixed-interest options for financing longer than 12 months

We can discuss all these options with you at the time of your consultation.  Simply click one of our contact us links to get started!


Additional Options

Flexible Spending Accounts ("FSA") - Depending on your tax bracket, using an FSA to pay for laser eye surgery could save you significantly.  Check with your benefits manager to find out if Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Spending Accounts are offered by your company.  You specify how much of your salary you want deducted from each paycheck - this money is exempt from federal, state, and Social Security taxes. This money will be deposited in your Health Care FSA. Most companies allow you to spend the money any time during the year, even when it has not fully accumulated in your account.  We suggest scheduling your exam first, so you'll know how much to invest in your FSA.

Health Savings Accounts - ("HSA") - Many patients use their Health Spending Accounts for vision correction.  HSAs or Health Spending Accounts were created to encourage people to save for their retirements and medical expenses. HSAs are intended to be portable, and HSA funds do not get forfeited like Flexible Spending Accounts - HSAs are, more often, compared to IRAs and savings accounts. We suggest you speak with your benefits manager or HR department, to understand all details regarding an HSA.

Insurance Coverage & Discounts - Please contact your HR department to determine if you might be eligible for a discount or coverage through your Health or Vision plan.  

Tax Refunds - If you know you're going to get money back, then you may as well reinvest it in something great for yourself.

Consider LASIK An Investment

By choosing to undergo LASIK, you are making an investment in many ways.  It is an investment towards improving your overall vision and quality of life, but even more it's an investment that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The monthly expense for glasses and contacts - the frames, doctors exams, contacts, solutions - is ongoing and lifelong.  LASIK is an affordable one-time cost:  not only do you get rid of glasses and contacts, you eliminate the constant expense, which could end up saving you thousands of dollars or even more in the long run!

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