Introducing SMILE

New Flapless Laser Vision Correction


La Sight Now Offers SMILE with the VisuMax Laser 

The Zeiss VisuMax laser is the first and only vision-correcting laser in the world able to perform SMILE surgery.  SMILE offers the advantages of LASIK (quick visual recovery, excellent long-term stability) while avoiding the potential downsides of LASIK flap creation.

SMILE is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.  The laser is able to sculpt front and rear surfaces of a tiny lens-shaped section of tissue, then create a tiny keyhole incision allowing the surgeon to remove this lenticule -- all without creating a LASIK flap!  SMILE has now been approved by the FDA for treatment of spherical myopia (nearsightedness without astigmatism).  Tens of thousands of SMILE procedures have been performed in Europe, Asia, Russia and South America and is an exciting step forward in laser vision correction.



The video below was made by Dr. Dan Reinstein, medical director of the London Vision Clinic in London, England.  While intended for eye surgeons, it is so well done that it will also help you understand more about the SMILE procedure.



SMILE offers several features that differentiate it from LASIK:

  • No flap creation, so there cannot be any flap-related complications.

  • Preserves corneal nerves, so dry eye symptoms are reduced.

  • Preserves corneal biomechanical integrity by not cutting corneal collagen fibers

At LA Sight, we currently use the VisuMax laser to create the delicate LASIK flap.  This process is more gentle, more delicate, and causes less pressure sensation than with any other method of flap-creation we have ever used.  The patient experience is better, and many people remark, "I hardly felt anything!" when they sit up after treatment.  

We are thrilled to be one of the first US centers offering SMILE, and are scheduling patients now for this exciting new vision correction procedure.