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Reviews of LA Sight

We are extremely proud to have earned a very large number of outstanding, 5-star reviews.  We don't think this happens by accident. We have two goals at LA Sight:  To create terrific visual results for the people we serve, and provide care in a friendly, comfortable, patient-centered manner.  Reviews clearly reflect a very positive client experience; this keeps us on our toes and confirms that we're delivering an excellent brand of care. 

 The significance, popularity and relevance of third-party review sites has increased dramatically since about 2008.  Some professionals have opined that letting non-physicians rate medical specialists is rather akin to "letting the inmates run the asylum."  While non-physicians cannot judge medical knowledge or complex decision-making skills, they certainly can comment on how they are treated, and on the visual results of their care.  Dr. Wallace and the entire team at LA Sight are very proud to have earned these reviews, and we're happy to share them with you!

By the way, while we do invite clients to post their comments and reviews, we do not create any monetary or other incentive to post anything other than honest, candid reviews.  We are aware that certain competitors have in the past engaged in fee discounts, fee rebates and other incentive considerations (which are specifically prohibited by all the review sites!) to 'inspire' strongly positive reviews.  We just don't do that. 

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