04/12/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I had the most FABULOUS results from LA Sight. I already have 20/15 vision in my left & 20/20 in my right, absolutely no pain or discomfort, and am seeing better than I ever have in my life. I truly can't recommend this procedure and Dr. Wallace enough. Like many others, contacts were necessary as an athlete as well as for my job. However, over the years my eyes became very irritated by contacts. I'm so glad I made the choice to finally get rid of glasses and contacts and I already know the decision to get LASIK from LA Sight will be a total game changer both professionally and personally. I do want to leave a totally honest review and say that my process of getting LASIK was not perfect, but it ended up being perfect for me. My one eye was very irritated during my pre-op appointment after wearing contacts all weekend. However, I strongly disagreed with the diagnosis and the way it was delivered by the optometrists who performed my pre-op appt. I left feeling scared and crushed. In my opinion, the true character of the office/surgeon reveals itself when there is disagreement or an issue arises. I can honestly say LA Sight handled the issue perfectly. The entire office was so accommodating and understanding with my request to see Dr. Wallace the following day to have him check the irritation and get his opinion. I felt completely heard by Dr. Wallace and he eloquently laid out the risks and options I had so I could move forward in the safest way possible. It's important to find a surgeon and office that has a track record of fantastic results, but also find one that handles whatever situation that may arise with grace, open respectful communication, and top notch service. This to me is the difference between a great surgeon and a truly excellent one. For the entire office (and especially Dr. Wallace and Dr. Graham) ability to deliver beyond perfect results and for their ability to handle my unique issue with complete respect, honesty, and genuine care- they have earned my glowing recommendation for anyone considering LASIK. Highly recommend LA Sight!

03/16/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  LA Sight has taken care of be since I first called to acquire about lasik. They work are all very professional and caring. I can finally see with out glasses. Their pricing is amazing; it’s not the cheapest or the most expensive. You get what you pay for; there are something you cheap out on, and your eyes are not one of them. Highly recommended. 

03/2/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: The whole team was great from start to finish. Keith was hilarious and always extremely positive, they have a pre- and post-op care guide who helps inform you about the process right before you go in and checks on you after. And Dr Wallace himself was great. The procedure is definitely scary but they made it painless and made me way calmer than I would have thought I would have been. And best part is, I can see right now to type this review! No glasses! :) My friend recommended them to me and I would recommend them to anyone else.

02/26/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I was a little nervous going into the consultation, but right when I got to the office I was met with nothing but friendly staff. The consultation was quick and the doc was very calm and relaxed. It really felt like he was just giving his opinion on what I could do for my eyes with no pressure if I didn’t want to. I decided to go through with it, and went to speak to an extremely personable woman who helped me figure out the financial side of it all. I was able to do all of this and the pre-op in the same visit. The day of the surgery I was definitely nervous, but every single person in that office reassured me and made me feel as comfortable as possible. They made it feel like the whole office was focused on me and my treatment. Surgery was quick and painless, I chose a laser version instead of the blade version per the docs recommendation. During the whole process the doc was calmly explaining every step, and really helped keep me calm. The moment I sat up from the bed, my vision was 10x better and has continued to improve every day. I couldn’t be happier with results, and the treatment I received from these doctors and the entire staff. They are setting a very high bar for anyone else in this business. I can’t recommend this office more to anyone wanting or thinking of getting LASIK. Thank you LA Sight!

02/14/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: So amazing! Zero pain! Each eye took 33 seconds! It was amazing. It didn't hurt at all and I could see immediately after with a thin white veil over my vision which went away after a nap. I got the procedure on a Thursday and was back to work Friday. Absolutely amazing! Dr. Wallace is the best. So is the entire staff. Say hi to Danielle at the front desk!

02/08/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Dr. Wallace, Tabanfar, Graham, Karen and everyone at LA Sight was great. Took the time to educate me and also recommended a different procedure in one eye that another doctor dismissed altogether. Loving my new 20/20 vision

02/02/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Highly recommend this place! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I just took one day off to get the procedure done in the morning, then went home and took a nap, and when I woke up, it’s a whole different world! Love everything about LA sight and thanks for a 20/20 vision that I have been longing for since junior high! PS the only down side: parking downstairs is ridiculously expensive :(

01/20/18 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I just had Lasik Surgery for the 2nd time -- the first was in San Jose 20 years ago. I had a Fantastic Experience from the beginning to the end. The entire staff and services were excellent. I am very happy and give them 5 stars*****

01/04/2018 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: After extensive research on where to go, I chose LA Sight. I had a welcoming experience during initial consultation with no pressure approach. All staff were very professional and have great knowledge of aspects of procedure. The actual LASIK procedure itself was surprisingly comfortable and fast. When I got up off table my vision was already better, though a little hazy I could actually SEE!! It has now been a month and everything is excellent. I would recommend LASIK to anyone and especially recommend LA Sight! 

11/16/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars  (just the rating, no written review posted)

10/20/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars (same review posted to Yelp): After weeks of research and reading countless reviews on various Ophthalmologists, I decided to go with Dr. Wallace and it turned out to be the best decisions I ever made. My procedure couldn't have gone better. I read so many reviews on how Lasik could go wrong, but my experience was nothing like those. Not only did I feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure, but I felt perfectly fine after. In fact, once I got home I made dinner and watched TV with near perfect vision. Today (my procedure was yesterday) I went for my post op and it was confirmed that I have 20/20 vision! I could not be more grateful to Dr. Wallace and the LA Sight staff. From day one everyone was amazing, kind, and comforting - I was definitely a little spastic in the beginning. Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you gave me, even more, thank you for making me feel safe. There is no one I would recommend more than Dr. Wallace and his team, this experience has truly been life changing!

9/25/17, LA Sight - 5 Stars: Hands down the best decision I've made in a long time. The staff were kind, welcoming, organized, efficient, and really cared. It was a surprisingly easy process and I am beyond satisfied with my new vision!

8/23/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Every single staff member was super nice and attentive and the doctors were wonderful and willing to take the time to answer every question and concern. I am glad I made the decision to come here and would recommend it to anyone interested in having laser eye surgery. They went above and beyond!

07/21/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I can not be happier with the results after my surgery! I CAN FINALLY SEE!!! No more glasses or contacts, this has been a very great investment. Dr. Wallace and his entire staff are great. From the initial consultation to the procedure they made me feel controllable and cleared any doubts that I had. Everyone is so friendly. I really appreciate the recommendation of my co-worker, she was not wrong they are the BEST!

06/09/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Dr. Wallace and the entire team at LA Sight is incredible. My husband and I just complete our LASIK surgery yesterday, and today have perfect vision. Apart from the stellar results, the team made me feel extremely comfortable the whole time. They were easy to work with, kind, and accommodated our schedules. We traveled from the Bay Area for the procedure, and they worked worth us to have everything done from initial consult (Wed), procedure (TH), and post-op check-up done (Friday morning), so we could be in and out quickly. Dr. Wallace has a calm and comforting presence during the procedure, and the entire staff is genuinely happy for you when you walk out of the exam room (cheers and congratulations)! I can't recommend Dr. Wallace and LA Sight more. It was worth the trip to LA! We will be recommending LA Sight to all our friends!

06/05/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  This is absolutely the BEST place to have LASIK done. Dr. Wallace, Dr. Graham, and the staff at LA-Sight are amazing. They made me feel comfortable and confident about the procedure when other surgery centers did not. I am so happy I had my LASIK done at LA-Sight! The pre-op, operation, and post-op care is unrivaled by anyone else. I highly recommend LA-Sight to anyone looking for the best patient care!

05/27/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Excellent team. I wish I had done my lasik earlier in LA Sight!

05/03/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  When one doctor (who you trust) refers you to another doctor, that's a pretty good start. Which is how I came across Dr Wallace. From the moment I walked into their office, and spoke with the front-desk staff, I had a great feeling about the place.

During the exam, Dr Wallace explained the procedure, my options, insurance, etc. The next day, at 7 am, I was in surgery. During the process, Dr Wallace was explaining step-by-step, what was happening. Their follow-up was equally detailed.

So far, the results have been very good , and as expected. It's worth your time to see him (no pun), get their opinion, and make your own decision.  -Tim T.

04/07/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I am absolutely blown away by the incredible experience I had with LA Sight....from initial consultation to the surgery to the post-op, it was one of the most professional, easy, and well-handled experiences I've had with a business of any sort in a long long time. Dr. Wallace and his staff made me feel so comfortable, they were clear and honest about the process, and the surgery was so smooth and easy. A true 10/10, I had my surgery yesterday and have already recommended Dr. Wallace to three friends! Thank you guys! - Alex F.

03/19/10 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  This place is absolutely amazing. I was referred here by more than one person, and finally had Lasik this month after dragging my feet for over a year (stupid!). It has already changed my life (but you know it does, that's why you're here reading reviews). Bottom line: this place is LOVELY. Everyone in this office is incredibly friendly and helpful-- from the folks at the front desk to the doctors, every single person appears to love their job and be an expert in their field. This place makes you feel relaxed, confident, and well taken care of. It is, in short, fantastic. I have to mention a few people personally-- first of all, Keith (who did all of my initial eye exams) has the most generous spirit and goes the extra length to make you feel right at home. He put me at ease and made me feel welcome, and we were buds after just two short visits. He remembered me over a year after my first visit, and was so warm and friendly. He also has had Lasik surgery, so that made me feel at ease. Next is Karen-- she handled the billing piece AND was present during my Lasik procedure. Since I'm a midwife, I can only make an analogy here to birth. So, many women and families will hire a doula when they have their baby-- a doula is a very knowledgeable, non-medical support person who helps provide guidance and support during labor and birth. Karen is absolutely the doula of the Lasik experience at LA Sight! During the procedure, she added calm, helpful guidance between Dr. Wallace's explanations. She counted down during the times when I needed to focus on the light, and she provided that gentle encouragement that everyone needs when their experiencing something new and unsettling medically (like a doula does for birth!). Thank you, Karen-- it was beyond helpful! Dr. Tabanfar and I completely bonded because we both have twins-- so it was a joy to see her both times that I did. She answered my questions thoroughly and was so friendly both times. She also gave me some great twin mom advice, as hers are a couple years older than mine (bonus!). And finally, Dr. Wallace was fantastic. He was the exact dad-like figure you'd want to do your eye surgery. Calm, friendly, and oh so chill. He explained everything, made a few jokes, and was all around delightful. This is THE place to have Lasik. Stop looking now, you found your people.

03/03/2017 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  This office is amazing for many reasons. First off from the beginning the staff is extremely professional and nice. They aren't there to try and sell you on a procedure but instead leave the choice up to you. The price of the procedure is amazing compared to other places. When I had the procedure I didn't feel a thing. The only odd feeling I felt was a little pressure on the eye when they had to cut it. Once the procedure was done I was already able to see. It wasn't till after the post op appointment that I was truly amazed. My vision went from -5.50 to seeing 20/15 (better than 20/20). This only the day after the procedure and honestly this whole team are a bunch of miracle workers. I am not only recommending this place to you guys but as well as my family, friends and coworkers. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

01/27/17 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Wow! Only 1 day after my surgery and I can see distance again; beautiful, sharp, crystal clear 20/20 vision! So long I've wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to scramble for my glasses that needed cleaning....again, and again, and again--not to mention the pesky scratches that weren't going anywhere anytime soon! So long I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses without the need to ridiculously switch between my prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses. No thank you. And to top it all off, the staff is extremely professional, polite, and diligently attended to my every need. Thank you Dr. Wallace, Dr. Tabanfar, Dr. Graham, Alice, Dave, Sepi, & Keith! You are a remarkable team, and I am recommending you to all my friends, family, and followers. For the price you pay, and the service/results you deliver: YOU CAN'T BE BEAT! Thank you!!!!

01/02/2017 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: As someone who got her first pair of glasses in kindergarten, I never thought I would or could have 20/20 vision, without glasses. Today, four days after Lasik surgery with LA Sight, I have 20/20 vision and am still trying to get over not having to take my contacts out at night!! Over the years, I thought about Lasik, but waited for many reasons - first the technology was too early, and then it was because my prescription was strong and I had strong astigmatism. But I found LA Sight on Yelp, read on their website that my eyesight seemed to be in the treatable range, and went in for a consultation. LA Sight lived up to all the amazing reviews. Every person there from the front desk staff to Dave, Karen, Sepi, Dr. Tabanfar and Dr. Wallace himself was professional, friendly, kind, great at listening, and carefully went over all the details of the procedure, and everything to expect, good and bad. The visits were as follows: consultation (one hour, included a tour of the surgery equipment), pre-op (one hour, double-check prescription), surgery day Thursday of that week, (1.5 hours, but the procedure itself takes like 10 minutes), post-op the next day, and a couple more follow-up appointments. The procedure itself was painless, but my eyes were pretty uncomfortable right afterwards, which I was warned to expect, but already by that night, I essentially was functioning without glasses as if I had perfect vision. The next day, they confirmed I had 20/20 vision. :D I'm so excited to throw away my contact lens solution, cases, travel bottles, disposable contacts, everything!!! I know my vision could still go through changes in the future, but right now, everything is looking pretty perfect. :) I feel like the recipient of a modern-day miracle. I'm so glad I did this. Thank you, LA Sight!!!!! 

12/21/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars: WOW! The people and the Service are 100%! I could not ask for a more warm and caring environment to go to, THEN you add the fact that they know what they are doing and do it incredibly well... It just doesn't get any better than that!

12/17/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars: Wow. Super impressed by the friendly staff and their great work. The LASIK treatment was incredibly fast and non-stressful thanks to them.

12/9/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars: First off, I would like to start by saying that I came into this absolutely skeptical about doing this surgery. After about 2 year of considering lasik I decided to go to a consultation in Bakersfield where I live. The price was out of my budget. I began to do research in the Los Angeles area and LA Sight had amazing reviews. So, I gave them a shot. They were absolutely amazing! The staff was so sweet and professional, and Dr. Wallace was the sweetest! They did my consultation and pre-op the same day. Scheduled my surgery for a week after. It was a clean, easy and fast procedure. Everything in the facility was extremely clean. I am ecstatic with the results. This place was amazing. It was definitely worth the commute. Thank you Dr. Wallace and staff! I love you guys (: PS: I can finally wear cute sunglasses!

11/21/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I got LASIK under a week ago and to say I'm loving my perfect vision would be a CRAZY understatement! The whole crew there was incredible, making the process easy and enjoyable. I actually went for my consultation and got it done in under 3 weeks because I was so comfortable and excited! I would recommend them (and have been) to everyone I know! Thanks again to their wonderful team :)

11/16/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Wonderful experience -- best place in the city for lasik

10/3/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: My experience at LA Sight was amazing the staff is very friendly and truly care about you. Every staff member I met always greeted me with a big smile and truly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The actual operation took no more than 10 minutes but during the 10 minutes dr Wallace was constantly talking to me providing words of encouragement. I was great full for his words because I entered the operation nervous but quickly became relaxed and confident that everything was going perfect by his words of encouragement. I would recommend LA Sight to any of my friends considering getting the vision corrected. 

9/6/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Friendly office staff and great experience having laser surgery. Afternoon appointments move much faster!

08/28/16 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I can't say enough about LA Sight and how wonderful they are. My mother-in-law had gone to them a few years ago for LASIK and raved about how fabulous the people and process as a whole were. From the moment that I came in for my consultation throughout the entire process, I have found everything that she told me to be true. The staff is so friendly, nice, and accommodating. They make you feel right at home and as comfortable as possible. The LASIK process itself was so easy and Dr. Wallace helped ease my nerves the entire time by communicating with me and counting down the steps so I knew exactly what was happening and for how long. They are very thorough, caring, and don't try to nickel and dime you. I felt very comfortable in their care and would recommend them to anyone. The decision to get LASIK was one of the best I have ever made and the staff at LA Sight made it better than I ever thought possible.

8/15/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Great and Professional Office Staff and Doctors!!! I am very happy with my LASIK... :-)

07/26/16 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: Friendly, knowledgeable, and considerate. They let me know that if I was not a good candidate they would not operate on me which was reassuring.  All in all it was very easy, smooth and I can see better now than ever in my life before! I've had a lot of people ask me about it, and the simplest way I can put it. It is more invasive to have your blood drawn than to have Lasik at LA Sight. Thanks!

07/22/16 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: A great experience! All of the staff were helpful, friendly, answered all my questions, and double and triple checked everything to make sure my procedure went smoothly. And it did! Even 3 hours after the procedure I had no pain, could see well and the healing was well under way. I was amazed how little pain there was after the procedure. The next day I came back for a check in and they found my vision to be 20/20 even though I had a lot of astigmatism before. Awesome! The prices were competitive, the office was very comfortable and all of the equipment seemed to be state of the art. Talking to other people who have had LASIK from other doctors, it seems that my recovery was among the fastest and easiest of any of them, and I credit Dr. Wallace, Dr. Graham and their whole team. Thank you!

07/18/16 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I have been wanting to get LASIK eye surgery for years. Three friends went to Dr. Wallace at LA Sight within the last 3 years and still rave about their experience with him and his staff. Communication with them has been amazing from the moment I completed an online consultation request to the day after surgery follow up appointment. Dr. Wallace is a magician, Karen his coordinator is awesome, Dave, Keith, Dr. Graham, Dr. Tabanfar, Sepi, and Alice are all fantastic. The office space and operating room are clean, comfortable, and quiet. Everyone is patient and will take the time to answer any questions and explain every step of the procedure. I never felt rushed during any of my appointments. I was called back for all of my appointments on time, if not early. I highly recommend LA Sight for at least a consultation and any eye procedures that one needs that LA Sight offers.

07/08/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I have never experienced such dedicated and passionate care before. Everyone who works here is a kind and hardworking professional. Zero pressure and 100% facts! I wish my other doctors were this friendly and helpful!

6/28/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Could not have asked for a more awesome team. Thank you!

6/22/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: I highly recommend this place to anyone!! The staff here is probably the nicest staff I have encountered since moving to LA. They really work with your budget and don't try to make you buy the most expensive package and are not pushy at all. The procedure was so quick and I was out of there in 45 minutes! The next day I woke up and can see perfectly! I have had no problems and am in love with my new eyes!👀  Thanks again LA Sight!!

6/3/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA Sight was better than I imagined. I'd wanted to get Lasik for years, and I finally decided it was time. I was very anxious and nervous about the procedure, but the amazing staff put me at ease. Everything was done efficiently and professionally. I could see from the moment the procedure was done, and my vision was almost perfect by the next day. I would recommend LA Sight to any and all of my friends who are interested in getting Lasik. It's absolutely worth it. Thank you, LA Sight doctors and staff!

May 28, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: Very clear and communicative throughout. The final bill was actually cheaper than I expected, even after talking to them, so really no hidden fees. Everything worked perfectly, no pain at any point in time and I can see perfectly.

April 25, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  The staff at LA Sight is amazing. I'm extremely happy with the result of my LASIK. I was very nervous about the procedure before talking to LA Sight, but they put my mind at ease and made the whole process as easy and pleasant as possible. I would absolutely recommend getting LASIK here.

April 2, 2016 - LA SIght - 5 Stars:  Dr. Wallace is simply the best. He's kind, professional, patient, knowledgeable and really everything you could hope to expect from a doctor you're about to trust with your vision. I had been thinking about doing Lasik for years but it wasn't until my consultation at LA Sight that I felt comfortable enough to go through with it. From my first consolation to post-surgery check-up the whole team at LA Sight were marvelous. They were all friendly, caring and reassuring. No pushiness and no hard sale tactics, just genuine assistance with all my questions and concerns. Best of all in the end it wasn't as scary as I expected. It was quick, the environment was surprisingly relaxing for an operating room and they really go all out to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Wallace is amazing at what he does, I was in and out so quickly it almost felt like magic. Now I can see perfectly, in fact better than what I did when I wore glasses and contact lenses. Its the best thing I have ever spent money on in my life. Totally worth every penny. If like me you're super scared about surgery and especially the thought of surgery on your eyes, go with LA Sight, they certainly took the edge of all my irrational fears. Thank you LA Sight and Dr. Wallace.

February 5, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  I had surgery on my eyes yesterday; I felt very good afterwards.  They are very friendly and professional.  Special thanks for Dr. David Wallace, Sepideh and all staff.  I'm really happy.  They have good price and everything is perfect!

February 3, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I am not sure why I didn't do this earlier! Had a free consult on Monday, scheduled for surgery on Thursday! Quick, not scary at all. In and out- went home slept and woke up the next morning and was seeing 20/20. Super sweet staff. Professional doctor and loving the results! Highly recommend LA Sight! My husband is going in next!

January 22, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I posted the same review on Yelp, but definitely worth repeating.. True, different people have different outcomes with their LASIK, and some of that can't be helped, but the team at LA Sight know their stuff. Dr. Wallace is infinitely helpful, patient, and informed with the process, and he was more than encouraging from start to finish. Hell, I was one of the later surgeries of the day and never felt once that he wasn't completely dedicated to my care despite performing surgeries all day. The other doctors around him, the assistants, and the front office staff also make you feel right at home - truly, no one is exempt from praise. Wait times were short, attention to detail was high, the office/facilities were top-notch, and responsiveness to any concerns at all was quick. Definitely worth the price or at least a consultation. Thank you again, LA Sight!

January 5, 2016 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  My wife has written about what an outstanding physician Dr. Wallace is. He and his staff are truly among the best in the world. I am extremely saddened to read the negative review that was posted about Dr. Wallace and his staff. In today's world it is impossible to make everyone happy. Yet coming from a family of medical professionals I can assure everyone reading that review that it is not in one way shape or form an accurate illustration of Dr. Wallace or his staff. I went in with a complicated cornea condition. Not only did Dr. Wallace spend nearly an hour talking to me he did not attempt to sell me a procedure that wasn't medically needed. Let me close by stating this: Dr. Wallace and his staff try incredibly hard to please everyone and he put up with me grilling him with questions for nearly an hour with every question possible and answered every single one with patience and kindness. This is a highly ethical physician and caring human being with a great staff and the last review was not only not accurate but well below the belt.

November 1, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  From start to finish, Dr. Wallace and his team made my experience comfortable and memorable. My vision was better than 20/20 on Day 1 and it has been so liberating to free myself from contacts and glasses. Definitely recommend LA Sight to others considering the procedure :)

October 14, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: My husband went to see Dr. Wallace about a complicated degenerative cornea disease called Keratoconus and received nothing short of top-notch medical advice. We will be overseas and Dr. Wallace is helping to coordinate my husbands care while we are abroad and in addition will treat him while we are back in the states. Dr. Wallace took the time to listen to my husbands concerns (which were numerous and lengthy) and is a top-notch doctor. If you are looking for the best eye doctor look no further. Dr. Wallace is honest, highly competent and compassionate. You will not find a better eye doctor in LA and would be hard pressed to find one anywhere.

September 14, 2015  - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  An amazing experience. I went to several different places for consultations and LA Sight by far was the most comfortable, professional, and warm.  Dr. Wallace is incredible and so is hi staff.  Very happy with the results, no discomfort and perfect vision the next morning!  (all caps in original review changed to lower case; it reads less like yelling (:->)

September 2, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  My wife had her Lasik surgery done in May 2015, and she is super happy with the results. The office staff is great, they are friendly and accommodating. We traveled from up north and they were always understanding if we were late or early. They spoke to her about everything they were doing and why, she was never left in the "dark" about anything. She had the complete laser surgery and it was an amazing experience. I was able to see everything Dr. Wallace did and it was over in no time. She has recommended several people to him because of the great experience we had. She is completely happy about her results and thanks Dr. Wallace and his staff from the bottom of her heart for this completely new way of living. Thank you.

August 31, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: Doctors and staff are very friendly and answered all of my questions; now I have great vision :).

August 21, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I am so delighted with my new vision (20/20) and the professional environment surrounding the experience. From the moment I called LA Sight (for a second opinion based on a recommendation from a friend), I was impressed. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, honest, and efficient. I had done a lot of research on the subject and on Dr. Wallace, and I am happy to say - it is all true! He really is the best here in LA. His work speaks for himself. However, despite his brilliance as a surgeon, he has surrounded himself with excellent staff members. I must also say, I am a RN, thus a tough critic!

August 7, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  The customer service and quality of what they do at LA Sight is just extraordinary. I got the sight back in my eye after about 25 years of blindness and when everyone else said it probably couldn't happen. They were friendly, put me completely at ease - especially for the operations, and really worked with me in managing all of this in my super busy schedule. Thank you and I can't recommend them highly enough.

July 18, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:   Any doctors office gives me a huge amount of anxiety...but my experience at LA Sight was pleasant, smooth, and very efficient. All of the staff was very friendly and the procedure leading up to the surgery was thorough. If you are considering getting LASIK, do not hesitate to get it done with Dr. Wallace and his staff. Best decision ever!

July 14, 2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: Great staff, great pre-care, great aftercare, and outstanding results. Can't recommend LA Sight highly enough. One of the greatest decisions I ever made. Had my procedure, went home, and woke up with new eyes. Also, if you're a candidate for the scalpel (non laser) flap cut, save the money and opt for that - it is completely painless and not at all frightening. Thanks a million to Dr. Wallace and his amazing staff - California has never looked better!!!! :)

July 10, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Great staff, great pre-care, great aftercare, and outstanding results. Can't recommend LA Sight highly enough. One of the greatest decisions I ever made. Had my procedure, went home, and woke up with new eyes. Also, if you're a candidate for the scalpel (non laser) flap cut, save the money and opt for that - it is completely painless and not at all frightening. Thanks a million to Dr. Wallace and his amazing staff - California has never looked better!!!! :)

July 10, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: The results speak for themselves. I went from a -6.00 power contacts (approx. 20/500) to 20/20 vision in less than 24 hours. What more can you ask for? Dr. Wallace and his staff are exceptionally friendly and professional (thank you Sepi!). I really appreciated Dr. Wallace's candor in explaining the pros and cons of the all-laser vs. blade procedure and did not feel pressured to choose one or the other. I ultimately chose to go with all-laser as the procedure is slightly more precise and less invasive. I experienced no pain, no discomfort, and literally woke up the next morning with perfect vision. Thank you Dr. Wallace and team!!!

June 19, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: Great doctor and office. LASIK was easy and their promotion price is lower than many others!!

June 3, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: Absolutely amazing! My sight is perfect post-LASIK (and it really was not painful* or frightening... *I did opt for the laser cut flap, and I hear that makes it even more likely to be pain-free). Dr. Wallace and his whole team are EXCELLENT-- professional, highly skilled, and pleasant. They exceeded all my expectations. I had worn hard lenses for 24 years and had a very high prescription (-8.5). Before looking into LASIK, one of my concerns was that a LASIK office would be more concerned with making money and pushing surgery, while not being cautious about if it was really a safe option for my eyes. I found just the opposite with LA Sight. They were very thorough, and even cautious, about when and if my eyes were ready for LASIK. They were fantastic. I honestly felt their genuine excitement for me when it came time for me to get LASIK. The surgery went flawlessly, painlessly, and my vision is perfect (no halos, or any other side effect.. and I am very picky). I can honestly say I am over-the-moon about my experience with LA Sight and LASIK. *I was also impressed that they use the top of the line and most up-to-date machines. That was a comfort. Pricing was also excellent.

May 29, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Everything they say about LASIK is true. The procedure itself is so easy you'll be shocked. But only when you experience it yourself can you truly appreciate its impact. Worries about finding my glasses, limitations on my outdoor activities, keeping my kids at a distance for fear of getting glasses-smashed - all gone. My vision is perfect now. Period. Everything they say about Dr Wallace is true. The experience with him and his staff was incredible from before I even set foot in the place. Everyone was friendly, capable, knowledgable, and supportive. They answer all the questions you have. You feel you are making the absolute right choice for you. As a physician myself, I appreciate that above all. Just do it.

May 25, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  My wife had LASIK in late January with Dr.Wallace. Next day, initially it was not clear (as expected), then doctor put couple of drops.., and then it was very clear. Really I WAS surprised and felt jealous. After 3 months, there was no much change. She got 20/20, but had some slight visual imperfection. To drive new places, not confident seeing street signs at night. Consulted Dr. Wallace, and he offered enhancement. After this…, Surprise…, Immediate next day, right eye 15/20, Left eye 20/25. I feel after 2-3 months’ time, left eye will be alright. My feedback on Dr.Wallace…, If you take average eye doctor rating As 6/10, Dr.Wallace rating is much-much higher. I can say 10/10. Most of the doctors do their procedure using their mind, Whereas Dr.Wallace does from his heart. So definitely any person would feel happy. Personally I feel he is very sensitive and caring. If you are looking for Lasik, Dr.Wallace is the best. So my rating is FIVE STARS.

April 28, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I am beyond happy with my experience at LA Sight! I had LASIK yesterday, and I can see perfectly today- it's a whole new life! The doctors and staff are all wonderful. Everything was explained to me in detail, from the procedure to financing to aftercare. Even the actual process the day of was relaxing, if you can believe it- and I HATE things in my eyes! I especially loved the special relaxation room you sit before the procedure, with a massage and heat chair, a fountain, etc. Little things, like a stuffed animal to hold onto while they do their thing, or the fact that my fiance could watch through the glass as well as listen to everyone in the room with headphones, made it all incredibly enjoyable. I can't recommend this place enough! Don't wait one more day! I called to make an appointment and was had perfect 20/20 vision less than 2 weeks later!

April 26, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: There's no getting around it - the prospect of LASIK surgery can be scary (lasers in your eyes!). However, the minute (less than that, really) of discomfort was well worth the life of perfect vision I've had since. The staff made this as least-intimidating as possible, taking me by the hand and walking me through the procedure as it happened. By the time I was starting to get scared, it was over. 

I had no idea how much this would change my life - I actually think I focus better now, and my days of itchy contact-lens-eyes are over. I hesitated to write my review at first, because my left eye was a little blurry for a week or so after the surgery, but that has cleared up on its own (apparently that is common) and I now have the eyes of an eagle soaring majestically above the savannah. They are hands-down the best.

March 23, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Amazing experience. After having contacts or glasses since I was seven years old it was just normal for me to not be able to see at night when I wanted to go to the bathroom or grab a drink of water. I walked in with a -5.25 prescription and was worried that Dr Wallace would tell me there was nothing he could do for me. After a brief consultation, he said I was eligible and I booked the appointment the same day. Fast forward two weeks and I had the surgery. It was quick, completely painless, and I was recovered in 4 hours. It has now been roughly a week and I am seeing just as well if not better than I ever did with contacts. I truly couldn't be more excited about it.

March 9, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  What can I say? You really have to see as clearly as I do now with your own eyes. If you've been putting it off or contemplating going through it, don't. Getting LASIK at LA Sight was by far the best decision I've made for my health in years. I'm setup; No more reaching for my glasses first thing in the morning. No more dry irritation at the end of a long day wearing contacts. The results are instantaneously noticeable and the only thing i regret is the same sentiment shared here by others- I wish I had done it sooner. The staff at LA Sight was fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone. Go get your eyes right! Your future self with thank you.

February 20, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Getting LASIK at LA Sight was a great, life-changing experience that was even easier than I expected. Office staff were very friendly and informative. The surgery did not take long at all and by the next morning I had 20/15 vision, making the whole process surprisingly smooth. Thanks Dr. Wallace and LA Sight!

February 14, 2015 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: It's been just about a month and I'm thrilled with my new eyesight (mono vision). The key for me was being able to test mono vision with contacts that Dr. Wallace gave me. This is the best choice for me - it might not be for everyone but it offers me the ability to live with no glasses at all. Dr. Wallace and staff were great - they had answers to all my questions prior to committing. The procedure itself was quick, efficient and I really like how Dr. W walked me through the entire process. He described exactly what he was doing and how long each step would take. I was done in a matter of minutes, went home and went to bed with an audio book until I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with amazing sight. So happy with my choice of LA Sight!

January '15, LA Sight - 5 Stars: My entire LASIK experience has been wonderful – from the initial consultation to the surgery to the post-op checks. During the consultation, Dr. Wallace and his staff were extremely friendly, patient, thorough, and informative. He, like myself, is a perfectionist, and that is exactly who you want working on your eyes. After the consultation, I knew LASIK was right for me. More importantly, I knew that I wanted Dr. Wallace to perform my LASIK. On the day of the procedure, I felt like I was being pampered at a spa. I was given plenty of time to relax prior to the fast and painless procedure. Did I mention the price? Dr. Wallace offers extremely competitive pricing (I thought the price that I was quoted was for one eye when it was actually for both). Appointment scheduling is also very flexible – I was able to call in and push my LASIK forward by several weeks with no problem! I have already recommended Dr. Wallace to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you to Dr. Wallace, Dr. Tabanfar, Dave, Sepi, Lucy and the entire staff at LA Sight for a wonderful experience and 20/15 vision! 

January, '15, Vitals, Citysearch, Google & Yelp, LA Sight - 5 stars: I just had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Wallace and his staff at LA Sight. Everyone there is friendly, welcoming, beyond competent, and they make the entire process as quick and painless as possible. I am so glad I chose LA Sight for my LASIK surgery. And - it's only the first day after my surgery and my eyesight is perfect (I was 20/400 before going in) and I'm seeing without aid for literally the first time in my life. My eyes don't even hurt :). Thank you!!!

January, '15, Vitals, Citysearch & Google: LA Sight - 5 stars: I had a great experience! Dr. Wallace, Sepi and the team were very accommodating and professional. My eye doctor, Dr. Polan recommended Dr. Wallace, and I have absolutely no regrets except that I should have done this years ago.

November 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA Sight, Dr. Wallace, Sepi and all the other people in the office were just absolutely amazing! They made me feel relaxed, comfortable and didn't mind me asking questions. They comforted me on the day of my surgery and made me feel cared for then celebrated with me when it was all done. I definitely recommend them and will let all my friends and family know that this is the place to go to for any lasik needs. 3 days after, I am feeling great! I still have a little hazy feeling on my right side, but Dr. Wallace said that it's normal and within a few days to a week, it will be better. I love waking up and actually SEEING my bedroom, the clock, the tv and all my photos on the wall without having to reach for my glasses. I can't believe I waited this long to have it done - but then again, it was probably because I needed to meet Dr. Wallace and all the caring people at LA Sight. Thank you once again! 

October, 2014 - Google, Citysearch & Yelp, LA Sight - 5 stars: WOW! I cannot say enough amazing things about DR. DAVID WALLACE and his fantastic team at LA SIGHT. I would recommend them to every person on the street I see wearing glasses if I didn’t think it would get me in trouble for harassment. Here is what you need to know: Me – Phil Barbb: • 28-Year-Old TV Producer & Private Event DJ • Wore glasses since age 5, contacts since age 13. • Contacts with a “-6.5” a.k.a. Super Blind, can’t see a thing. • My surgery date was October 23rd, 2014 & I know have 20/15 vision. LA Sight & Surgery Information • Dr. Wallace and his team were EASY to work with, SUPER NICE, and extremely PROFESSIONAL. • My surgery was at 4:30pm Thursday, I went to work on Friday, DJ’ed Friday Night, DJ’ed two events on Saturday, and then went to a Luke Bryan concert on Sunday. NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES. • NO PAIN or DISCOMFORT. I assume if you are reading this that you have had the eye exam where they blow air in your eye…that puff of air is 1000x WORSE than anything I experienced with LASIK. • You have to take a lot of drops after the surgery, which is not that big of a deal. It’s a lot less inconvenient than glasses and contacts. • Honestly, the only negative thing I can say is that Parking can be annoying…but that’s Los Angeles. Dr. Wallace & LA Sight is amazing. I only wish I would have done the surgery sooner!!!! Also, when you call to setup you appt. tell SEPI I said hello! Also…I realized I really like VALIUM. Haha.

October 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have absolutely no words to express how happy and grateful I am with my experience with Dr. Wallace and his wonderful staff. Its been a little over a week since my lasik procedure and I can confidently say I am an extremely satisfied patient. I have had no weird side effects, except maybe some halo-ing in the evening. But even that has been getting better after each day. The first few days I would wake up in the middle of the night with very dry eyes but that also has gotten a lot better. I need to keep reminding myself to use eye drops. I have had bad vision since the age of 8 and every morning when I wake up, I am in complete awe that I am able to see so clearly. It really is amazing what technology (and good doctors) can do. And for a flat fee of $2300! (There are no added fees.) I first went in for my free consultation back in June of this year. I have been wearing ortho-k therapy contact lenses for a very long time (overnight corrective contact lenses) and I knew before walking into Dr. Wallace's office that my eyes would need a little bit more time to adjust back to its normal state. It took about 3 months for my eyes to adjust back to normal and during these 3 months, Dr. Wallace invested in my eyes by providing soft lenses and monthly check ups. Most of my visits were with Dr. Tabanfar, who is amazing! She is so knowledgable and kind. Also because it took my eyes three months, I also had more interaction with the rest of Dr. Wallace's team - Dave, Sepi, Lucy, and Karen. The team is very professional. Everyone is so sweet and so willing to answer any questions you have. The environment at the office is so fun and funny. It really comforted me on the day of my surgery when I was freaking out. The entire process went smoothly and I feel good about recommending Dr. Wallace to anyone who ever wants to have the lasik surgery done. Thank you Dr. Wallace and team for restoring my vision!! Its changed my life and I am so grateful.

October 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are wonderful. After deciding that I wanted to get Lasik, I got referrals and sought out 3 opinions. Dr. Wallace blew the others away. He never pushed me to get Lasik -- he told me in our first meeting that I could continue with a better pair of contacts instead of Lasik if I wasn't sure. He also has a high attention to detail, and took photos of the GPC I was suffering from (none of the other doctors even checked). He prescribed me drops and we had a follow-up 3 weeks later to ensure my eyes were healthy and could be treated with Lasik. On the technology side, his office was the only one I saw where you would not have to get up between the flap being cut and the sculpting on the eye -- you stay on the bed and it rotates between the two machines. He also had top-quality lasers. Overall, the technology, his passion for ophthalmology, the friendly staff, and all of their great bedside manner made them my choice for Lasik. I was able to see after surgery, and was back at work the following day with 20/20 vision. On top of this, his rates are very competitive. I highly recommend!

October 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: I CAN SEE!!!!! I love my eyesight right now. I can see every little detail. I LOVE the staff. I was so hesitant on getting my eyes done since I have been wanting to get lasik. I was doing research here and there. I work at UCLA and was considering JulesTein eye institute. But I couldn't afford 4,000. I went on yelp and saw LA SIGHT. I saw great reviews from yelp so I checked their website. Pretty cool, I scheduled a free consultation on Wednesday and everybody was nice. It took one hour. They explained everything point by point and were very thorough. I got the LASIK surgery the next day! I ended up paying $2300 for both eyes. The day of the surgery, they had be prep up and relaxed. Staff was great! Dr. Wallace was very specific on what I am going through. Got the surgery done. Barely felt anything. No pain, no discomfort. Loved every single bit of it. They told me to sleep right after which I did haha. The next morning I woke up seeing everything!!! So excited!!! Overall if i can give 10 stars I will. Again, Dr. Wallace is great, the front desk staff was great, the back end staff was great, the service and presentation were great! I would totally recommend this place. AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thank you guys!!! 

October 7, 2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  Dr. Wallace and his staff are wonderful. After deciding that I wanted to get Lasik, I got referrals and sought out 3 opinions. Dr. Wallace blew the others away. He never pushed me to get Lasik -- he told me in our first meeting that I could continue with a better pair of contacts instead of Lasik if I wasn't sure. He also has a high attention to detail, and took photos of the GPC I was suffering from (none of the other doctors even checked). He prescribed me drops and we had a follow-up 3 weeks later to ensure my eyes were healthy and could be treated with Lasik. On the technology side, his office was the only one I saw where you would not have to get up between the flap being cut and the sculpting on the eye -- you stay on the bed and it rotates between the two machines. He also had top-quality lasers. Overall, the technology, his passion for ophthalmology, the friendly staff, and all of their great bedside manner made them my choice for Lasik. I was able to see after surgery, and was back at work the following day with 20/20 vision. On top of this, his rates are very competitive. I highly recommend!

October 5, 2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars: I CAN SEE!!!!! I love my eyesight right now. I can see every little detail. I LOVE the staff. I was so hesitant on getting my eyes done since I have been wanting to get LASIK. I was doing research here and there. I work at UCLA and was considering Jules Stein Eye Institute. But I couldn't afford 4,000. I went on yelp and saw LA SIGHT. I saw great reviews from Yelp so I checked their website. Pretty cool, I scheduled a free consultation on Wednesday and everybody was nice. It took one hour. They explained everything point by point and were very thorough. I got the LASIK surgery the next day! I ended up paying $2300 for both eyes. The day of the surgery, they had be prep up and relaxed. Staff was great! Dr. Wallace was very specific on what I am going through. Got the surgery done. Barely felt anything. No pain, no discomfort. Loved every single bit of it. They told me to sleep right after which I did haha. The next morning I woke up seeing everything!!! So excited!!! Overall if i can give 10 stars I will. Again, Dr. Wallace is great, the front desk staff was great, the back end staff was great, the service and presentation were great! I would totally recommend this place. AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thank you guys!!!

August '14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Everything about this place is excellent! The staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel comfortable with your procedure. I immediately could notice the difference and felt no pain or discomfort. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of the service.

August, '14, Yelp, Google & Citysearch (same review) LA Sight - 5 stars: I came to Dr. Wallace after a good friend had her LASIK procedure. There is a lot of information on his website that explains the procedure. After submitting an online inquiry, I received a phone call the next business day and set up a consultation. Everything went smoothly and Dr. Wallace and his staff answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable with the whole process, from start to finish. Now I can see and I don't need my contacts or glasses! Thanks Dr. Wallace.

8/2/2014, Yelp, Google, & Citysearch (same review) LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace, Karen, and the entire team at LA Sight are miracle workers! I went from being legally blind to perfect vision overnight and I would recommend this office to anyone even thinking about getting LASIK. Everyone is friendly and they truly care about each and every patient. My only regret is not having this procedure done earlier. Thanks again! You've truly changed my life for the better. 

7/11/14, Yelp & Google (same review) 7/11/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Me and LA Sight? It was love at first sight (more fun puns to come.) Glowing reviews from friends, the pleasant and approachable staff, thorough pre-op examination and a price that's easy on the eyes ;-) all made me super comfortable with signing up for the procedure. A week later there I was texting my family and friends "SEE you on the other side!", then lying on the operating table, hugging a pink teddy bear, eyes propped wide open. A few minutes worth of psychedelic lights, blurriness and eye drops later I was getting up and already seeing visible improvement. My friend picked me up, we ate dinner with my eyes closed (which was a cool experience in and of itself) and then hours later I was walking around with perfect vision! SO. EASY. I highly, highly, highly recommend LA Sight to anyone who's ready to make one of the best decisions of their life. Just do it.

June 2014 LA Sight - 5 Stars:  The staff and Dr. Wallace are incredible! They talk you through the whole process, answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible, and make the procedure incredibly comfortable for you. Dr. Wallace works fast and efficiently. I can't believe that yesterday I couldn't see a thing 2 inches away from my face and now I have 20/15 vision. Incredible and life-changing. If you're thinking about getting LASIK done, this is absolutely the place to do it.

April 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: From start to finish, an amazing experience. Dr. Wallace and his staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and know how to place a patient at ease. All of my questions, and there were many questions, were answered to my satisfaction. Scheduling was very easy as was the procedure itself. 24 hours after the procedure, my vision is better than ever! No pain, no discomfort. I am back to my daily life without a hiccup. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace to any and all considering LASIK.

March 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: This may seem insignificant to some, but those who have experienced nearsightedness will understand. I am sitting at an outdoor cafe, and I had to enter a code for the wifi, a code which is displayed on the bottom corner of the TV, inside. At first I got slightly upset by the fact that I was going to have to stand up and walk inside, right after I had gotten settled, and also leave my laptop behind on the table, either that or carry it awkwardly in with me, etc., etc. Then I realized that maybe, with my new sight, I would be able to read the code from where I sat, and voila! I could! It was a small moment, but it was something that had never happened to me before, and it inspired me to write this review. One tip: eat light and show up early for your surgery so that the Valium will have the maximum effect.

Jan. 2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: A week after my LASIK it is still a miracle to have perfect vision. I cannot say thank you enough. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and Dr. Wallace and amazing team made it all possible. The whole process has been easy and fun! (who knew surgery could be fun?)

Nov. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Two days after my LASIK procedure, I ran 18 miles with the doctor's blessing. My eyes feel great and I can see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 20 years. These people know their stuff and gave excellent care all along the way. It's easier and so much better than any visit to the dentist!! Thanks Dr. Wallace & Team!

Nov. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: The staff at LA Sight is fabulous, and Dr. Wallace is almost a legend! I told him today he would have developed a swelled head if he had heard the accolades that were heaped on him in the waiting room at the Surgical Center yesterday, before he removed the cataract from my right eye. Today, one day after surgery, the vision in that eye is deemed to be 20/20. Can't do much better than that! My wife and I are happy to recommend LA Sight and Dr. Wallace unconditionally.

Nov. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: I highly recommend this place if you are considering getting laser vision correction. The staff is super friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Dr. Wallace is so amazing, and he really sets the bar up high for other places. The surgery procedure literally took about 10 minutes, and I was able to see later that evening. Thanks to this place, I am able to wake up and see what’s around me every day. They introduced me to a new life, and for that I am forever grateful. Do not be intimidated by the thought of Lasik eye surgery. Instead, think of it as a new opportunity in life. Lasik eye surgery is probably the best thing I have ever done, and I am so glad I did. Check out Dr. Wallace and his amazing staff!

Nov. 2013, LA Sight  - 5 stars: Better than 20/20 vision the day after surgery--what more need I say? L.A. Sight is a first class operation. Not only are Dr. Wallace and his entire staff expert, professional, and uncommonly personable, but they clearly love what they do, and seem to get a kick out of making people happy with better sight. I could not be more satisfied.

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff made me feel like I was in good hands from day one. They were knowledgeable, able to answer all of my questions, and always welcoming during office visits. I went through two separate examinations before LASIK to make sure I was a good candidate, and the surgery itself was fast and painless. They talked me through the whole procedure so I knew exactly what was going on, and even let my boyfriend watch through the window with headphones so he could follow along. I haven't been able to see without corrective lenses for 20 years and I woke up this morning with perfect vision. Amazing. I highly recommend LA Sight!

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: So far I have been very happy with my experience with Dr Wallace and LA Sight. Through my son I heard about what I thought was a very good deal for LASIK for both eyes. The actual surgery with Dr Wallace was very quick, just a few minutes, and minimally uncomfortable. Immediately that night I noticed the difference, as I could read the very fine print at the bottom of TV infomercials. Initially, the only problem was at night the city lights had a "star-burst" effect, but after about 1-2 months that diminished greatly. It's been about 3 months now since the surgery, and I am very happy. LA Sight has scheduled follow up appointments to check on my progress, all included in the original price. I have one more follow up in a couple of months, but so far so good. Although I knew going in I would still need reading glasses for my particular choice in LASIK, an unexpected benefit was that my reading glass requirements went down from a 275 reading glass to a 150 reading glass. Again, so far so good. Thanks for the improved vision.

LA Sight - 5 Stars: Worth it!!!! I came a very long distance to do laser eye surgery at LA sight and it was worth every penny!!! Everyone there was great. I had no fears at all going into the surgery because somehow i felt they were very good. All my questions had been answered. My sight is now great!!! Thanks Dr Wallace, Karen, Sima, Dave, Lucy and Sepi - GREAT TEAM!!!!