Patient Profiles: LASIK

Andrew B
34, Theatrical Film Sales & Marketing

Treatment Type:
  • Nearsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Nearsightedness Mild to Moderate
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): 20/100 20/15
OS (left:): 20/200 20/20+
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): -1.50 -0.75 x 005 +0.25 -0.25 x 102
OS (left:): --2.50 -0.50 x 150 -0.25

Andrew B says:

I am extremely satisfied with my vision after LASIK, and with my experience in Dr. Wallace’s office. He and his terrific staff made me feel right at home and I was treated in a very personable, one-on-one . I knew Dr. Wallace really cared about his patients when he met me at his office the day after the procedure (on a Saturday night!) because I was nervous about the minor irritation. He informed me that it would disappear in a day, and it did!

I can't imagine how I went so long without glasses when LASIK was clearly the answer. Clear vision is one of the greatest things to happen to me. Thanks Dr. Wallace and all the staff at LA-Sight!

Andrew B.

Doctor Wallace says: