Patient Profiles: LASIK

Caroline C
25, Teacher

Treatment Type:
  • Nearsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Nearsightedness High
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): Hand Motions 20/20
OS (left:): Hand Motions 20/20+
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): -13.75 -1.25 x008 +0.50 -0.50 x135
OS (left:): -13.25 -1.25 x001 0

Caroline C says:

Doctor Wallace says:

We just say Caroline for her 1-year anniversary. She is still elated with the results of her care, and with good reason. She has virtually perfect vision, with no glare, no halo, and good night vision. Of course she has excellent "walking around" vision as well.

Caroline's situation is remarkable considering the very large nearsighted correction she had before treatment. In her case a combination of factors helped create such a good outcome: Above-normal corneal thickness to start with, a careful surgical team, and of course a good laser.

We are all very proud of her!

Dr. Wallace