Patient Profiles: LASIK

Susan V
32, Doesn't Have to Work

Treatment Type:
  • Nearsightedness
  • Nearsightedness High
  • Astigmatism
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): 20/2000 20/30
OS (left:): 20/2000 20/20
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): -7.00 –2.25 x 175 -0.5
OS (left:): -7.00 –2.50 x 002 0

Susan V says:

One of my close friends, the woman I walk with every morning, had LASIK several months ago. She was so excited with her results, I just knew I wanted to investigate this for myself. That's how I came to meet Dr. Wallace. Quite frankly, when I went in for my consultation, I wasn't thinking I would take it any further. Dr. Wallace and Ruth were wonderfully supportive, understanding, helpful, and enthusiastic, without being at all pushy. I don't know what happened, but I signed up right then and there on impulse.

Dr. Wallace was careful to explain that, because of the significant amount of nearsightedness and astigmatism in my case, it might take several weeks to get my best vision after LASIK. We were all thrilled that my vision seemed spectacularly clear as soon as the next morning after treatment. It has stayed great ever since.

Doctor Wallace says:

Sometimes, when performing LASIK to correct higher amounts of either nearsightedness or astigmatism, the return of clear vision takes as long as several weeks. I always counsel patients accordingly, because I think it is a mistake to create unrealistic expectations. It is a real pleasure for patients to find that their vision is better sooner, and clearer than expected shortly after surgery. Such is the case with Susan. Good show!