Patient Profiles: LASIK

Vickie S
33, TV Producer

Treatment Type:
  • Nearsightedness
  • Nearsightedness Mild to Moderate
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): 20/200 20/20
OS (left:): 20/200 20/20
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): -2.00 -0.25 x165 0.00 -0.25 x137
OS (left:): -2.00 -0.50 x030 0

Vickie S says:

Dear Dr Wallace,

I have been meaning to write to you for some time so it was good to receive your newsletter. You may not remember me but I'm from England and was living in Los Angeles in 2005 when you performed Lazik eye surgery on me. I told you at the time how amazing your work was and how it changed my life ... 20/20 vision plus...a miracle! And you were so patient and charming with me that you made the whole experience a piece of cake. I even joked with you that now I might actually be able to see if a guy is making eyes at me! (Having previously been too vain to wear my glasses out in public!!).

But what I have not had a chance to tell you is that a few months after my surgery I was thanking God for you... literally. I was in a bar when I spotted a gorgeous guy staring at me... constantly! Thanks to you I was able to see him across the room and smile back. (Something I would never have been able to do before as I couldn't see beyond a few feet away) That was 18 months ago and we're due to get married next May!!

As I write this mail, my left hand is happily weighed down by a gorgeous 5 carat diamond, and I'm happier than ever... I can even see the leaves on the trees across the road from me through the window.

So THANK YOU Dr Wallace for giving me the gift of sight so that I could meet the man of my dreams. I guess that makes you cupid! Keep up the good work.

All the very best
Victoria S.

Doctor Wallace says:

I could not have paid a writer to craft a more amazing fairy-tale story about happiness with LASIK. Obviously, though Victoria makes us want to believe that vision correction alone is responsible for her fabulous romance, we know that there is much she is overlooking to make this characterization. She is charming, beautiful, talented and quite accomplished in her own career, for starters. It's true that having clear unaided vision helped her realize one of her dreams -- to be able to see clearly across a crowded room and connect with someone she felt attracted to. Having had LASIK might have enabled the start of a beautiful relationship, but there should be no doubt that it is her warmth, personality, sense of humor and insight that helped the relationship sustain and grow. So we should give the majority of credit for this fairy-tale to her (OK, we'll taka a little too!). We are thrilled for her and wish her the very best of continued happiness, love, good fortune, good health and a comfortably wild life together!

Dr. Wallace