Patient Profiles 

One of the best ways to learn about vision correction is to talk to, read about, and learn from people who have already had similar care. We invite you to browse here a very broad selection of profiles about our patients.

Our profiles include data on:

  1. Unaided vision before and after treatment;

  2. Prescription before and after treatment;

  3. Age, occupation, and photo (if provided);

  4. Certain special case concerns;

  5. Comments from patients; and

  6. Comments from Dr. Wallace.

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These are real people, and their letters speak for themselves. To respect and protect the privacy of these patients, we have identified them only by first name in the letters published here.

Manuel D
31, Public Relations (day job) and awesome baseball player (passion)

Treatment Type:
  • Nearsightedness
  • High Expectation
  • Large Pupil
  • Nearsightedness Mild to Moderate
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): 20/60 20/15
OS (left:): 20/60 20/10 !
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): -1.25 sph 0
OS (left:): -1.25 sph 0.00 -0.25 x 65

Manuel D says:

I want to offer my experience with the services that were provided to me at LA Sight.

I had my surgery done last Wednesday (8/4/04) and everything went very well. The staff and Doctors made feel confident that I would have great results. I was very much impressed with the examinations I had to go through prior to the surgery. I felt very confident in their care in part due to their gentle reassurance, and in part because they are such a great team. The facility has very professional feeling to it and contains all the latest technology to help achieve the best results possible.

After the surgery I was able to see 20/20 almost immediately. This past weekend I played baseball and I was able to see the ball much better which allowed me to come up with a key RBI single which lead my team to a victory. As a catcher receiving the ball behind the plate, I was picking up the ball much better which made me feel at ease and confident behind the plate.

As of today, I am very happy with the results and I want to recommend Dr. Wallace to anyone that has a need for perfect vision.

If you feel a need to talk to me please feel free to contact me. Dr. Wallace or one of the staff at LA Sight will be glad to put us in touch.

Best Regards,

Manny D.

Doctor Wallace says:

For Manny, LASIK was a ""no-brainer"". He used to be a .600 hitter on his baseball team. When his vision started to become a little blurry it was not possible for him to wear eyeglasses comfortably, and he didn't like the idea of contact lenses. So, he walked around (and played ball) seeing just a little blurry. This can obviously affect how soon one picks up the rotation of the stitching on the seams of a baseball, and therefore affects timing of the swing, detection of type of pitch (curveball, change-up, slider, fastball).

Manny should be a much better hitter with his vision corrected compared to not corrected. If LASIK is the best option for him, so be it!

Good luck in the playoffs!

Dr. Wallace

PS: While Manny does play baseball at a serious amateur level, he does not play for a Dodger farm team. He wore his Eric Gagne Dodger jersey because he's also a big fan of the marquis Dodger player.