Patient Profiles 

One of the best ways to learn about vision correction is to talk to, read about, and learn from people who have already had similar care. We invite you to browse here a very broad selection of profiles about our patients.

Our profiles include data on:

  1. Unaided vision before and after treatment;

  2. Prescription before and after treatment;

  3. Age, occupation, and photo (if provided);

  4. Certain special case concerns;

  5. Comments from patients; and

  6. Comments from Dr. Wallace.

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These are real people, and their letters speak for themselves. To respect and protect the privacy of these patients, we have identified them only by first name in the letters published here.

Sophia S
70, Aromatherapist

Treatment Type:
  • Multifocal Lens Implant
  • High Expectation
  • Farsightedness
Pre/Post Unassisted Vision
  Pre-UCVA Post-UCVA
OD (right): Counts Fingers 20/20+ (distance)
OS (left:): Counts Fingers 20/40- (distance); perfect at near
Pre/Post Refractive
  Pre-Refractive Post-Refractive
OD (right): +3.75 -0.25 x 078 +0.25 sph
OS (left:): +3.75 -0.50 x 120 -1.00 -0.50 x 154

Sophia S says:

Dear Dr. Wallace,

It is almost a year after having had CrystaLens implantation in both my eyes. I want to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with clear unaided distance vision, and with my ability to read.

I have worn glasses since my forties and never imagined that this could be achieved. I appreciate your patience and the time you took to explain to me all the different options I had. I am happy I chose the CrystaLens. There is not a task I engage in that I don't feel the freedom and joy at not having to wear corrective lenses and am aware how much stronger and clearer my focus is becoming. Your caring for my comfort at the time of surgery made me very relaxed and trusting. I felt I was in very capable hands. My recovery was uneventful and to my surprise my clear vision was instant. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what I experience every day, and am so thankful for your skill, sensitivity and splendid result.

My visits to your office and checkups with Dr. Kim have always have been pleasant and encouraging. I have found her, like you, very skillful, caring and sensitive to my needs. My heartfelt appreciation to your staff, such a wonderful team, they are extremely positive, competent and friendly -- it was a pleasure to deal with them.

My kindest regards,


Doctor Wallace says:

Sophie is now almost a year out after having had CrystaLens implantation in both eyes. She is absolutely delighted with her clear unaided distance vision, and with her ability to read (also without glasses!). Starting as farsighted as she was, this is a huge achievement for her and I understand her delight.

Sophie is a very particular individual, who wanted as close to perfect vision at all distances as possible. We reviewed all choices with her, including monovision with contacts; or with LASIK; and all the multifocal and accommodating lens implant options. She cholse CrystaLens implantation based upon our recommendations. She had her original treatment in August '05 and when most recently seen, was still as overjoyed as a little girl who had just been given a pony for Christmas (well, almost (:->) ).

Dr. Wallace