8/23/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Every single staff member was super nice and attentive and the doctors were wonderful and willing to take the time to answer every question and concern. I am glad I made the decision to come here and would recommend it to anyone interested in having laser eye surgery. They went above and beyond!

11/9/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Truly extraordinary service and bedside manner. My Optometrist said it was perfect work!! He was very happy with the result of the cataract removal. Fist time I have seen out of my right eye since I was 22 years old - I am now 54!! Sure am happy. 

8/7/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: The customer service and quality of what they do at LA Sight is just extraordinary. I got the sight back in my eye after about 25 years of blindness and when everyone else said it probably couldn't happen. They were friendly, put me completely at ease - especially for the operations, and really worked with me in managing all of this in my super busy schedule. Thank you and I can't recommend them highly enough.

8/21/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am so delighted with my new vision (20/20) and the professional environment surrounding the experience. From the moment I called LA Sight (for a second opinion based on a recommendation from a friend), I was impressed. The staff is knowledgable, kind, honest, and efficient. I had done a lot of research on the subject and on Dr. Wallace, and I am happy to say - it is all true! He really is the best here in LA. His work speaks for himself. In addition to his brilliance as a surgeon, he has surrounded himself with excellent staff members. I must also say, I am a RN, thus a tough critic! 

1/24/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was referred to Dr. Wallace office by a friend of mine. I was a little nervous at first but by surgery day i was excited to not have to use glasses anymore. Dr Wallace and his team made me feel right at home. He did the procedure himself and talked me through each step as he did it. I was in and out of there in less than a half an hour. They explained the entire procedure and answered all my questions. Customer service was great. I will be telling everyone about my experience. 

1/02/15 - LA Sight - 5 Stars: I had a great experience! Dr. Wallace, Sepi Sarshad and the team were very accommodating and professional. My eye doctor, Dr. Polan recommended Dr. Wallace, and I have absolutely no regrets except that I should have done this years ago.