Live LASIK Surgery

Live LASIK Surgery at LA Sight

Here we present several examples of live LASIK surgery as performed in our center by Dr. Wallace and the LA Sight team. We are one of the only centers in the world to make digital videos of most procedures. We do this in part for reasons of accountability, and in part for training and education purposes.

You will see views from three cameras on each case. One camera is a ‘wide view’ showing the laser room, from a point of view near the foot of the patient bed. Then the view will switch to a camera showing the microscope view, which is what Dr. Wallace sees through the laser surgical microscope. When the laser treatment is being rendered, you will also see a picture-in-picture view of the infra-red pupil tracking camera (inset, upper right of main screen).

From start to finish, LASIK treatment typically takes a few short minutes per eye. Some people are interested in these details and will enjoy watching. The results are relatively immediate, and can last for decades or longer. It is truly a privilege to be able to be the messengers of such good news for the patients we treat.

Live LASIK Surgery, Johnathan

LASIK #1 – Johnathan

Live LASIK Surgery, Josh

LASIK #2 – Josh

Live LASIK Surgery, Nishi

LASIK #3 – Nishi

Live LASIK Surgery, Trish

LASIK #4 – Trish

Live LASIK Surgery, Adam

LASIK #5 – Adam

In the future we look forward to posting live videos of other vision correcting treatments including Visian ICL, cataract removal and lens implant, and other leading-edge technologies.