Clear Lens Replacement


For many people, the frustration with glasses and contacts, especially reading glasses, is simply too much to bear. However, you haven’t reached a point in your life where cataracts have started to develop. If you fall into this category, then you’re probably a great candidate for one of our lens replacement procedures.

Called Clear Lens Exchange (CLE), or clear lens replacement surgery, is identical to cataract surgery, the only difference being that the natural lens removed has yet to begin developing the cloudiness that comes with cataracts. Besides that, the procedure is identical.

With CLE, your clear lens is removed, and replaced, typically with one of the available premium lenses. These lenses are customized for your vision needs, and provide permanent vision correction that could possible leave you free of glasses and contacts forever!

Would you like to finally ditch the reading glasses?

If you’re over 40 and your distance vision is very good, chances are you’ve found yourself squinting to see things up close. Maybe you’ve even purchased some dime store readers. If that’s the case, you’re experiencing the onset of presbyopia, and you’re not alone. It affects everyone over the age of 45 or so, regardless of how good near vision was before this age.

Wanting to ditch one's reading glasses is one of the most common reasons a person would contemplate clear lens replacement care, and we provide the latest in lens technology so our patients can have their care confident that two things will happen:

  • The reduction or elimination of the need for glasses forever
  • There will be no more need for cataract care in the future

Because cataracts affect the lens of the eye, lens replacement surgery preemptively takes care of the condition, so you will never develop cataracts as you age.

Think you’re a good candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange? The most common candidates are:

  • Patients over the age of 40 who wish to eliminate the need for reading glasses permanently
  • Patients who are experiencing the early onset of cataracts and wish to have surgery before the cataract worsens
  • People under the age of 40 who are not candidates for any other vision correction procedure, due to an extreme prescription or medical condition.

While these are the most common patients, anyone over the age of 40 who wishes to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contacts is a candidate.

Check out all the premium lens options to see which one would work best for you.

If you’re tired of glasses, contacts and reading glasses, and want to learn more about Lens Replacement Surgery, schedule a complimentary examination and consultation today. We’ll provide you with all the exams and answer all your questions to determine if lens replacement is the solution to your vision correction needs.


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