Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

In the last five years, several laser systems have been developed that automate certain steps in cataract surgeryThese laser systems add a level of precision and accuracy to four of the steps in modern cataract surgery that previously were performed by the surgeon, using precision hand-held instruments.  All of the new systems for cataract surgery incorporate ultra-fast femtosecond lasers, and as with any new technology, come with some additional cost that is not covered by traditional health insurance.

Dr. Moarefi performs laser cataract surgery at an outpatient center dedicated exclusively to ophthalmic surgery, where usage is shared with many other technology-forward cataract surgeons.  At this center, we have access to not one, but two laser systems for cataract surgery, the OptiMedica Catalys and the Alcon LenSx. Our center is one of a select few in North America to have both systems available.