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Why Choose LA Sight?

Asking “why should I pick you” is a good question, but a difficult one. It’s a little like asking a mother, “Why should your child be on our soccer team?” (what’s she gonna say…!) But there is good reason to ask about a surgeon, “Are you the best doctor for me?”  For advice on how to investigate any medical provider, see our page on Finding a Good Surgeon for Vision Correction.

Having said that, here are a few things we want you to know about LA Sight.

  • We’re a boutique practice offering top-tier technology for a very reasonable price.
  • We’re not pushy. We’re candid and straight-forward about what we can do. We try to help patients sort out the science from the hype.
  • We believe that, properly done, LASIK can help patients achieve excellent results, and the results should speak for themselves.
  • We’d like to think that we represent the best of technology-based vision care in a very comfortable, patient-friendly setting.
  • We’re proud to host one of the most content-rich, informative websites about vision correction in the world. It’s been recognized, won awards, and has even been copied by other laser providers.
  • While it is extremely rewarding and lots of fun to help people achieve the dream of clear vision without glasses or contacts, we recognize that our patients place a tremendous amount of trust in our hands; we take that very seriously.
  • Dr. Wallace and Dr. Moarefi have been voted as “LA’s Best Doctors” by Los Angeles Magazine.
  • Our surgeons see all patients personally, perform all surgery and oversee all follow-up care. They will happily answer all questions from patients, friends, and family at the consultation.
  • We are in this for the long term. We want our clients to maintain excellent vision for many, many years.
  • We believe in honesty, candor, accountability and full disclosure. Many people find that a refreshing change from other centers.
  • We understand that almost everyone who seeks our consultation is strongly motivated to have either laser vision surgery or cataract surgery, and is somewhat terrified of potential adverse consequences. It is normal and appropriate to be fearful before such care. We do everything possible to demystify the process, and explain it in terms easy to understand. Many people find our approach helpful and reassuring, instilling confidence about our center and our staff.
  • Care like LASIK is very much a team effort, combining a dedicated surgeon, committed staff, great technology, a well-controlled environment, and a million little details. We are detail fanatics, and this definitely makes a difference!


Our Four Objectives

  1. To offer excellent information about vision correction;
  2. To provide superb care tailored to your prescription, lifestyle, and visual needs;
  3. To help you achieve great results, and
  4. To make your experience while in our care as comfortable, pleasant and patient-friendly as possible.

Simply put, we place you first.  From the moment you call, it’s our goal to have you feel that your experience at LA Sight is special.


No Compromises

With LA Sight you don’t have to make any compromises. You get the whole package:

  • Excellent Care
  • Experience  and Expertise
  • Best Technology Available
  • Terrific Value


Principles, Philosophy and Mission

At LA Sight, we are proud of the way we run our office, and very proud of the relationships we have with our patients. We are pleased to share with you some of the guiding principles by which we operate our practice.

  • Our first priority is to educate, inform, give good advice, and render good care.  This makes a huge difference in how patients are treated, and it is unmistakable. Keep that in mind when you seek medical care from any doctor or service professional.
  • Though our business is vision care, one of the most important things we endeavor to do is listen closely to our patients.  By talking with, and listening carefully to each person as an individual, we learn more about your lifestyle, visual needs, visual difficulties and so forth. This helps us to give customized, personal advice about vision correction. Think of the difference between a custom-tailored dress or suit, and something bought off the rack. Needless to say, custom attention assures a better fit!
  • We strive to maintain good long-term relationships with our patients and our employees.
  • We subscribe to the ‘Mechanics First Law’: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you are completely happy in eyeglasses or contact lenses, and feel no desire to have vision correction care, then don’t!  We won’t pressure you.  If you’re interested, we’re here to help you get the best results technically and humanly possible.
  • Sometimes, the best surgery to have is no surgery at all.
  • It was a very smart carpenter that once advised, “Measure twice, cut once.” While this advice was intended for carpentry, it applies to vision correction care as well. We check and double-check your refraction as a part of our original consultation, and if necessary, check again before surgery. Good measurements contribute to good results.   This of course holds true for both laser and lens implant forms of vision correction.
  • When the office is open, our phone is always answered by an employee, not an answering machine or a telemarketer.  Sometimes our phones get busy, and callers have to spend a few seconds on hold.
  • We proudly accept full responsibility for everything that we do in our office and surgery center.  This may seem unusual in an era when many others look to evade responsibility or blame others for problems.  On rare occasion, unexpected things happen, even in the best of hands. When this happens, we work even harder, and provide more extensive care, than if things had gone perfectly. We give you our commitment that we will do exactly that.


Accountability, Transparency, Education

Vision correction is rather unique among medical specialties as the prescription of the human eye can be precisely measured, both before and after any corrective care.  This makes it possible to compile data, report on results of surgical care, evolve/refine best practices, and compare these to national benchmarks and other top-performing practices.  LA Sight is one of the few practices in the country, if not the world, to make digital video recordings of each LASIK surgery.  We do this in the interest of education, quality control, quality improvement, accountability and transparency.  Plus, some of our patients want DVDs of their own surgery, which we are happy to offer.

With over 30 years in private practice, our surgeons have performed over 30,000 LASIK procedures and over 12,000 lens implants. As a board-certified ophthalmologists, they specialize in LASIKPRKlens implants, and other methods of vision correction. You can choose LA Sight with complete confidence that you and your eyesight will directly benefit from the expertise of Dr. Wallace, Dr. Moarefi and our terrific team.

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