LA Sight Receives the People Love Us on Yelp Award 2017

Each year, Yelp honors select business that have earned an extraordinary number of 5-star reviews, with the "People Love Us On Yelp" award. We are honored to be the recipients of this coveted award, not once, but twice -- first in 2015, and again in 2017. We've re-posted many of our reviews here, for your convenience.  

3/3/18, LA Sight - 5 starsThis place is wonderful! Definitely the friendliest staff i've ever experienced at any doctors office. I got lasik from them about 2 months ago at the beginning of January and my vision is absolutely perfect and I have not experienced a single issue! On the day of surgery you are in the chair for all of 5 minutes and it's over. You don't feel anything and the doctor tells you what he's doing the whole time. They even were so kind to be careful around my eyelash extensions :) If you are on the fence about lasik (like I was for the past almost decade) DO IT!! And do it here! Seriously the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

3/2/18, LA Sight - 5 starsLA Sight was amazing. The whole process was easy. I only did it the other day but my eyesight is already way better with very little irritation. I would recommend them to everyone. 

3/1/18, LA Sight - 5 starsObviously getting Lasik is a big deal, so I visited a few other doctors to get a lay of the land and I am glad I chose LA Sight. Everyone was very nice and knew what they were doing and the most importantly, I can see!

2/12/18, LA Sight - 4 starsHad a good experience overall. Still waiting to go back for my 3 month visit so TBD on the final result. One eye is not as clear as the other, evidently "over correction" but hopefully we can get that fixed up. The lady who did my 1 month kind of put me off with her like yeah whatever it happens attitude about it. I realize you have seen like 50 other people today but remember this is my one set of eyes and when I say I am having issues with smaller print, I'm not just saying it for fun.

2/10/18, LA Sight - 5 starsWe narrowed down consultations to the two top surgeons in LA, Dr. Wallace with LA Sight and Dr. Lee with CCRS. Their prices were within $500 of each other's, CCRS being the less of the two. After both consults my husband choose LA Sight. His initial call was pleasant, the consultation informative and professional. He scheduled his surgery and received information to take home. A work emergency compromised his initial surgery but LA Sight rescheduled him without any issues. Surgery day- Upon arrival he was provided the itinerary, a valium and had a chance to ask lingering questions. He opted for a blade-less LASIK method; it was painless and surprisingly quick.

They gave him a stuffed animal to hold (he later admitted squeezing the heck out of it under the blanket). I was able to watch the procedure through a glass wall, and zoomed screen while listening on wireless headphones. Dr. Wallace was funny, professional and explained every move while providing encouragement such as "you're doing great" and "it's going phenomenal"! I appreciated his fine-tuned bedside manners and killer smile. When my hubby walked out, the staff shouted in unison "congratulations"! With the husband looking super fly in his after surgery shades, we waited in aftercare 30 minutes before being released. Upon departure he received: dry eyedrops, 2 RX drops, one 3 day, one 7 day, and 2 glasses, regular/shaded. He had trouble opening his eyes for 5 hours post-opt, and one eye really irritated him the entire day. He called LA Sight and they reassured him that it was both normal and temporary. The next morning his irritation was gone. He was so happy he threw his glasses and contacts in the trash, Yippee! The staff couldn't have been anymore pleasant at his post-opt, and he's 20/20 baby! Side notes: Pre-appointment emails contained all necessary pre-opt information. The procedure requires 3 consecutive days for visits. Parking is $18. Touchups are not included (he doesn't need one). Scheduling is easy and the ladies at reception are sweet. Our experience went off seamlessly in Dr. Wallace's competent hands. Appt 1- "Consult" 1hr, $0. Appt 2- "Preopt" 1hr, $3.5K day before surgery. Appt 3- "Surgery" 1.5hr, $0 need a driver. Appt 4- "Post-opt" 1hr, $0, day after surgery. Appt 5- $0 scheduled for one month post opt.

2/1/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had lasik yesterday at la sight. Dr Wallace and his staff were amazing !! They made me feel so comfortable and answered all my question my procedure was quick and effortless with high advance technology and Dr. Wallace's gentle hands and great team I did not feel a thing ! It's the Next day and I'm seeing 20/20 and back to normal activities. This has been the best thing that I have decided to do and would not of choose anywhere else ! Only the best for your eyes and LA Sight is the place!

2/1/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am so glad I went with LA Sight - everyone in the office was genuinely nice and caring. I just had my procedure yesterday, and when I went in for my follow-up this morning, I already had perfect 20/20 vision! I didn't feel any pain or discomfort before, during or after the procedure. I truly recommend LA sight, as you cannot beat the price, and definitely cannot beat the service. Thank you all!!

1/31/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can't say enough good things about this place. The parking situation could be better, know..welcome to L.A! The staff was professional, helpful and outstanding.

1/28/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: I highly recommend Dr. Wallace and his team for LASIK. I've had either glasses or contacts for over 20 years, and finally decided to pull the trigger on LASIK this year. I researched nearly every reputable LASIK doctor in the area, and my findings kept pointing to Dr. Wallace. Everyone at his office is welcoming and professional, and Dr. Wallace himself is a friendly guy. I was very pleased with the office staff's conduct. As for the actual surgery, it was a complete breeze. It took only a few minutes, and the next day I was seeing 20/20. It's been a couple days now, and I am very happy with the results. On top of all the pluses above, Dr. Wallace, believe it or not, is one of the more reasonably priced LASIK providers in the area. If you are going to get LASIK, check this guy out.

1/26/2018, LA Sight - 5 stars: Hands down one of the very BEST decisions I've made. Getting my lasik done with LA Sight and Dr. Wallace has been beyond an EXCELLENT experience! From the moment I walked in the door for my consultation to walking out from my post-op check-up, Dr. Wallace and his incredible staff took care of me on a personal level like I've never experienced before at any other doctors office. The lasik procedure was absolutely pain free, I didn't even feel any discomfort. It lasted approx 10 mins. After I slept a few hours after the procedure I woke up feeling fine, no discomfort and I could see exceptionally well, just a few hours after the procedure. All I want to say to anybody still contemplating getting lasik done is to stop waiting and go see Dr. Wallace for your consultation today. He's such a down to earth, personable guy; he'll make you feel right at home and he'll afford you that one on one personal care that we all desire as patients. Oh and his credentials are top notch too. He's one of the best. I did my research. My cousin is an optometrist, and after she saw his qualifications, she said he's perfect! And he was for me, and he'll be perfect for you too! I'm sooo excited to finally be contacts free after wearing them for the past 10 years! Oh and one last thing, when it comes to pricing, LA Sight is affordable and competitive compared to other lasik providers. Trust me, I got a few quotes from other doctors. So hope this review helps anybody on the fence about getting lasik. LA Sight & Dr. Wallace is by far #1 in LA in my opinion! Thank you Dr. Wallace and to the entire LA sight team for treating me like a person and providing me one on one excellent individual care! You've given me my sight back! Thank you so much! :-)

1/25/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: I could not recommend LA Sight more highly. From the front desk staff, to the technicians, to the doctors themselves, I was treated with the highest level of care from start to finish. LA Sight did an amazing job of correcting my vision, but above that they made my surgery an all-around wonderful experience. If you are even contemplating getting lasik surgery, I HIGHLY recommend going in for the free consultation to learn more. You will walk away from that appointment feeling confident and excited about the possibilities ahead of you. I am only one day post-op and am already thrilled with my results.

1/12/18, LA Sight - 5 stars: Absolutely the best decision I made. The whole team was friendly, happy, and professional and it was such an easy no-fuss experience. LA Sight was recommended to me by a friend who recently had LASIK, and now I plan to do the exact same and wholeheartedly recommend to others!

1/12/18, LA Sight  - 5 stars: I am 35 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was 15 years old, 20 years of glasses and contacts. I have about 9 pairs of eye glasses that I really like, they are fashionable and suit me well. However, I was so tired of wearing them, cleaning them and forgetting them sometimes at random places. On the other hand, contact lenses made my eyes tired and heavy, and I could not wear them every day. My vision was -1.5 dioptre on my right eye and -1.25 dioptre on my left eye, which is not bad at all. I really wanted to have the freedom of seeing details, especially when hiking, swimming, and just being able to see clearly without the help of the glasses or contacts. I found LA Sight by doing serious research on line and comparing places in Beverly Hills and LA in general. I decided to give LA Sign a go and set up a consultation this past Monday. The office is modern, clean, with smiley and friendly staff. The process was very easy, my eyes where checked by Dr Wallace to make sure I was a candidate for Lasik and I was, for either traditional Lasik or all laser Lasik. The difference in price is $700 and I opted for all laser Lasik, since a thought of a blade made me cringe. I have to say, Dr. Wallace says it would be painless, for either procedure. Dr. Wallace made me feel comfortable and I could tell right away that I was going to go through this procedure. I could trust him. I still signed up for all laser Lasik. Karen, financial supervisor assisted me with a payment plan, which took 5 minutes. After that I had to do another exam on my eyes, dilate the pupils to make sure all was good and it was. My Lasik surgery was scheduled for yesterday (Thursday), 3 days after my first consultation. Dr Graham walked me through the steps of the surgery and gave me Vicodin, to relax. I waited for 10 minutes and was taken to the operating room. The process for each eye took about 5 min, but I have to say Dr Wallace an Karen explained every step of what was going on (I am a bit of a control freak) during surgery. I like to be in control, so it was a bit tense for me to relax. The procedure was PAINLESS! After the procedure I was taken to another room where I sat with my eyes closed for 15 min. Then Dr Graham came in and checked out my eyes, and said they were fine and walked me through instructions for the rest of the day and drops I needed to use for the following weeks. I came home and went to bed (Vicodin was working) and took a 2-hour nap. I have to say the worst part of all during this was the 2-3 hours after surgery, when you have your eyes closed and it burns, feels like sand paper (mild) and you have teary eyes. After my 2-hour nap (I slept with the special goggles given my Dr Graham) I woke up and could see, although a bit blurry at times. Doctors recommended NOT to read, text, this is when your cornea heals and might not heal properly. I ordered food and watched TV (without subtitles) for about 2 hours and went to bed after. I slept for 7 hours with the same goggles provided that you have to wear when you leave the office and not take them off till the next morning. When I woke up, I was able to see clearer, yet my eyes felt tired but no pain at all! I took a shower, did everything I would do on a regular day. I drove myself to the doctor's o ffice for the post up and let me tell you, I could see so clear, as if I wore prescription glasses or contacts! I could not believe it. Dr. Sima Tabanfar saw me for the post op, and checked how the eyes are healing and she said that they are healing fast and there were no signs of inflammation. She checked my eye sight as well and said I had a 20/20 vision acuity! She mentioned that for the next few days/weeks my vision would change and become better and clearer. It is such an amazing feeling, really fascinating how this is possible and I can see without the help of glasses/contacts. After 20 years - no more glasses, no more contacts, total freedom! Anyone considering Lasik, do consider Dr. Wallace's practice, everyone is very knowledgeable, friendly and make you feel at ease: Diana, Danielle, Dave, thank you guys! Now I am writing this review and thinking why haven't I done Lasik sooner? THANK YOU!

1/9/18, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Can't thank Dr. Wallace and all the doctors enough at LA Sight! Being someone that has had glasses since I was in 4th grade, and contacts for years... I'm almost in disbelief that I can see perfectly now! I'm 23 years old, did the surgery last Thursday--- easiest thing in the world. No pain, got to squeeze a teddy bear and was over before I knew it. Slept most of Thursday and was good to go Friday morning. If you're doubting the process, don't. It will change your life. Thank you again!

 1/7/2018, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are amazing !!! A long overdue review ... I had lasik 10 yrs ago, my sister also lasik 5 yrs ago, my dad cataract 3 yrs ago, my mom cataract 1 yr ago - all with Dr. Wallace. All 4 of us have perfect vision now and no complaints (after many,many years of wearing heavy glasses) - yay ! Before my dad's cataract surgery we also went to UCLA Cataract Center to decide on type of lenses. We were appalled how little they disclosed about risks. It seemed almost like they are getting paid by a certain lens provider. We knew more than some of the folks there based on our pre-reading. Dr.Wallace is the opposite - he is great at explaining pros and cons of different options !!! My mom told us very late that she is not seeing well and we saw Dr. Wallace a couple of weeks before she had to leave for abroad for 3 months. She wanted so much to have the surgery before she leaves, which was crazy fast. Dr. Wallace was unbelievably accommodating - he found a spot at 6am for her, and for her check up he had to come to open the office on the weekend just for us !!! Unbelievable - we are all so thankful !!!  The prices were always as originally disclosed, and the staff is the most competent I have ever seen.

1/04/18, LA Sight - 5 stars:  After extensive research on where to go, I chose LA Sight. I had a welcoming experience during initial consultation with no pressure approach. All staff were very professional and have great knowledge of aspects of procedure. The actual LASIK procedure itself was surprisingly comfortable and fast. When I got up off table my vision was already better, though a little hazy I could actually SEE!! It has now been a month and everything is excellent. I would recommend LASIK to anyone and especially recommend LA Sight!

1/3/2018, LA Sight - 5 stars: I highly recommend LA Sight, Dr. Wallace & his staff were all fantastic. I was slightly nearsighted (-1.5) before LASIK, but now I can see better than 20/20 (now 20/15). I have no negative side effects except slight dry eye, which is supposed to be temporary (and I can already tell it is improving 2 weeks out). LA Sight did an amazing job and I definitely recommend anyone interested to check them out. To give you a full picture of what to expect here, I wrote a pretty long description so hopefully prospective patients find it useful! I live in Las Vegas, but have family in Southern California so I opted to go with LA-based Lasik surgeons rather than where I am now. I settled on LA Sight based on reviews and the fact that they are a single provider, not part of a large practice with multiple offices - that was just my personal preference though. I liked seeing the same people on every appointment. I came in for 3 consecutive days, the first was the consultation and pre-op, the next was the operation, and the last was the check-up. The first 2 days took about an hour each, the check up only took about 15 minutes. During the pre-op my eyes were dilated which gave me a headache for the rest of the day, so be prepared for that. If you arrive early you can find free parking on the adjacent residential streets, just watch out for street sweeping schedules posted. Dr. Wallace uses custom wavefront correction for all the procedures, but offers different flap creation methods. At the time of my procedure, there was: Conventional microkeratome ($1400/eye), all laser ($1750/eye) and RELEX SMILE ($1750/eye). I opted for the microkeratome, as my corneal thickness was fine and Dr. Wallace himself said I could go with any method I wanted. He said the $700 extra goes literally to the cost of running the laser itself, and that he doesn't up-charge at all for it. I really appreciated his candor in explaining each method openly, without trying to do any sort of up sell. My prescription going in was a mild -1.5 in both eyes with a very slight astigmatism in one. They measured my eyes at least 4 times to make sure everything was consistent - they really are careful and precise with their diagnostics. The $2800 mentioned above was all I paid, there were no other fees or upcharges. To others considering LASIK, however, realize you do need to buy some prescriptions and eye drops in addition. I was prescribed PREDNISOLONE ACETATE (steroid) and OFLAXACIN (antibiotic) and the cost to me was about $28, with my insurance paying the other $28. You will also need several boxes of artificial tears that are preservative free (each box is about ~$10 for ~36 vials which will last you about a month). Prior to the surgery/consultation I stopped wearing my soft contact lenses 2 weeks in advance (you need them out longer for rigid lenses). The day before/of the surgery and consultation I also stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine as these can dehydrate you. I also had to practice not touching my eyes in the shower, as you need to avoid this after surgery. In addition, I started taking Omega 3 supplements, as these are reported to sometimes help with eye hydration. I did all of this based on internet research, as I didn't actually see Dr. Wallace until the day before since I lived out of state. The day of surgery was extremely easy. They prescribe a valium and let you sit in a nice relaxation room. The surgery itself was only about 10-15 minutes. They tape your eyelids and eye lashes back and then insert a speculum that keeps you from blinking. From here, because I chose the microkeratome they placed a small metal platform on my eye which suctioned down. Towards the end of the suctioning is when I had my first uncomfortable feeling - kind of like your eye popping a little bit outward - but on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being extremely uncomfortable) it was honestly a 3. As other reviews have said, it isn't really painful, just uncomfortable. Next the blade slides across the front of your eye and you can feel it vibrating. When this was done on my first eye it was more like a 4 or 5 on the scale above with a little pain. The second eye it was more like a 3. It felt more or less like something painful in your eye, such as an eyelash or a contact that got lost in your eye. After that everything was easy - throughout all the other steps (placing a tracking dye, measuring thickness, opening flap, closing flap) I barely felt a thing. Unfortunately Yelp cuts off reviews any longer than this, so if you want to read the rest of my experience just head here:

12/29/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: The LASIK eye surgery I had on May 4, 2017 was truly life-changing.  I'm so happy with my results! How liberating it is to have perfect vision! Dr. Wallace is absolutely wonderful and was very patient to address all of my questions during my consultation (and I had many, many questions). His staff (I worked with Keith mostly) is super professional and very kind, always on time and I never felt rushed. The surgery itself was quick and painless, and definitely not as scary as I thought. The whole experience was great and I highly recommend this office! I will be switching to this practice for my bi-annual eye exams for sure!

12/27/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's been about 3 mos since I had my surgery and I couldn't be happier! Every single person, from reception to surgeon, was helpful and lovely. My vision is excellent! 

12/10/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: My husband wanted to get monovision Lasik surgery so he wouldn't need reading glasses. I made an appt for him to see Dr. Wallace because of the hundreds of excellent reviews he had on Yelp. My husband, who is reluctant to see any doctor, came home and asked me to give Dr. Wallace 5 stars. After looking at my husband's tests, Dr. Wallace told my husband that he would not touch his eyes. My husband has 20/10 vision - something Dr. Wallace said people would love to have. So Dr. Wallace refused to touch his eyes and told my husband to just be grateful and live with reading glasses. My husband was so amazed that Dr. Wallace chose not take our business and then proceeded to spend more time talking to my husband, since they were close in age and had other things in common. My husband couldn't say enough about Dr. Wallace's honesty, the staff's professionalism and the great candy selection in the lobby!

12/1/2017, LA Sight - 5 Stars: This review is regarding my experience with LA sight. Prior to selecting LA sight, I had long planned to have a lasik surgery and my concern was choosing the right place. After my experience, I would definitely recommend this place to have your lasik surgery done. The staff was very professional and friendly. Once you enter the room, the place is very inviting. I had my surgery done yesterday and I'm so happy to say that my vision has improved vastly. I could see the difference when I drive and when I watch television from a far distance. I am grateful for Dr. Wallace and the rest of the staff. Thank you for the experience and for the gift of a better vision!

11/27/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: The whole experience was great form start to end. The staff is very friendly the Dr was amazing.I got my lasik done 1 week ago and i feel great. The experience was so amazing i am recommending my family. I wish i would have done it sooner!

11/22/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: First word that comes to me about LA sight is WOW. From start to finish this place blew me away. Like all of you, i did a ton of research and asked a ton of friends about Lasik and I landed at LA sights. They were so friendly and helpful when I first called for a couple questions/to schedule pre op; not to mention they were so organized. I was coming from pretty far so I ended up being early to every appointment and they were able to take me in right away. THE WHOLE ENTIRE STAFF (literally everyone) was amazing and of course Dr. Wallace is the man. They made me feel so welcomed and I was 100% sure I was getting lasik done at the right place. Obviously you only get one set of eyes in your life so finding a trustworthy business like LA sights was huge for me AND at an affordable price! The procedure was so easy. Didn't feel anything and now a day later I have 20/20 vision! I got lasik yesterday so we will see how my vision is in a year from now but I have zero doubts that it will be anything worse than 20/20. I will be referring friends and family to this place!

11/16/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was practically blind without my glasses when I went to LA Sight. Dr Wallace was very honest and told me that there was a chance that he would not be able to operate and that even if he was I may not have perfect vision. I was basically asking him to perform a miracle. I have been wearing glasses for 22 years and I was ready to get rid of them so I went for it. Two weeks after my initial consultation I walked out of LA Sight with 20/20 vision. I just completed my 3 month check up and I'm still at 20/20. I will be forever grateful that I found LA Sight!

11/5/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: This is a review based on a first appointment. I was able to expeditiously schedule an appointment for evaluation of my eyes and possible cataract removal bilaterally as well as implants for visual correction. I was very impressed by Dr. Wallace, his knowledge, warmth, the time he spent with me. As I currently have an HMO it would be quite costly for me to have the surgery done here. He made suggestions to help me, even suggesting I do through my HMO or change to a PPO as this is the time of year to do that. The offices are beautiful, the staff is inviting, professional, and all seem very happy in their jobs. Parking is underneath or in back. Parking is costly and even though I got a validation by purchasing a cup of coffee it still was high. It was irritating and I think the parking guy had me pay too much. Maybe he was new. Anyway I am considering my options, but this is a wonderful office and I would definitely trust my very crummy vision to Dr Wallace. What a wonderful, caring man.

10/30/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: "I feel bad for delaying my review and I guess this place already has a lot of positive reviews but true story, this place saved my eyes! Totally gave me a new set of eyes. I got my lasik done in summer of 2015 and it's been two years and I still got perfect vision. The place is nice and clean, doctor is great, totally recommend this place and lasik surgery! My eyes were really bad, maybe about -6.5? Surgery took like ten minutes total, didn't hurt much. Two years later, no adverse side effects, nothing wrong, just dry eyes when I use computer a lot or expose to bad air and stuff so I always bring eye drops with me wherever I go! They even send you a cd of your surgery which is pretty cool but I didn't watch it cause I get scared lol. I even did a follow up with an optometrist a couple of months after surgery and she said the doctor did a good job so I trust that! So yeah honest review, I can't thank enough for Dr. Wallace to wake up everyday without wearing glasses or uncomfortable contacts! P.S. BEST decision EVER to get lasik, definitely worth every penny to all those hesitant folks out there. Its really important to find a good doctor cause it's your eyes after all and I guess I got lucky to get it done here! :)"

10/20/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: After weeks of research and reading countless reviews on various Ophthalmologists, I decided to go with Dr. Wallace and it turned out to be the best decisions I ever made. My procedure couldn't have gone better. I read so many reviews on how Lasik could go wrong, but my experience was nothing like those. Not only did I feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure, but I felt perfectly fine after. In fact, once I got home I made dinner and watched TV with near perfect vision. Today (my procedure was yesterday) I went for my post op and it was confirmed that I have 20/20 vision! I could not be more grateful to Dr. Wallace and the LA Sight staff. From day one everyone was amazing, kind, and comforting - I was definitely a little spastic in the beginning. Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you gave me, even more, thank you for making me feel safe. There is no one I would recommend more than Dr. Wallace and his team, this experience has truly been life changing!

10/20/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: It is difficult to find the right words to describe my experience. Magical. Wonderful. Terrific. Fabulous. Life-changing. There are an infinite amount of positive adjectives I could use to describe the team and LASIK procedure at LA Sight. From the consultation, to the procedure, to the post-op appointment... everyone and everything was 100% on-point. I've worn glasses/contacts since I was in 2nd grade, and my eyes are slightly different, than most (myopic in one eye, and hyperopic in the other, with a slight astigmatism in both eyes). At 30 years old, I had pretty much accepted that I would just have to wear contacts or glasses forever. I went in last Friday for a consultation, just to see if I was even a candidate for LASIK. And, exactly one week later, I left my post-op appointment with perfect vision. I honestly still can't believe it-- LA Sight has change my life forever and I am eternally grateful. EVERY....SINGLE....Staff member couldn't have been nicer, more capable, more professional.  Seriously, what a dream-team!!!! The procedure itself is fast and easy. Recovery is a breeze. If you have been on the fence... don't wait any longer. You won't regret this decision. I promise. "Eye" can't thank you enough, LA Sight. You have literally changed the way I see the world.

10/20/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Yesterday, I received the LASIK procedure with Wavelight laser and microkeratome, I could not be happier! I had nearsightedness and an astigmatism and couldn't bear
wearing glasses or contacts anymore. The vision I had waking up this morning was so beautiful I had a newfound appreciation for everything. The procedure was so quick (around 6 minutes) and honestly it was easier then getting my blood tested. The staff was so patient with all my questions and always made sure I was comfortable with every step throughout the process. Will recommend LA Sight to everyone for making everything so easy, for the staff having great energy, and keeping the unit clean and professional.

10/14/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'm always cautious of "free" consults figuring it's just a scam to get you to buy xyx. But this place is legit. During my free consult, Dr. Wallace educated me on the strength & weakness of my eyes and to my surprise, said I was NOT a candidate for Lasik! Dr. Wallace said I was fine w/over the counter glasses & he gave me 2 for free! I walked out of there w/out paying a cent.  Can't recall the technician's name (Keith I think), but he was great too! Highly recommend these guys even if all you need is an eye exam.

10/6/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Thank you so much for LA Sight, I just done my eyes surgery yesterday and now I have super great vision. Omg... it's amazing! And all doctors and nurses are very friendly and really take care of me. Thanks a lot, LA Sight is best! 

10/6/2017, LA Sight  -5 stars: Just finished my post-op appointment for LASIK at LA Sight. Cannot stress enough how simple this surgery was. After a free consultation, Dr. Wallace let me know that I
was an eligible candidate, and answered all my questions thoroughly. I have a specific case because I'm an actor and under stage lights, I was expecting damage. We talked through that, no damage or risk thereof, and he made sure to give me thorough answers to all my questions.The surgery was incredibly easy. 15 minutes tops. Walk in, take a Valium, and sit for about 20 minutes while it kicks in, then into the operating room. They walk you through every step in real time. Some MILD discomfort while they create the flap, and then 16 seconds of laser treatment which has literal no feeling. Repeat for the other eye, and you're all set. I spent maybe 15 minutes in the OR. It was nothing. Afterward, I went home and slept for about 5 hours. Woke up with perfect vision. This morning I had a 10 minute post-op, where they told me my vision was BETTER than 20/20! Some drops for the first few weeks, and hydrating drops that can be bought at any drug store for the next 3 months, but otherwise I'm SET! Can't believe it. Life changed. Couldn't recommend more. 

9/26/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Just had my lasik done on the 25th and post op appt. today.  Absolutely love the office, highly recommend Dr. Wallace and his team. From my consultation to my post op, front desk staff to the medical team I felt completely comfortable and in the right hands. Definitely recommending them to family and friends.

9/25/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Hands down the best decision I've made in a long time. The staff were kind, welcoming, organized, efficient, and really cared. It was a surprisingly easy process and I am so satisfied with my new vision!

9/22/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: If you're thinking about getting LASIK, La Sight is the place to come. Every staff member from the receptionist to the doctor is friendly and attentive. La Sight was
extremely accommodating when it came to booking appointments. They walk you through the procedure multiple times to make sure you don't have questions or hesitations. Recover time is a day and now I see 20/20!! I was able to pay for my LASIK up front with the affordable cost of the procedure. I'm very excitedto never deal with contacts ever again. Definitely choose LA Sight for your LASIK procedure.

9/22/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: My husband had LASIK surgery by Dr. Wallace. I went to see him and I left with a lot of information and hard choices. My eyes are at a weird stage. With his advice I am
going to do readers and get glasses for driving. But I believe I will be doing lens replacement in the future. I love the doctor's staff. It was refreshing to have Dr, Wallace spend so much one on one time with me with a whole waiting room full of patients.

9/16/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing place!! Everyone from the receptionists to the staff and doctors were great. Can't beat their prices. Never had to wait past my appointment time. The actual lasik surgery is so fast and easy, I was blown away. And I was back at work the next day. My brother was watching and recording the entire procedure. He uploaded it to YouTube :D I had REALLY bad
astigmatism and the cost of what I was paying for my lenses and contacts, it was a no-brainer to go with lasik after I went to my free consultation. I highly recommend getting your lasik done at LA Sight! They are the best! I have my sight back and I'm so happy to exercise without the discomfort of contacts and glasses.  Thank you LA Sight! Best decision I could have made for myself. 

 9/8/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his team have changed my life for the better I have 20/20 vision which I never thought it will happen to me. The day of the procedure I was really really nervous I was having hard time even with the eye drops but Karen was so patience with me, she made relax. The procedure was the easiest part I was worry for nothing I did not feel anything and it was over before I knew it. I'm extremely happy with the whole experience it exceeded my expectations.

8/30/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I've been considering getting lasik for years and was never comfortable enough to proceed. Finally decided to visit LA Sight in May, I'm so happy that I did! The staff is amazing and super friendly, no gimmicks and no long wait. I was greeted with a smile and led into an examination room within 5 minutes of checking in. Wonderful! Dr. Wallace himself is calming and comforting. Throughout the examination we were speaking more as old friends than physician and patient. It was the same during surgery, he explained everything as it was happening and I was aware at all times. Best medical experience I have ever had! It's now been 3 months since my Lasik surgery and I can't explain the joy and freedom I feel at no longer having to wear contacts or glasses. I can swim freely, no longer having to carry drops in my pocket or solutions and lens cases in my bathroom. The only glasses I wear are sunglasses  and I'm perfectly fine with it. I can't thank Dr. Wallace and his staff enough. LA Sight has freed me, and I'm so thankful. If you have been contemplating Lasik, stop and pay LA Sight a visit. You won't regret it!

8/25/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I just got out of my follow up appointment and I just can't believe how easy and quick this procedure was. My hesitations were as follows: 1) price 2) recovery 3) complications Price is a non-factor. At $100/month (their financing plan) its less than I spend on coffee in LA. Recovery - 0! I came home from my appointment, rested, made dinner and woke up like nothing happened. I worked, worked out, and did everything as usual. And my concerns about complications were out to rest. My doctor sister researched him on the board and David Wallace had excellent standings. When I saw how easy the procedure was I now know that recommending this to someone knew can be done in full confidence. So stop hesitating and jump into it...oh, and it doesn't hurt so don't be a baby...

8/24/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Best decision I've ever made going here after my colleagues recommended Dr. Wallace. He used the latest technology and the results were as promised. Better than 20/20 vision within 1 month of the procedure. Shout out to Dr. T!

8/16/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I just completed my LASIK with LA Sight and I couldn't be happier. I found them on Yelp and decided to check them out based on the sheer number of reviews and the many positive ones. Setting up my consultation was super easy, they sent an email confirmation that had a link to fill out my information and answer some questions ahead of time. I really appreciated that because I hate filling things out in person.Dr. Wallace and the staff were super friendly and professional. As someone with really bad vision (-5.0) getting LASIK has been extremely life changing. I'm writing this the day after my procedure, my eyes feel fine (no worse than wearing contacts) I'm even back at work! The procedure itself is extremely fast and painless. When I arrived on the day of my LASIK procedure, the staff had me sit in a relaxing room with a massage chair and gave me some valium to take the edge off. After a few minutes they put some drops in my eyes and off I went. In the operating room, you lie on a bed and are given a teddy bear to hold onto, which was comforting, haha. The bed swivels you to the first laser that creates the flaps around your corneas. You are literally just looking at a green light, there is no pain at all. At a certain point your vision becomes blurry as if you are looking through a misted window. Once the flaps have been cut, the bed swivels you over to the next machine that reshapes your eyes. The Dr. lifts the flaps (you don't feel a thing I swear) and then you look straight to the laser again, before you know it, the procedure is done! Even though its a really short process (I can't stress how short it was) Dr.Wallace still verbally walked me through everything that was going on. I think it only took like 16 seconds for the first laser to make the flaps and somewhere around 30 seconds for the other one to sculpt, per eye. The staff offered to help me call an Uber to get home if I needed the help, but I was able to do that on my own. (uber was annoying though and parked across the street making me run a bunch to get to it). My eyes felt pretty teary and sensitive afterwards and my right eye in particular felt kinda like it was burning, keeping my eyes closed on the ride home helped alot. I got home, darkened my room then jumped into bed. Took a nap and when I woke up 2 hrs later that burning feeling was gone and everything felt fine. Thank you LA Sight, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

8/11/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had PRK done in one eye and LASIK in the other. I felt they did an excellent job explaining the procedure and making me feel comfortable. I have been able to see without corrective lenses for 18 months now. I thought the price was reasonable. I definitely recommend going to LA Sight to correct your vision.

8/8/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had LASIK surgery in April 2017. It was the best decision I have ever made. My vision now is 20/20. Couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you Dr. Wallace and a whole team!

8/7/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Perfect experience, from scheduling down to the surgery and follow up. Lucy was friendly and helpful. Dr. Tabanfar and Dr. Wallace were professional and caring. If you're considering lasik in LA, this is the place.

8/5/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'd been wanting to get LASIK for decades and couldn't justify the cost when my contacts worked fine. Then as I got older, my eyes became drier and eventually I could no longer wear contacts, but then I was worried that LASIK wouldn't work for aging eyes. Finally one day I decided to research my options, and everything pointed to Dr. Wallace at LA Sight. Long story short: LIFE CHANGING!! I went from -9.00 in my left eye (near blind) and -5.00 in my right to monovision better than 20-15 so I use my left eye for close work and right for distance. It's nothing short of miraculous. The staff is warm, detailed and top-notch; Dr. Wallace could not be more calming and informative; the price was extremely reasonable; and the procedure itself was painless, unintimidating and less than 15 minutes long. I wish I'd done it years ago! 5 stars to the team at LA Sight. If you're even thinking about getting LASIK, go see them!!

8/2/2017, LA Sight  - 5 stars: Update as of August 2nd, 2017...I love my eyes. Couldn't be happier with my decision to go to LA Sight for my Lasik. It has been life changing. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

7/28/2017, LA Sight  -5 stars: Without question, the most pleasant experience I could have imagined. The staff are courteous, informed, efficient and inviting. Dr. Wallace was thorough and
understanding in his evaluations, and didn't force any particular procedure on me. My procedure was
done on Thursday and I was back to work on Friday following a quick post-op appointment. I'm excited to see what the future holds with better-than-perfect vision and I cannot recommend this place enough.

7/28/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Let me start by saying, I love this place! Such a great experience from day one. The office is so clean, the staff is all so nice and the vibe is very chill in the office which is so important I think. Dr Wallace was very straightforward and honest and answered all the questions I had during my initial Consult. Dr Tabanfar who did my initial eye exam took the time to answer all my questions as well and never made me feel rushed. As a cameraman my eyes are everything so I really took my time with the eye Exam to make sure we had it right. On the day of my lasik the staff had they had the process down. The vibe in the office was so calm. The pre and post ops doctors were so kind, calm and explained everything so well. The pre op chill room to keep you calm before entering the operating room was awesome!Dr Wallace was so pro had me feeling at ease and made the process so easy. And most importantly the surgery went great. My eyes are perfect and I'm feeling wonderful the next morning. This is awesome!

7/28/2017, LA Sight  - 5 stars: Just had my LASIK surgery yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the results. Everything about the office was outstanding and I felt very reassured that I was in good hands the entire time. I was really nervous at first, but every one was really helpful, answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel really comfortable with the procedure. I'm telling all my friends to get LASIK here because the price and service are superb.

7/21/2017, LA Sight  - 5 stars: I held off for 1.5 years to leave my review, even though they nicely asked for one a few weeks after the procedure. To me, it would be more useful to give my review after having some long term results. I found the people there to be pretty nice. I also liked Dr. Wallace's honesty with me - I directly asked if there would be a difference between the more expensive and the bladed surgery, and he said 'no' (this is just my case, it might not be yours if your cornea is different). The surgery went well, although my my left eye was worse than my right. Recovery: this part was harder than I expected, and I think I regretted the surgery immediately, at first. Basically, I felt dizzy...Kind of like you get when you get a new pair of glasses. I don't exactly remember how long it took before it went away (maybe 2-3 weeks). I took anti-nausea medications, but it went away. I remember visiting Dr. Tabanfar. She was very helpful and comforting as I was dealing with these issues.  It takes a while for your vision to stabilize...Maybe took me 4-6 weeks, although it continues to improve over more months. Overall, 1.5 years later, I'm happy with my experience. My vision is very good, and I've forgotten I ever wore glasses. 

7/20/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I wore glasses for about 11 years, so I was a bit nervous at first. Everyone in the office is super attentive. I really appreciate how every single person walked me through the consultation and procedure; answering every question and concern. It was reasonably priced and I was in and out of the office on the day of procedure in an hour and a half. Thank you guys for letting me see in real life without the limitation of glasses.

7/17/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  I highly recommend Dr Wallace @LA Sight and I don't say that lightly! Do yourself a favor and go for a consultation. I have no doubt that if you do, you will choose Dr Wallace to do your lasik surgery. I was excited yet cautious to get lasik surgery. Fortunately LA sight was a completely different experience than the other consultations I had. First and foremost Is the impression of Dr Wallace. From the beginning he puts you at ease w his expertise, calm demeanor, patience and care for his clients. I am fully aware others in his position don't take the time & care he does, and it made all the difference to me!! In addition, he has assembled a professional team and relaxing office environment. I appreciated all the small touches (tastefully designed office, bowls of assorted chocolates, complimentary bottled water etc. Most importantly, my surgery was successful and the results were immediate and profound. Thank you Dr Wallace for my vastly improved gift of sight!!"

6/30/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  I wanted to wait a year to write this review and I just went to my annual vision exam where they informed me my vision is 15/20! The whole process here was effortless, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the procedure quick and without complications.

6/30/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I rarely write Yelp reviews, but I wanted to share my experience as the several positive Yelps reviews were what led me to LA Sight to begin with. From the beginning, I had a seamless and wonderful experience with the doctors and staff at LA sight (from scheduling my consultative appointment, to the surgery, and post-op appointment). I scheduled my consultation appointment at the beginning of June and was taken back to begin the consultative process right at my scheduled time. I hate waiting at the doctor's office and had to get back to work ASAP so I love when the timing is right on point. Once the initial tests were run (only took about 10-15 min), they determined I would be a good candidate for LASIK. They then scheduled my surgery (all surgeries are performed on Thursdays) and asked if I'd like to get my eyes dilated that day or come back another day for this procedure. I decided to just go ahead and have my eyes dilated that day. All in all I was there for a little over an hour.

On the day of surgery, everything went very smoothly. Again, all the staff and doctors were very friendly, and I felt like I was in very good hands throughout the entire experience. I was a little nervous beforehand, but they give their patients a little happy pill before the procedure, which was very nice. I was in and out within 1 hour and 15 min! My eyes were a little sore afterward, but I took some ibuprofen and had no issues. I went home and slept for a good while, had some dinner, and then went back to bed. When I woke up, I could miraculously see! 

I highly recommend LA Sight to anyone interested in LASIK. It is life changing and the staff there makes your experience that much better!

6/28/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Had a Consult at LA sight for Lasik and after my initial visit I knew this was the place I wanted to do it at. Everyone in the office was amazing and welcoming. 
Day of surgery I arrived as first case, got a few checks, a few drops and met Dr. Wallace. Very nice man. The procedure itself takes 5 min tops.   I had the SMILE procedure and I couldn't be happier. 10 years of contacts plus glasses and I no longer need them!   Post op day 1 I was 20/20 in right eye and 20/25 in my left eye. Had a little bit of a haze around lights for a few days but that is almost all gone 5 days Post-op. I also feel like my left eye is 20/20 now.  Thank you everyone at LA Sight! I will be sending Everyone there that wants Lasik!

6/23/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Dr. Wallace is a BOSS! So is his amazing staff, who all have larger than life personalities. The entire experience was a cake walk. From the free consultation, to the procedure, and post-op, LA Sight was a seamless, efficient, relaxing, and even FUN experience. Not to mention, Dr. Wallace is funny, authentically funny, and puts you at ease immediately. I would say the moment I truly appreciated his light-hearted candor was as he communicated every single step of the procedure as he went..... five second countdowns, explanations of what he was doing, feedback after each step, etc. Additionally, I want to emphasize, post procedure- NO PAIN. There was slight pressure, and more so from wearing the googles, but no significant pain. Lip injections or migraines are much more severe compared to the lasik procedure I underwent. I would recommend LA Sight to ANYONE looking for an amazing and quick experience, as well as someone who wants to feel at ease with the staff. They even offered to call be an uber post-op. Trust all the reviews. LA Sight is incredible.

6/19/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Wow what an awesome team. From pre op to surgery to post op I felt very taken care of. They listened and responded to all my questions and made me feel so comfortable with the procedure. During the procedure I was explained every step that was happening. My eyesight is amazing and getting better every day. Thank you to everybody at LA sight that made my lasik experience amazing!

6/16/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Got Lasik two weeks ago and have had excellent results. Everyone is super nice, scheduling is easy, the office is lovely, and all the clinical staff from assistants to ophthalmologists are very skilled. Fun fact #1, Dr. Wallace started out as a pediatrics resident, which if you know anything about doctor stereotypes means he's the nicest Lasik surgeon you'll find. Fun fact #2, they have you hold onto the softest stuffed bunny for the 10 minute procedure. They were also half the cost of other places I called in LA, but I can't figure out why as literally everything was high quality and well run. Absolutely recommend LA Sight and would do it again in a heartbeat!

6/15/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: The price of the surgery was fair and affordable. It's been over 2 years since the surgery, and I always tell everyone that LASIK was the best investment of my life. I feel like I got more than my money's worth.   Dr. David Wallace was very thorough and detailed about the procedure and made me feel comfortable.   In addition, Sepi has been extremely professional since the first time I called for an appointment. I've called the office on numerous occasions for certain documents to be filled out and signed, and she more than exceeded my expectation each time. I was very surprised that she sent me everything I needed with urgency although she could have taken her time and sent it to me several days late.  Would not recommend any other place for LASIK. 

6/12/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's hard to believe it's been more than 1 year since my eye surgery - and I'm still thrilled I had it done.  I wanted to give an update, as I originally had mono vision performed. After 3 months attempting to adjust to mono vision -I went back and had the other eye done.  I am so happy I did - as I prefer having perfect vision for distance over the "brain confusion" (headaches mostly)  I experienced with mono vision.  Even though I had successfully worn one contact (mono vision) for years, I could always rest my brain at the end of the day by taking out the contact.  I didn't like the headaches and eye fatigue so I opted to get the other eye done.  No more headaches or eye fatigue.  The only down side is I now must wear reading glasses 70% of the time - especially with computer work.  It's a trade-off but worth it for me.  However, I found that even with mono vision, I would have to put on my reading glasses occasionally anyway.  If you want expert eye care, go to Dr. Wallace.  His staff is truly the best!

6/9/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and the entire team at LA Sight is incredible. My husband and I just complete our LASIK surgery yesterday, and today have perfect vision. Apart from the stellar results, the team made me feel extremely comfortable the whole time. They were easy to work with, kind, and accommodated our schedules. We traveled from the Bay Area for the procedure, and they worked worth us to have everything done from initial consult (Wed), procedure (TH), and post-op check-up done (Friday morning), so we could be in and out quickly. Dr. Wallace has a calm and comforting presence during the procedure, and the entire staff is genuinely happy for you when you walk out of the exam room (cheers and congratulations)! I can't recommend Dr. Wallace and LA Sight more. It was worth the trip to LA! We will be recommending LA Sight to all our friends! 

6/9/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: One day removed from LASIK surgery with Dr. Wallace and LA Sight and couldn't be happier. My wife and I flew down from the Bay Area based on the recommendations and price point and it was worth the trip. 

Every single employee from Sepi arranging the appointments, the front desk employees on arrival, Keith the stellar COA, Dr. Wallace with the initial consult and calming presence during surgery, Dr. Tabanfar with the secondary exam, and Dr. Graham with the pre- and post-exam were all friendly and extremely knowledgeable. 

Thank you all very much for taking care of me and my wife.

6/2/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: The whole staff was amazing ! Made me feel totally comfortable during my procedure ! Best in LA , Best in the world! 

5/31/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am very pleased for the tremendous care given by Dr. Wallace and his entire staff. I had the All-Laser Lasik done last week and I am so grateful I chose LA Sight. From the beginning free consultation to the day of surgery, the staff did their due diligence, answered all of my questions and concerns, and ensured I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Like any other elective surgery, you should speak with as many people as possible, read books, and conduct your own research before making a decision. Unlike other medical offices, there was no pressure and sales tactics used. The cost was very reasonable and they offer various plans to accommodate your specific financing needs. The All-Laser Lasik with visumax costs a bit more than the basic blade version but is highly recommended as it is specifically customized for your specific eye parameters. The day of the surgery thankfully went well and smooth. The staff triple checked everything, I was given medication to calm down, and was guided to the surgery room. Dr. Wallace guided me every step of the way, made sure I knew how many seconds everything took, and that everything was fine. One advantage of his office is the fact that you don't have to stand up after the flap is opened to go to the other machine. They simple rotate you as you are lying down to the Wavefront Laser. The procedure was completely painless, quick, and truly a seamless experience. The next day after the surgery I went in for the follow up appointment where they instructed me about recovery, use of the prescribed drops and artificial tears. They checked my eyes and let me know that I have 20/20 vision. Very thankful for all their help. Special thanks again to everyone in the office who assisted me in this process: Dr. Wallace, Dr. Tabanfar, Dr. Graham, Karen, Keith, Dave, and Sepi. I, enthusiastically and without reservations, recommend LA Sight!! 

5/24/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had a low prescription of -1.75 dioptres which I was told gets great results with LASIK. I just had my LASIK surgery 2 days ago and keep forgetting that I need to be cautious with my eyes - this is how well I'm feeling! My far sight was sharp the next day and I had to get some sun glasses without prescription right away :D Everybody at the office was very friendly and accommodating. (And I don't mean the usual LA fake nice.) They explained everything and were available to answer questions. The offices are clean, beautiful, homey and professional with state of the art equipment. Parking is a bit of a hassle but manageable. (The attached structure gets a 1 hour validation with purchase at Coffee Bean. The initial consultation takes almost 2 hours but considering the importance of the issue, I was ok paying the $12. Street parking can be found if you have a bit more time to curve around.) I went with the All-Laser option for $3200 even though I was told that the cheaper option ($2500) is a very good choice as well. The procedure itself was painless. It's just unpleasant that you have to watch it happen lol. The worst thing about is was the burning of the eyes afterwards for an hour or so. I just went to sleep for the rest of the day. Very thankful and happy with the results! I absolutely recommend it! 

5/18/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I seriously could not have asked for a better experience. I will recommend LA Sight to ANYONE I know that is even considering LASIK. From the moment I walked it, I felt comfortable, invited, and most of all, that the staff loved their job and was knowledgable, which is my favorite thing about a business. It was the smoothest experience - they have a very well-oiled machine, while still being personable. I am still blown away and am so happy with my decision to go to LA SIGHT! Highly, HIGHLY recommend. Life-changing. 

5/18/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's really all about trust... To be absolutely clear, I did not know anyone who worked at LA Sight prior to my consultations, I didn't have any friends who had been to LA Sight...I was a first timer and completely petrified during my search for the right office to perform my surgery. With so many different price points, laser types, etc. it can be a bit overwhelming. After researching and speaking with multiple offices around town, my gut strongly led me back to LA Sight/Dr. Wallace and his amazing staff (Dr. Tabanfar, Dr. Graham, Karen, Alice, Sepi, Keith and Dave (I know all of their names because that's the type of place LA Sight is and that's why I landed there. I didn't want to just be a number somewhere). I read all of the positive reviews on Yelp and thought "this cannot be real....are they paying these people to give good reviews" haha. I'm being serious...After meeting everyone during the consultation, seeing the spotless, high-tech office environment and calculating an overall 'vibe' of the place, I was sure I'd found my surgeon (keep in mind I had multiple friends referring me to other surgeons they'd had Lasik with but I just didn't vibe with them and felt they were dismissive of my concerns, unlike Dr. W and his staff. LA Sight also has the best lasers in the business. During my consultation, I never felt pressured to proceed...and for that I was grateful. Karen made me feel very comfortable and I loved her calming voice so much that I requested her presence during my surgery. She was sweet enough to oblige and talked me through the steps, as did Dr., Karen, thank you from the bottom of my heart :) Between you, a valium and an awesome surgeon, the experience was great! During the surgery, Dr. W, Karen and Dave were on their A-game. Dr. W insured me that everything was going smoothly while the lasers were doing their thing. Someone else mentioned that Dr. W has a father-like quality and I must say, I totally agree. I will say, educating myself on the procedural steps before the surgery helped me a lot because I knew what was going on and what to expect next. After the surgery I went home, went to bed, woke up and could see :) It was amazing!!!!! I wanted to wait a month post-op before writing this review so I could include post-op experience. Post-op: The morning following the surgery, I visited the office and they made sure the flap was sealed okay. It was. My right eye developed a slight pressure-like pain about a week after the surgery and I called the office. Dr. Tabanfar hopped on the phone (what other offices in town are that quick and care so much??) She advised me to stop taking the anti-inflammatory drops and update her in three days. Three days later, the pain was gone. She genuinely cared, so thank you Dr. T! One month out now and my eyes feel amazing!! I'm officially 20/20 :) Probably better with both eyes being used. It's been a life-changer! I will be sending all of my friends and family members to LA Sight, without a doubt. If you're reading this, you're probably searching for a surgeon...look no further..this is your place :)

5/15/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Let me start by saying that it's been a year since my surgery and I could not be happier! I was extremely nearsighted and really worried about the possible side-effects of lasik surgery. I'm a big chicken when it comes to my eyes, so I read everything I could about various doctors and their reviews. A handful of my co-workers had gone to Dr. Wallace and were happy with their results, so I went in for a consult. The staff were very professional and friendly and the office was very organized. They took several measurements and got my file ready. When I met with Dr. Wallace, he was very open about honest about what makes a good candidate for eye surgery. He gave me his recommendation based on my results and never pressured or pushed me to make a decision. He's honest and if you aren't a good candidate, he'd tell you. They aren't hurting for business and won't approve you just to get your money. They have financing available and several surgical options, which they discuss with you. I chose one of the options and they set up my appointment for the following week. On the day of my surgery, they put me in a darkened room, gave me eye drops, and took me to the operating room. There's a big TV and your designated driver can watch your surgery live! They also gave me a stuffed animal, which was calming. The entire procedure took about 5 minutes, after which they checked my eyes and gave me protective goggles. I followed all the post-op directions carefully (try to sleep, don't read or look at your phone, etc) and didn't have much pain. I only took one Advil when I got home. My next day follow-up was great: I went from a -5 to a 22/20 in one day. After a month, I was 20/20 and still holding after a year. I did have halos for several months but they were only obvious at night when I looked at street lights and they've since gone away. I did religiously use eye drops for a few months and don't have any dryness issues. In summary, I highly recommend Dr. Wallace and his team! Educate yourself before you go in, ask questions, and follow your post-op directions. Good luck! 

5/15/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I got LASIK on May 4th and within hours I could see clearly! :) I was so nervous and scared to get it done but I am glad I did! The whole process was super easy and efficient. This office is so organized and professional! And kind! I would definitely do it again. My boyfriend even wants to get LASIK done and wants to do it with them because he even said they know what they are doing. Dr. Wallace is super cool and even made jokes with me during the procedure about the scene in Clockwork Orange when the main character has to keep his eyes open LOL. I love it when doctors have a good sense of humor. Karen is awesome and so kind to respond to my emails whenever I have questions. Dr. Graham is also super nice and so calming. I really needed that the morning of because of my nerves. Front desk is so nice too! Everything is just really streamlined here and sooooo organized. I never have to wait long for my appointments either. Can you SEE why LA Sight is the best? ;) 

5/12/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Just did my one eye yesterday. Staff and doctor was very professional and nice. Dr Wallace was great in coming up with a solution that worked for me. The very next day I could see. The independence from glasses is amazing. 

5/3/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: When one doctor (who you trust) refers you to another doctor, that's a pretty good start.  Which is how I came across Dr Wallace.  From the moment I walked into their office, and spoke with the front-desk staff, I had a great feeling about the place.  During the exam, Dr Wallace explained the procedure, my options, insurance, etc.  The next day, at 7 am, I was in surgery. During the process, Dr Wallace was explaining step-by-step, what was happening.  Their follow-up was equally detailed.  So far, the results have been very good , and as expected.  It's worth your time to see him (no pun), get their opinion, and make your own decision.

5/1/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars:  Reasonable prices and best staff . One of the best decision in my life. My vision is now almost 20/20

4/24/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: The folks over at LA Sight are super friendly and walked me through every step of the LASIK process. I was very apprehensive before and during the procedure, but they were very patient with me answering my questions whether they were reasonable or not. Thanks again, LA Sight. I highly recommend them to people considering LASIK

4/14/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Let me start by saying I now have 20/15 vision! I feel on top of the world and I owe it all to Dr. Wallace and the LA Sight team. This place is truly incredible. It took me forever to finally build up the guts to go get a consultation. "It's free!" people would say, "it's life-changing," "do it!" But it wasn't until a colleague from work got her Lasik done with LA Sight during the holidays that really pushed me over the edge to finally get it done. She couldn't stop raving about this place so I had to give it a try. And I thank my lucky stars that I finally did it! From the consultation, to the pre-opp, operation, to the post-opp, these people have been nothing but friendly, professional and efficient. 

I completely understand why this place has 5/5 stars on Yelp. I would give 10 stars if I could. Dr. Wallace and his staff were so wonderful and so nice. They were able to answer any questions I had. Special shout out to Dave who I probably drilled the hardest in my consultation. I asked him every question under the moon and he was able to answer them and put me at ease at the same time.

I probably spent the most time with Dr. Graham across all my appointments and he was also very amazing at putting me at ease. I saw him in my consultation and after my surgery and then in post opp. He is so composed and so good at telling you the deal in such a gentle and kind way. Thanks Dr. Graham!

The place is clean, the place is beautiful, well organized and perfect in every way. They were even able to fit my surgery into their schedule 1 week after my consultation. It gave me less time to worry :)

If you are in the market for Lasik, look no further. SERIOUSLY. This is the only place you need to go. Stop shopping and take the leap. You cannot go wrong with LA Sight!

I am over the moon with my "new" eyes! Thank you guys!!

4/9/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: When I walked into the office, the staff was extremely friendly and nice. The staff takes you through a thorough examination of your eyes. I am 51 years old and was tired of wearing eyeglasses. Dr. Wallace gave me three options and explained these options so I could easily understand. There is absolutely no pressure on any of the procedures that was recommended. He checked my eyes again and showed me via contact lenses what my eyesight would look like. I choose one of the options and had the procedure performed the next day! I had to go back the day after for a post checkup. I was blown away on the outcome. My eyesight has been restored to 20/20 vision! I am so happy with the outcome and I have several colleagues that have already made an appointment. Another thing that I thought was cool is that the Lasik is behind a glass window and you can observe and listen to the procedure. It kind of gave me an idea of how the procedure works. I know that this is not for everyone, but I though it was interesting, watching it on a huge TV screen. I would definitely recommend at least getting an exam and see what options you can have in restoring your vision. Big thanks to Dr Wallace and all of the staff. I am super happy with my vision! 

4/7/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am absolutely blown away by the incredible experience I had with LA Sight....from initial consultation to the surgery to the post-op, it was one of the most professional, easy, and well-handled experiences I've had with a business of any sort in a long long time. Dr. Wallace and his staff made me feel so comfortable, they were clear and honest about the process, and the surgery was so smooth and easy. A true 10/10, I had my surgery yesterday and have already recommended Dr. Wallace to three friends. Thank you guys! 

3/31/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Just had LASIK done. Came in on a Tuesday, did the procedure the following Thursday and had what feels like perfect vision immediately. Staff and doctors were personable and made everything very easy. No discomfort during or after procedure of any kind. Wish I had done this years ago. Will recommend to all my friends. 

3/25/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace is the most experienced in the field of laser eye surgery. PERIOD. 

3/24/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Got my LASIK done this week and I just want to say that the staff and Dr. Wallace are top notch. Everyone was friendly but what I value the most was their efficiency. To me the worst part of going to a doctor's office is the wait. You wait outside in the waiting area because doctors are running behind schedule and then you wait more inside the exam rooms. This place is a well oiled machine and courteous and professional while they are at it. Good job! 

3/23/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing Doctor and Staff. Great Price. No pain or discomfort at all. Highly recommended. 

3/19/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: This place is absolutely amazing. I was referred here by more than one person, and finally had Lasik this month after dragging my feet for over a year (stupid!). It has already changed my life (but you know it does, that's why you're here reading reviews). Bottom line: this place is LOVELY. Everyone in this office is incredibly friendly and helpful-- from the folks at the front desk to the doctors, every single person appears to love their job and be an expert in their field. This place makes you feel relaxed, confident, and well taken care of. It is, in short, fantastic. I have to mention a few people personally-- first of all, Keith (who did all of my initial eye exams) has the most generous spirit and goes the extra length to make you feel right at home. He put me at ease and made me feel welcome, and we were buds after just two short visits. He remembered me over a year after my first visit, and was so warm and friendly. He also has had Lasik surgery, so that made me feel at ease. Next is Karen-- she handled the billing piece AND was present during my Lasik procedure. Since I'm a midwife, I can only make an analogy here to birth. So, many women and families will hire a doula when they have their baby-- a doula is a very knowledgeable, non-medical support person who helps provide guidance and support during labor and birth. Karen is absolutely the doula of the Lasik experience at LA Sight! During the procedure, she added calm, helpful guidance between Dr. Wallace's explanations. She counted down during the times when I needed to focus on the light, and she provided that gentle encouragement that everyone needs when their experiencing something new and unsettling medically (like a doula does for birth!). Thank you, Karen-- it was beyond helpful! Dr. Tabanfar and I completely bonded because we both have twins-- so it was a joy to see her both times that I did. She answered my questions thoroughly and was so friendly both times. She also gave me some great twin mom advice, as hers are a couple years older than mine (bonus!). And finally, Dr. Wallace was fantastic. He was the exact dad-like figure you'd want to do your eye surgery. Calm, friendly, and oh so chill. He explained everything, made a few jokes, and was all around delightful. This is THE place to have Lasik. Stop looking now, you found your people. 

3/17/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was very hesitant to move forward with surgery after having my previous eye doctor tell me that I was not a candidate for Lasik but LA sight did such an in depth job with their pre op testing and determined that I was indeed a candidate. They made me feel very at ease during the surgery which was very hard for me because I can barely even touch my own eye let alone let a laser touch it, but I somehow did it and it wasn't bad at all! I am one day post op and I can see clearly for the first time in my life! I am so thankful for them, their whole staff is amazing, I highly recommend a consultation to anyone who is "walking around blurry" as my aunt calls it. I am amazed by my results. Thank you LA sight, this has been life changing! 

3/11/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I decided to get Lasik on a complete whim! I booked a consultation 24 hours in advance and the staff was incredibly accommodating. The consultation was quick and informative. The nurses ran some tests and Dr. Wallace walked me through the process, options, and told me about the tests that were done and the results that came from them. It turned out that my eyes were in the perfect range for Lasik. Score! He helped me choose the best option financially, and healthiest for my eyes. I scheduled my surgery for 2 weeks later on the spot. They block off all day Thursdays for surgeries and usually have openings. One week before the surgery I went in and had my eyes dilated. Additional tests were done. They check your vision multiple times before surgery to ensure they have the most accurate numbers. On the day of surgery, I saw a different doctor for pre and post op than Dr. Wallace, who performed the surgery. He was great and helped calm my nerves. Once I was prepped I went into the surgery and voila, 20 minutes later, it was done. The only scary part is that you can basically see everything as it's happening. I got the MK which is where they make a slit in your eye and then do the laser. They have a tool to keep your eyes open so no need to worry about that. It smells like burning hair when they turn the laser on but they warn you of that so as not to alarm you. Dr. Wallace walked me through the entire surgery as it was happening and made sure to keep me informed of everything he was doing and how it was going. They also gave me a blanket and stuffed animal which was nice! Recovery was not even 24 hours. I woke up the next day, drove myself to a follow up, and was already seeing 20/20. Overall, staff is great! They have chocolate in their waiting room and always offer coffee and water. Great service, great people. For the first time in 15 years I can see without glasses or contacts. Thanks LA Sight! 

3/10/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I came here to do lasiks because I was really tired of wearing contact lenses and having my eyes dry out during the day. I had not considered lasiks previously because of my fear of it going wrong. My husband found this site and told me about it. After reading the reviews I felt confident even to go for an initial consultation. From the first consultation to the post-op procedure, the clinic team and Dr Wallace were professional from beginning to end and I felt very well taken care of. There was no pain during the operation, only some pressure, Dr. Wallace and his team were very professional and reassuring. My eyes are pretty much near 20/20 now and I only paid $2500 for it. I'm so thankful for this and I'm looking forward to getting rid of my glasses and contact lenses! 

3/7/17, LA Sight - 5 stars: Five Star Team! The most amazing experience, LA Sight are experts at what they do! I wanted to kick myself for not getting this done sooner! Did my extensive research, narrowed it down to Dr. Wallace, apparently per everything I had read he is THE BEST, and it was all true! From the moment I called to schedule a consult, Sepi was so accommodating and very understanding about my concerns/fears regards to eye surgery. My initial visit felt like I was going to my regular doctor, as comfortable as if I'd been going there for years. Great office staff, ease of appointment, was in and out quickly and they had every base covered. Their techs are amazing, very skilled, educated and happy to be at wk. Karen, Alice and Sepi on the management side all were extremely knowledgeable, personable and extremely helpful in facilitating my entire procedure from first apt to last. The procedure was quick and painless and I was literally able to see everything almost perfectly the very next day. I experienced no dry eye or discomfort before or after and had zero complications what so ever. Simply amazing team from A to Z. Huge thanks to Dr. Wallace and his team, you guys changed my life. You don't know how awesome it is to put on makeup in the am without having to check it several times with my glasses!!! I'd refer ANYONE to this office and actually already have! FIVE STAR BUSINESS!!! 

2/28/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can see 20/20!!! The facility is super clean, open and bright. As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by the friendly staff and there are no long waits. Dr. Wallace and his team were great throughout the whole process. Everyone was very nice and knew what they were doing. They answered all my questions and were very supportive. I had my consultation the first week of January and scheduled my lasik for late February. My eyes were triple checked thoroughly every step of the way. The procedure itself was super fast. Dr. Wallace talked me through each second and it was painless. It seriously only took 37 seconds of lasering for each eye. I walked out half an hour later with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goggles and near perfect vision! I had my procedure in the morning so I was able to pass out for the rest of the day. The next morning I was seeing 20/20. Pretty amazing! I highly recommend getting your all-laser lasik done here! Lastly, parking is $3 for every 15 mins. If you buy something at the Coffee Bean downstairs, they'll validate your first hour. Totally worth buying a small coffee. 

2/21/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had an amazing experience with Dr. Wallace at LA Sight. The staff was super friendly and everyone made me feel confident and comfortable with my procedure. The team kept me laughing pre-op and post-operation, which isn't that difficult when I am under stress but I honestly felt stress free and in safe hands. I love the personal touch of the teddy and the comforting cheers from everyone in the vicinity. I can't tell you how amazing it feels after 20 years to be able to wake up and see. Thank you so much!!! I am already recommending friends and family to make appts! 

1/27/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Wow! Only 1 day after my surgery and I can see distance again; beautiful, sharp, crystal clear 20/20 vision! So long I've wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to scramble for my glasses that needed cleaning....again, and again, and again--not to mention the pesky scratches that weren't going anywhere anytime soon! So long I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses without the need to ridiculously switch between my prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses. No thank you. And to top it all off, the staff is extremely professional, polite, and diligently attended to my every need. Thank you Dr. Wallace, Dr. Tabanfar, Dr. Graham, Alice, Dave, Sepi, & Keith! You are a remarkable team, and I am recommending you to all my friends, family, and followers. For the price you pay, and the service/results you deliver: YOU CAN'T BE BEAT! Thank you!!!! 

1/20/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I got LASIK yesterday at LA Sight and I am blown away at how simple it was. Waking up today and being able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts was the best feeling ever. The staff at LA Sight is very caring and professional. Would highly recommend going here! It will be the best investment you ever make. 

1/18/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing staff and even better service! Went in for a consultation for my husband to get LASIK and he had the procedure done the following week. They are a professional office with the patient's perfect eye sight in mind. My husband had horrible vision and now he is free of contacts and glasses. We are so glad we chose LA Sight and highly recommend them! Thanks LA Sight 

1/14/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: My experience at LA Sight was amazing the staff is very friendly and truly care about you. Dr. Wallace really did a great job. 

1/13/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Wallace and LA Sight. Everyone is kind and patient. Dr. Wallace takes his time to explain exactly what your options are and what will happen. I felt fully prepared, very well taken care of, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. I will be recommending LA Sight to everyone. 

1/13/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Both my wife and I got LASIK at LA Sight. 2 for 2 and we are very happy. The facility is incredibly clean and professional. The technology used is the most advanced to date (as of January 2017). Everyone was extremely nice. I never had to wait long, really no complaints. Highly recommend. 

1/13/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can SEE why the other reviews were so good. This place is amazing, from the front desk staff to the Dr's; the service was impeccable. I did not at any time feel uncomfortable once during the procedure as Dr. Wallace talked to me the entire time which really calmed my nerves tremendously. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is wishing to kiss their old eyes goodbye!  

1/12/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Best decision I ever made. The staff is caring and professional, and my eyesight is fantastic nearly two years later. I visited a couple of doctors' offices to find one I was comfortable with and went with LA Sight because they recommended Lasik for one eye and PRK for another, since I was dealing with different prescriptions for near-sightedness, corneal thicknesses and an astigmatism. They really investigated my case and tailored my treatment plan, as opposed to another nameless office that pushed for implantable contact lenses that are more expensive and, I found out later, could contribute to cataracts! The day of my procedure, LA Sight gave me a happy pill, laid me down in a massage chair in their serenity room, covered me with a blanket and let me choose a stuffed animal to hug. I could've stayed there all day. When it was time, they gently led me to the adjacent room, made sure I was comfortable and 10-15 minutes later, that was it! Now, I do have to warn you... pain-wise, the Lasik eye was just fine. Maybe slight discomfort for a day. However, the PRK eye felt as though someone had heated an ice pick in a fire then stabbed it in that eye. And twisted it around. Repeatedly. Unfortunately I had the surgery on a Friday and they sent me home without serious painkillers, so by the time the pain started, the offices were closed and I could not get help (there is an emergency number but I did not feel justified in calling it). It was really some of the worst pain I've ever felt (for context, I've never given birth but I have broken a finger; this was way worse than the finger). I made it through with lots of OTC painkillers and my boyfriend's medical marijuana (I was desperate) but I was seriously unprepared for that kind of pain. The office did warn me that the PRK eye would hurt more than the Lasik one, but had I known how severe it would be, I would have requested happy pills to take home. And no, I don't use drugs. I drink maybe one beer a week and coffee everyday in my very boring life that I can now see with perfect vision!Anyways, I don't hold it against LA Sight that my pain threshold may be lower than other people's, and I am really so happy with their service and level of care. Also, they include several months of free post-surgery checkups. Dr. Wallace, Dr. Tabanfar, and Sepi are some of the names I remember, but really, everyone in the office is so nice. I waited and researched for YEARS to find the right place for eye surgery, and I'm so glad I did! 

1/6/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: Absolutely amazing experience. Surgery is already delicate but surgery on your eye sight is extremely delicate and pretty scary. After my first appointment at LA sight, I felt extremely comfortable and trusting that I was in great hands. They do an excellent job explaining and educating you and really make the entire experience feel less like a scary surgery and more like a quick, easy and life changing experience. I'm very grateful for what they have done for my vision and would recommend them to any family, friend or stranger! 

1/5/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: "Bucket List item complete! LASIK completed December 2016 and I can see! As any kind of surgery is a major decision, I went to multiple consultations, checked Yelp Reviews, asked around, researched various technologies, and did my due diligence. At some point I got tired of all the consultations, and pulled the trigger on LA Sight for the following reasons: 1. Email confirmations. Yes, this is actually #1 on my list because you will notice that other companies do not send you email confirmations. This differentiated LA Sight from others on a first-impression basis. 2. Quick and easy consultation times. Did not have to wait 2 weeks to get in for consultation. 3. Easy location and near my work for follow up appointments. 4. Price was fair. Not the cheapest of all my consultations, but fair and low. Price was all-in, no hidden costs. Thank you. 5. On time, short wait times. This is important as I am a very busy diva, and they respected my time. This is priceless. 6. Staff was friendly and had personality. They actually smiled and were not monotonous. 7. Staff knows how to email, text, and use the phone. Believe it or not, this is not the case for most human beings. 8. I met the surgeon at the consultation. This does not happen at all consults. 9. The place was clean and spacious. No cobwebs I could see. 10. It had good Yelp reviews. Yelp is like TMZ. It's always accurate. Then I did the surgery and that was nuts. Valium, hair net, disposable booties. It was way legit. Finally, I had a follow up appointment and I could see clearly the next morning. I drove about 100 miles the day after surgery and I didn't crash into anyone. That is a good metric. The only downside is that parking is not convenient. There is a parking lot downstairs, but you have to go to Coffee Bean and get validation by purchasing a drink. I suppose this is a downside for most places in LA and you just have to deal with it. It's a small price to pay for 20/15 vision. Oh and I got a DVD of my surgery afterward! That was a good surprise. It is like a great date-night silent movie. It's about 10 minutes long and pretty disturbing, so I don't suggest watching it unless you're nuts like me. Thanks, LA Sight! I had a good time and have referred two people -Tianne" 

1/2/2017, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA Sight totally lives up to all the amazing reviews!!!! As someone who got her first pair of glasses in kindergarten, I never thought I would or could have 20/20 vision, without glasses. Today, four days after Lasik, I have 20/20 vision and am still trying to get over not having to take my contacts out at night! Over the years, I thought about Lasik, but waited for many reasons - first the technology was too early, and then it was because my prescription was strong and I had strong astigmatism. But I found LA Sight on Yelp, read on their website that my eyesight seemed to be in the treatable range, and went in for a consultation. Every person at LA Sight, from the front desk staff, to Dave, Karen, Sepi, Dr. Tabanfor and Dr. Wallace himself, was professional, friendly, kind, great at listening, and carefully went over all the details of the procedure, and everything to expect, good and bad. The visits were as follows: consultation (one hour, included a tour of the surgery equipment), pre-op (one hour, double-check prescription), surgery day Thursday of that week, (1.5 hours, but the procedure itself takes like 10 minutes), post-op the next day, and a couple more follow-up appointments. The procedure itself was painless, but my eyes were pretty uncomfortable right afterwards, which I was warned to expect, but I napped for two hours, and already by that night, I essentially was functioning without glasses as if I had perfect vision. The next day, they confirmed I had 20/20 vision. :D I'm so excited to throw away my contact lens solution, cases, travel bottles, disposable contacts, everything!!! I know my vision could still go through changes in the future, but right now, everything is looking pretty perfect. :) I feel like the recipient of a modern-day miracle. Thank you, LA Sight!!!!! You guys are the best!!! 

12/20/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Loved my experience! It was quick and easy and they were so nice and supportive knowing that I was nervous. Dr. Wallace was so sweet talking me through the whole procedure. 3 min per eye and you're done! It was awesome. Why didn't I do this 10 years ago!!! 

12/17/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: What a great experience! Friendly staff, clean facility, very fair pricing. You're in and out in no time and I can't believe how well I see on day one! Thanks LA Sight! 

12/9/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: The best thing I could have invested in! I am extremely happy with the results. I feel like I'm looking through someone else's eyes...unreal! The staff at LA Sight are so sweet and extremely professional. The facility was clean. The procedure was fast and painless. I went in for consultation and pre-op the same day, Came in for surgery the next week! It is the day after my surgery and I couldn't be happier. It's like seeing a whole new world! (: did I mention that they are reasonably priced? Yes, this place is a dream come true. Thank you Dr. Wallace and staff, love you guys (: 

10/22/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Fantastic staff. Quick and easy process. Would get LASIK done with them again in a heartbeat. 

10/10/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Adding on to my wonderful experience here. These people are true magic!! It's been well over a year since my procedure, and more often than not, I completely forget that I ever had bad vision in the first place!! I've never had any issues post op, and I have confidence that if I ever did, I would be well remembered and welcomed to this office of miracle workers! I can't believe we live in an age where a lifetime of near-sightedness can be fixed in as little as 15 minutes. I am seriously so impressed! THANK YOU!

10/1/2016, LA Sight (5 stars): I had an amazing experience with LA Sight. Dr Wallace and his staff are all courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. I'm writing this two days after Lasik and I'm completely back to my regular routine. I have pretty become a walking advertisement for LA Sight, I could not be more satisfied. Best money I've ever spent. 

9/29/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I got my PRK done here in 2013. I have 20/20 vision and have zero side effects. The procedure was smooth and they made sure I came out with all the necessary information and caring for post operation. Staff are super nice and professional. Doctors are incredibly skilled... I can't recommend this office enough. Seriously, getting this surgery was one of the best decisions I'd made in my life..

9/28/2016, LA Sight (5 stars): Dr. Wallace and his staff are well-organized and great to deal with in every respect. I went for a cataract consult and decided he was the doc for me. He's considerate, knowledgeable, patient and willing to collaborate instead of being condescending. Whenever I had a question either he or his staff responded promptly. When he felt that I wouldn't get the result I wanted from cataract surgery combined with laser he openly discussed it with me. No high-pressure sales tactics like OAV and others. He was clear that he didn't have a lens that would do what I wanted (at any price). He focused on managing my expectations. He was right to do that under the circumstances. Turns out, my expectations could be met by using a lens he does not carry. My surgery was done elsewhere and I got the results I wanted. Dr. Wallace, get behind the Symfony lens and you will make lots of patients happy! I can use my 13" laptop between 10-16"s, watch TV at 14' and drive my car - all without glasses. One -12 Symfony lens made the difference. The next one goes in 4 weeks from now. You're a great doc that's missing the greatest thing since they invented implants! (lens implants, that is) Thank you for everything.

Note in response, also posted on Yelp: We are thankful for this review, even though this particular individual chose to have cataract surgery and lens implant care elsewhere.  I am delighted that this person is so happy with the new Symfony IOL.  We do offer this lens and in fact I have already implanted several of them as of early October '16.  The Symfony was just approved by FDA in September of '16 so is very new in the US.  There may be some advantages of this lens compared to other multifocal IOLs, but I am by nature cautious, and unwilling to sing the praises of a brand-new product with gushing enthusiasm before we know how it performs.  

9/26/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Such an amazing experience at LA sight. One day I decided I couldn't take wearing glasses anymore and then the next week I had the procedure done! The staff made everything so easy. Dr. Wallace was amazing. I was scared going into the procedure, but he kept me calm by talking to me through the whole 5 minute procedure. I know right?! Yes, it's that quick. SO happy with my new vision!

9/23/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA Sight seriously changed my life! From the beginning, the staff were very friendly and answered every question I could think of. I was really nervous about getting surgery on my eyes, but then again who wouldn't be? Dr. Wallace and his wonderful staff assured me that everything will go well. It was an amazing experience! My vision drastically changed from the moment after the surgery was complete. I have been wearing glasses for 17 years and never thought I would be able to see without them. Dr. Wallace and his staff changed my life forever. I would recommend anyone to La Sight for eye surgery.

9/22/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA SIGHT! Dr.Wallace changed my life! My vision was not good at all! Also stigmatism was an issue. Had the surgery done in 2008 and my vision is 20/20 as of my last eye check up yesterday. 9/21/2016 Can't say the surgery was painless but at a scale of 1-10 it's at a .005 lol I was in more pain on a day to day basis not being able to see. The staff at LA sight is great! I recommend everyone I know to at least go for a consultation!

9/19/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Only great things to say. The procedure itself was painless and quick. (Lasik with the blade) So much build up all for nothing. Seriously. Staff was very kind and helpful. Dr Wallace was very gentle and reassuring. I'm still recovering, but so far so good!

9/16/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Fantastic staff, quality work for a great price. I highly recommend LA SIGHT to anyone interested in LASIK.

9/16/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: The entire staff was great and my procedure was quick and painless. My sister went a few weeks back and is doing great as well.

9/9/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had my LASIK done here about 2 months ago and it was one one of the best decisions in my life! Everyone at the office was super friendly and welcoming. They had answered all my questions and explained to me how the procedure was done, gave me the aftercare instructions etc. The procedure took about 7-10 minutes, painless, I had no discomfort at all. Went home, took a long nap and woke up with perfect vision. My eyesight is 20/20 now. My last check-up was couple of weeks ago, and everything is great! I am super excited I got it done and got it done at LA Sight! I am very grateful for all the doctors and other personnel at LA Sight that made it happen.

9/5/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: This was the best experience from the very beginning to the very end. A friend of mine had her eyes done by Dr. Wallace and I scheduled an appointment to see if I was even a candidate. By coincidence, I met Dr. Devgan at work. We sat and talked about the procedure for probably 30 minutes, which helped with my comfort level. I have worn contacts since 11 and they were a part of my routine. They didn't bother me so this would be a nice to have operation, not a need to have. I went to my appointment and the office greeted me like I was an old friend. Dr. Devgan said I was coming to the office and they were all excited to see me! It turns out that I was the best kind of candidate. Karen worked with me to get me on the books very quickly and very easily. The office was very thorough in explaining every detail of the process, which is quite easy actually. The price was very reasonable. I thought it was going to be a break the bank procedure, but I worked out the math and within six years of contact and glasses wear, I would be even. The day of the surgery, my parents brought me. Dr. Wallace is so friendly and outgoing. He and everyone in the office made them feel right at home. They were so cute finding extra chairs to squeeze both of my folks into the room. They provide bowls of chocolate that my folks snacked on while watching the operation and listening with headphones. My father was fascinated with this and he keeps talking about the procedure. When I came out of the room, the entire office staff stood and gave me an applause. I felt very cared for and supported. I've never experienced this with a doctor's office before. Above and Beyond! I went home and slept. The next day, we had our post-op appointment and again, I was greeted by the entire staff with such sweetness and kindness. They were so excited for me. Literally, they said Friday is their happy day because they get to see all of the patients fixed. How refreshing to see people who care about their patients! I work in the medical field so I know how truly rare this is. Dr. Graham was sweet and very calming. He checked my eyes and they are now perfect!!! I have worn contacts since I was eleven years old. I don't remember ever having perfect eyes. This is so wonderful! I wish I did it earlier, but I am glad that I waited for Dr. Wallace and his group. So, I wanted to say a big, public thank you to Dr. Wallace and his entire staff. You guys are truly remarkable! I am so very grateful!!!! See you in a month with my eagle eyes!

9/2/2016, LA Sight- 5 stars: Don't even know where to start! From the best staff to the best experience I've ever had being in a doctors office. From my consultation to post op everyone was so kind and patient explaining every step that I had to take even though I've asked the same question a million times. Dr. Wallace and Karen did an amazing job keeping me comfortable and safe during the operation explaining everything that is about to happen in DETAIL. I'm in love with my new eye sight can't wait to see you guys again in my one month check up!

 9/2/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had my LASIK yesterday and had such a great experience with LA Sight. My prescription was -7.00 (relatively high) so I did a lot of research and 5 consultations with various doctors around LA. The staff at LA Sight reassured me that I am a great candidate for regular LASIK (using the laser for the flap) and they were right - I am already seeing 20/20 on day one.  Minor irritation but it's all part of the healing process. I am so happy I didn't listen to other doctors and opt for the more painful procedure of PRK, which is a more conservative recommendation for higher prescriptions. Yes, it is kind-of freaky to think that your eyes are going to be altered with a laser - this is what kept me from doing it the past couple of years - but the procedure really isn't that bad when it comes down to it. I was in the surgery room for maybe 10 minutes. Plus, they walk you through every step (the countdowns really helped so you know when every step is ending) and make you as comfortable as possible. I have zero regrets and would recommend LA Sight to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life by leaving glasses/contacts/prescription sunglasses/rewetting drops/etc. in the past! Thank you SO much!!

 9/2/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing experience! The staff here is very friendly and professional and all the doctors really made sure to explain everything very thoroughly and made sure all questions were answered! A wonderful group and experience!

9/2/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: What a great experience! The whole staff was very friendly and the Doctor was too while operating on me. I finally have 20/20 vision! It is very life changing and the operation was painless! Totally recommend this place for anyone who is interested in getting LASIK. 

8/28/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can't say enough about LA Sight and how wonderful they are. My mother-in-law had gone to them a few years ago for LASIK and raved about how fabulous the people and process as a whole were. From the moment that I came in for my consultation throughout the entire process, I have found everything that she told me to be true. The staff is so friendly, nice, and accommodating. They make you feel right at home and as comfortable as possible. The LASIK process itself was so easy and Dr. Wallace helped ease my nerves the entire time by communicating with me and counting down the steps so I knew exactly what was happening and for how long. They are very thorough, caring, and don't try to nickel and dime you. I felt very comfortable in their care and would recommend them to anyone. The decision to get LASIK was one of the best I have ever made and the staff at LA Sight made it better than I ever thought possible. Thank you so much!!

8/26/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Life changing! I wish I would have done it before! You can trust them. I researched a lot before deciding on LA Sight and can tell you it was the right decision. Friendly/professional staff, latest technology machines and the best price in town.

8/26/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are INCREDIBLE! I chose him at the advice of my good friend who is an eye doctor (but does not perform this procedure) and knew that he produced excellent work, aka "legit." I had LASIK yesterday and it was so easy and painless--I did the surgery with the blade and I promise you that you will not feel a thing. I had my follow-up appointment this morning and tested 20/20 and it's supposed to get even better! If you are on the fence--do it with Dr. Wallace, you will not regret it!

8/22/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I felt compelled to write a review based on the great experience I had, from start to finish, with Dr. Wallace and his team. I searched the Internet, to include Yelp for solid reviews for LASIK. LA Sight had very recent solid reviews. I also asked around the office, talking with two ladies that had the procedure done recently, both of which were 700 and 1000 higher than what Dr. Wallace advertised. So, with a bit of skepticism, I made my consultation appointment. Sepi was wonderful, responsive and patient with me, as I looked for a good date for the initial appointment, and then changed it on her a few times. The consultation was thorough and informative, with me sitting down with two doctors, a technician for my eye check, and Sepi for the final paper work. Both Dave and Dr. Wallace both were very matter of fact in saying my measurements made me a perfect candidate, and both said I didn't need the more current procedure for the incision flap part of the procedure. They said it was up to me, but I absolutely did not need the higher cost procedure. I went under the laser the eve of Christmas Eve. From start to finish, the team was wonderful. They knew my name as I walked in the next day for a quick follow up check. I cannot express enough how well I was treated and how well everything went. These are my eyes we are talking about, and no one wants to go cheap when your sight is on the line, but saving money and walking out with 20/15 vision as a young 45 year old is simply amazing. I ride a Harley, and can honestly say the clarity and crispness of sight on my bike at night without having to wear contacts is worth it. 5 stars. If I had another pair of eyes, I'd do it all over again. The best Christmas gift I have had in a long time. Keep in mind, I drove 40 miles specifically because of the reviews I read, now it's your turn. "See" you soon.

8/21/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Had the lasik surgery here and it was an awesome experience. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The doctors really take their time to answer all your questions and walk you through the entire process. They offer two methods in which to create the flap (blade vs laser) and I was all for going for the more expensive laser before heading into it but the doctor being upfront and honest told me that I didn't necessarily need to opt for the laser which is mainly needed for ppl with thinner corneas and that the cheaper blade method (mechanical) will yield the same results. In surgery, didn't feel anything and the whole surgery part lasted about 5 mins! My vision is 20/15 now. Would highly recommend this place and actually have been recommending this place to everyone I work with. I tell everyone who is hesitant to at the very least schedule a free consultation and express all your concerns. For both eyes I paid $ investment ever!

7/1/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: When I decided to get LASIK I wanted to go with an experienced doctor operating with the best equipment, and I found that with Dr. Wallace and LA Sight. What I was pleasantly surprised by was the expert staff that handles every aspect of your experience from the moment you walk in the door. Not only were they highly skilled professionals, they couldn't have been more friendly and helpful in what began as a stressful process. LA sight has created an extremely well run machine that makes you feel like you're their only patient. Thank you to all the folks at LA Sight for a painless process and my 20/20 vision!!

6/20/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: I've been anxiously waiting to write my review following my first month, post-op check-up. First and foremost, Dr. Wallace is such a pleasure and his staff is wonderful. I could not have had a more positive experience. When I first began booking consultations with different lasik centers, I quickly discovered how saturated this industry is with aggressive marketers that have only their bottom line prioritized. I had one such bad experience with Laser Eye Center (a place where 3 ppl I know went to with varying results, but all experiencing highly aggressive sales pitches). You don't get to meet the eye surgeon in these establishments, and the sales reps never give you a transparent answer on the costs. I was told I had a scar in my left iris, and therefore, had to do the most expensive package they offered - no exceptions. And after they kept dropping the price by over $2,700, I decided something was fishy and to research for a much better establishment....which brought me to LA Sight and Dr. Wallace. The 5 star reviews speak for themselves. And it's what brought me to LA Sight. Everyone from the front desk, to the technicians, to Dr. Wallace himself, were very helpful and informative, and provided a high level of customer service and professionalism at every phase of my surgery. Dr. Wallace confirmed there was NO such scar in my eye, and he was very honest about the two different procedures (traditional mechanical blade versus 100% laser) and which was best for me. Pricing is 100% transparent (no bizarre haggling/negotiating). The technicians and doctors also conferred with each other on my file, just as extra due diligence - which added an extra level of confidence to my decision to proceed with the surgery. On the day of the surgery, my excitement increasingly turned into anxiety, but the procedure was such a breeze, and everyone treated me with such genuine kindness!! I was even assisted to the parking lot, where my ride was. Everyone was amazing! (And no one passed judgement on me for single-handedly putting a major dent in the Dove chocolate provided in the waiting section...hehe.) As for the results - I am 20/20, but there is a little bit of haziness, which if very normal, especially being less than 4 weeks out from my surgery. There are a couple of things I think are worth noting for anyone seriously considering lasik. First, your vision may change throughout the day (sharp vision to hazy). I noticed that my eyesight was perfect the night of my surgery, but the next day, it was less sharp in the morning, but got better throughout the day. I also notice that if I'm reading up close on my phone for a bit, it takes my eyes a bit to adjust to looking at something in the distance (like the tv or signage). Likewise, if I'm looking at things at a distance for quite a while, my eyes may take a few minutes to adjust to reading up close. This lag in adjustment gets better and better every day, and I was told is very normal at this stage. Also, use the eyes drops as prescribed, even if your eyes do not feel dry. It helps considerably with reducing the haziness, which is a result from the dryness. I experience very minor halos, and not all the you might be lucky like me. Also, it's normal to feel irritation in the eyes, as if there is something in them, but I have luckily had almost no irritation at all. Bottom line - this was the best decision and I could not be more excited about my eyes. If you were a slave to contacts and glasses for many years like me, I promise you, it's SO worth doing lasik. 100%!!! And I highly recommend Dr. Wallace and his team at LA Sight. (I have already referred a friend!)

6/3/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: LA Sight was better than I imagined. I'd wanted to get Lasik for years, and I finally decided it was time. I was very anxious and nervous about the procedure, but the amazing staff put me at ease. Everything was done efficiently and professionally. I could see from the moment the procedure was done, and my vision was almost perfect by the next day. I would recommend LA Sight to any and all of my friends who are interested in getting Lasik. It's absolutely worth it. Thank you, LA Sight doctors and staff!

5/20/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I got my eyes done a month ago and I am definitely seeing results. I'm still not 100% due to constant dry eyes, but that's expected the first few months. The docs and staff definitely made everything super easy and there was no up selling in my service. Everybody is super nice and I always feel welcome. Thanks to the team for everything, and I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends!

5/20/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I wish I could give 6 stars ! When it comes to my eyes, I'd say my criteria for surgeons is pretty high up there. With that said.. LA sight has gone above and beyond my expectations. From their web site, I can honestly write a whole review on their site alone! to the amazing reception (So friendly and fun to talk to!) to the guys that walked me through before seeing dr Wallace. You guys made me feel so comfortable.. Your service is so appreciated! It's these things that make a practice worth going to! And then finally, the surgeon. Dr Wallace. What a great guy. The easiest word to describe my surgery would be 'seamless'. That's how easy things went. Dr Wallace thank you so much. I'm Such a happy customer! I'd like to add. I had a previous experience with another LASIK surgeon years ago that I can only describe as horrific. (See my Yelp profile for my review on them) Please make sure you choose a dr that is ethical first and foremost. And I can assure you dr Wallace is that. And that's why I hold him in such high regard. Thanks again!

5/28/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Smart, friendly experts dedicated to making sure you have a great experience. Everything went perfectly smoothly and I now have perfect vision. I have worn glasses since I was 5 and had absolutely terrible vision before. The experience was amazing and I felt no pain at any point in time. The price was very affordable and there were no hidden fees whatsoever.

5/31/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Wow...what an amazing experience getting Lasik at LA Sight. As soon as I walked in for my consultation, I felt comforted and relaxed. The staff is really incredible - I am not even sure who was my favorite. Sepi who works at the front desk was so supportive throughout the entire process. She comforted me and gave me a lot of helpful information as if she was the doctor herself. Alice was so sweet and easy to work with. The 2 of them honestly made the whole process so much easier for me. Dr. Tabanfar was amazing. She made me feel so calm and reassured me that this is really the EASIEST procedure ever. I really loved how honest she was with me - was transparent about the risks and what the recovery would be like. She is a very zen doctor. I look forward to meeting with her for my follow ups. Dr Wallace was really funny and also comforting throughout the procedure. He talks you through every step of the way. He voice is also very calming which is nice when you are so nervous. Karen, Keith, and Lucy were extremely supportive and easy to work with as well. Beyond the incredible staff, the office is clean and has a positive energy. The equipment is top notch. I visited a few doctors offices to see which would be best and thank goodness I chose LA sight. I can't recommend this place enough. It really feels like a family office. I got the procedure done a week ago and the recovery has been incredible. I still cant believe I have perfect vision. My life is changed forever thanks to LA Sight! 

4/29/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars : Uday Devgan is an AWESOME cataract doctor!! If legally blind or have a cataract he is the one to see. Rather not go into all the detail out of respect for the person who had the surgery done. But since I am the one writing this I can share what I have observed. Dr Devgan treats people as his own family!! His goal is to abide by the Golden rule!! And may GOD bless Him on judgment day for that:) Hope this helped anyone.

4/28/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was very happy with every aspect of my experience at LA Sight. The administrative staff, med. assistants, and doctors were all very kind and professional. As cliche as it sounds, I did not feel like a "customer" here. I MET THE PERSON WHO WOULD BE PERFORMING THE OPERATION THAT DAY. That is imporant, b/c at other corrective vision centers [located in West LA and DTLA], you will not meet the person performing the procedure until you are at the procedure. Also, the office layout was incredibly organized and clean, whereas at other similar offices. I decided to go with a 'full lasik' procedure, and I haven't seen this clear (20/20) since I was in 5th grade. I have used the eye-drop prescriptions provided and recovery has been amazing even though I work in construction and am exposed to lots of debris, dust, fumes, etc. I also use
Healthgrades, which is very professional and reputable, and Dr. Wallace had a very good score, so I could do my own research. That was also a defining factor, and I'm very happy I went through w/ it.

4/19/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Every single person in this office is so friendly and helpful. Patience and care were displayed from my first phone call when I was asking many questions, to the long consultation with Dr Tabanfar. I also feel that the exam was extremely thorough, and the Dr took her time explaining what she saw, and offered great options, as well as advice in other areas! I highly recommend this office! Thank you Sepi, Alice, Keith, Lucy, and Dr. Tabanfar!

4/16/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Highly recommend, they made the process very easy and were such a joy and they did an amazing job! I had LASIK done on my birthday and all the doctors sang happy birthday after the surgery. It shows how amazing the atmosphere is there. Dr. Wallace is fantastic!

4/16/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: One month review: Got all laser surgery on 3/17 at LA Sight. Everyone there is amazing, my consultations and procedure were very quick and flawless, and my sight is perfect. Cannot recommend highly enough!

4/10/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I want to start off by saying that Dr.Wallace and his lovely receptionist are the best! You can trust in the procedure and in the price at this practice. I'm so happy I came to LA Sight for my LASIK procedure to be done. I highly recommend coming here for it and any other eye related issues you may have. This has been by far the best experience with any doctor ever. Reason being, they really do care here.

4/8/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace is GREAT. I was fairly near-sited and had Lasik done a year ago and haven't had any problems since. The office staff is nice, knowledgeable, and makes the process easy from consultation to post-op. I had my Lasik done with the laser method and it wasn't painful at all, it looked like a new world the next day. DEFINITELY worth it, highly suggest LA Sight!

4/8/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Got my Lasik surgery done yesterday and couldn't be happier. I went to a couple of different places for consultations, but LA sight definitely had the most friendly staff with the latest technology. They were extremely punctual and sweet. I would recommend this place to anyone! The procedure was painless and quick and I'm extremely happy with my results. Thank you LA sight!!!!

4/8/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can't even begin to explain how incredible this experience was. First off, every staff member is extremely competent, friendly, and informative throughout the entire process. The actual surgery was 5 minutes and not the slightest bit painful! I have had a severe astigmatism in both eyes my entire life. So bad that in one eye I was 20/70 and the other eye I was 20/50. Contacts weren't even an option for me. Even with my glasses, I was only able to see 20/25 -- which is what the LA Sight team expected to be the result after my Lasik. Today is the day after my surgery and I see 20/20! They exceeded expectations and my vision is now perfect. This place is magical -- a few minutes to see perfectly for the rest of your life with an instant recovery. Lastly, their technology is the best out there and the prices are way lower than most other places I looked at. Can't recommend this place enough. Go for a free consultation and you will have no more doubts about whether or not you should do this!

4/7/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am not one to write a review, but this time i had to share my experience with those who are looking for the best eye doctor. It's not easy to just let anyone do this kind of surgery on ur eyes. There are so many scary stories we read that make us think contacts or glasses are better and safer. NO WAY!!!! Not if you choose to go to LA Sight. From the phone call to make ur consultation you are treated as if ur family and your concerns are their concerns. Staff are friendly, professional and most of all knowledgeable. Then i went for my surgery and it was amazing. Yes, i was scared, but the best part is the office setting is very calming with soft lighting, the staff is right by ur side at all times, and it felt private. You didnt really see other patients around while u were there. It felt like everyone was there just for u. The surgery was fast, no pain and i was out quickly. Dr. Wallace talked me through each step and was very sweet. You wont regret it, if u want the best then go to LA Sight.

4/4/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Update! I can see! I'm still so amazed! The day of the surgery, I was so excited and anxious, but everything was so quick and painless! They checked my eyes again, then gave me some eye drops and put me in a comfortable waiting room where I got to sit on a massage chair and chill. I've never even had the opportunity to do that in any doctor's office so that was pretty cool. In the surgery room, I thought I'd be cold but they put this huge warm comfortable blanket on you. The process was so easy! You just lay there and follow directions, half of which was just staring into a green light for 27 secs. And they gave me a stuffed bunny to hold on to! That was very nice because I was slightly nervous lol. After that, I was pretty much able to start seeing already. I even went out to dinner and happy hour later that evening and celebrated with my friends! The morning after was probably the most amazing morning I've ever had in life. I've always had terrible eye vision but that Friday morning, I opened my eyes and for the first time, I was able to see clearly with no need for glasses or contacts. It was life-changing! The follow-up that morning was also quick and simple as well. I got there at 8:45 on the dot and it literally only took 15 min. A quick check to make sure my eyes were working properly and I was done! I honestly cannot say enough about how thankful I am to everyone at LA Sight. Sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming and all this is too good to be true! Super long review, but this place is so worth it! Thank you Sepi, Dave, Dr. Graham, Dr. Wallace, and everyone else! 

4/2/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Super easy to get everything started and finished, the staff are all really nice and friendly, and the cost is way better than most places. It's been about a week since I got my lasik surgery done and I'm so happy I got it done~ at first I was thinking are they cheaper bc.....hmmm....what's the catch on why they are so much cheaper?? But no, there is no catch the place is clean and it's legit. I've been telling all my friends about this place and I'd recommend this place to anyone

4/1/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had LASIK eye surgery done yesterday and it went fabulous! My consultation was great; everyone was really kind and encouraging. I ended up booking my appointment for the surgery 2 weeks later with the help of Karen, who is so sweet and will really try to help you get the surgery in any way she can. Side note - they really make this surgery affordable; they were cheaper than anywhere else I looked and they let me do Care Credit, which was awesome. Anyways, I went in yesterday for the surgery and the office staff is THE BEST; they were so sweet, funny, and really calmed my nerves (Sepi - you rock!). The gave me Valium, which made me a little loopy, and everyone just rolled with it and made me feel right at home! During the surgery, Dr. Wallace was very calm and encouraging. He told me what he was doing every step of the way, which really kept me calm. I was in the operating room for maybe 10 minutes; it was so quick! The recovery was easy afterwards and today I went in for my follow up and I'm seeing 20/20! I would do this over and over again and only with Dr. Wallace and his staff! Thank you again to everyone that helped me in the office! I would highly recommend going to LA Sight, if you're a candidate for LASIK!

3/30/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I would highly recommend LA Sight to anyone looking to get Lasik done. I had the basic procedure this past Thursday and have enjoyed every minute of not having to wear glasses. The staff is very kind, warm and professional. I have not suffered from any of the negative side effects and the procedure is not painful at all. It took only about 8 minutes for both eyes, and your friends & family can watch the entire thing from a viewing area in the waiting room. I can now see great and am a very happy patient. Great job LA Sight!!!!!!!

3/28/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I haven't gotten my surgery so I'll have to update this on Thursday and Friday, but so far so good. Finding the place and the parking area was easy because they gave detailed directions in their confirmation e-mail. I appreciated this bc I hate looking for parking and they even suggested making a small purchase at Coffee Bean to get parking validated. Small price to pay considering parking is $3/15 min. Sepi was super friendly, on the phone and in person. She suggested filling out their forms online so I only had a couple of things to read and sign when I got there. The wait wasn't too long and they had plenty of magazines and chocolates to keep you occupied, which I loved considering I forgot to bring my book and I have a sweet tooth. Dave, Dr. Wallace, and Dr. Graham all checked my eyes out. Quick and painless. They also kept up a pretty good conversation and made me feel at ease. They made sure I was well informed on the procedure so now, instead of being nervous, I am super excited. Scheduling it was easy. They dilated my eyes the same day and I was scheduled for the surgery next month but because I was so excited, I decided to move the procedure up to this week (a week after my consultation). That was made possible by their awesome payment plan which allows me to pay the surgery off interest-free within 2 years. Considering the procedure is pretty cheap for such a high tech and complicated one, it is still affordable and doable. I definitely recommend this place and cannot wait to be able to see w/o my glasses/contacts! Update coming soon!

3/25/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: If I could give LA Sight more stars, I would. The staff is very friendly, and the doctors are very comforting throughout the whole process. Not once was I stressed or scared for the procedure. I am very grateful my new 20/20 vision and even more grateful for my awesome experience with all of the wonderful and professional people that work here. I do not normally leave reviews, but I felt that it was necessary to recognize the great work that is done at LA Sight. Should you consider corrective eye surgery, look no further than LA Sight because I can assure that they will provide you with the most pleasant experience possible. I could not be happier with the results.

3/24/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: This has been the most beautiful experience I ever had, for one of the most important experiences I've had to overcome. Today I had my Lasik Vision Correction, it was painless, and very well educated to me prior to, if was very inexpensive, and working for a hospital, I must say their care for me, was immaculate. Very friendly people. MD Wallace even remembered me by name though he was not directly handling my care at first. Sepi was the absolute very bright shining star, that rolled up her sleeves with a "by any means necessary" to get all issues minimized to complete the most important procedure of my life...What a wonderful world- Louis Armstrong....... 

2/5/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: I went in for a consultation on a Monday, and went for surgery that Thursday. I got LASIK in both eyes, I opted for the basic version, which makes an incision then uses a laser. There is a newer technology that is all laser, too, but it's a little more $. The process is pretty simple, they numb your eyeballs, then have you lie down on the table and hug a stuffed animal. You see the machine come towards you, something holds your lids open, you feel pressure (the cut), then liquid drops, then a brief moment of not seeing, and seconds of laser sound and smell of slightly burnt popcorn. The whole thing is over so fast, by the time you process it, they are already moving onto the second one. I think both eyes took less than 10 minutes total. I slept a lot that afternoon and evening, and was back to work the next day!!! The staff, including Dr. Wallace, are all VERY nice and professional. Their bedside manner and customer service made me feel at ease the entire time. I went back for my follow up, and they remembered me, and carefully checked both eyes before declaring me "perfect". Both of my eyes were so bad, I couldn't do anything without contacts/glasses for the last 22 years! Now, I have 20/15 in both eyes, no "halo" effect at night, I can finally jump in the ocean without worrying. It is incredible!  Do it, you will not regret it.

2/5/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's hard to believe that just 24 hours ago I was blind as a bat, and now here I am with perfect 20/20 vision! Being in the medical/health field, I am extra cautious about taking on any medical procedure. I did extensive research on short-term and long-term side effects, as well as studies on different LASIK technologies. In short, I will say that I am a satisfied customer! LA Sight provides blade and bladeless technology, both with great results. I opted for bladeless, all-laser with VisuMax. They also offer different pricing packages based on your needs and their prices are VERY reasonable. Don't bother paying $6000-8000 just because the doc is located in Beverly Hills and needs to pay his overhead and also for that Maserati. The office is nice and clean, staff is VERY friendly and welcoming. They discuss everything in detail with you and are happy to answer any questions. I came in for a consultation and scheduled my LASIK for one week later (yesterday). The procedure: Painless. Fast. They gave me Valium 15 minutes before to calm my nerves. I walk into the operation room and lay on a bed where the first laser procedure is done (cutting the flap) then the bed rotates to the next laser (the actual reshaping). I sat in another room and kept my eyes closed for 20 minutes for the flap to seal. I believe I fell asleep and had a dream lol. Healing process: My eyes would not stop burning and watering for hours and hours! I took Advil but the tears just kept flowing! I took a nap at home and after a few hours, felt much better. My eyes got less and less irritated as the night went on. I was able to watch tv with no glasses! 21 hours later, I came in for my post-op appointment and I have 20/20 vision. I even drove myself there! Now, I'm headed to the gym lol! I have some hemorrhaging on my right eye (see my pics) but that will go away in 4-6 weeks. The procedure is worth every freaking penny, I tell ya. I highly recommend this place. The best customer service I have ever experienced in the medical field.

2/5/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Wallace. My LASIK procedure was quick and painless and the staff is very thorough and attentive to their patient needs. My friend had an appointment scheduled a week after me with another doctor but I told her that she needs to see Dr. Wallace . Now she has changed doctors because of my positive experience.

2/3/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am not sure why I didn't do this earlier! Had a free consult on Monday, scheduled for surgery on Thursday! Quick, not scary at all. In and out- went home slept and woke up the next morning and was seeing 20/20. Super sweet staff. Professional doctor and loving the results! Highly recommend LA Sight! My husband is going in next!

1/31/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are the best at what they do. I've researched having LASIK for many years and walking into his office made me realize it was the right Doctor, right place and right time. Dr. Wallace and staff are friendly, informative and professional every step of the way. There was no need for me to be nervous about any part of the procedure as they prepped me thoroughly. For the first time in my life I see better than 20/20 and am so thankful for Dr. Wallace and his staff! 

1/27/16, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'am very pleased with the doctor and the staff, they are all very helpful. I just got my surgery and so far I am so happy.

1/22/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: True, different people have different outcomes with their LASIK, and some of that can't be helped, but the team at LA Sight know their stuff. Dr. Wallace is infinitely helpful, patient, and informed with the process, and he was more than encouraging from start to finish. Hell, I was one of the later surgeries of the day and never once felt that he wasn't completely dedicated to my care despite performing surgeries all day. The other doctors around him, the assistants, and the front office staff also make you feel right at home - truly, no one is exempt from praise. Wait times were short, attention to detail was high, the office/facilities were top-notch, and responsiveness to any concerns at all was quick. Definitely worth the price or at least a consultation. Thank you again, LA Sight!

1/22/16, LA Sight - 5 Stars: I posted the same review on Google My Business, but definitely worth repeating.. True, different people have different outcomes with their LASIK, and some of that can't be helped, but the team at LA Sight know their stuff. Dr. Wallace is infinitely helpful, patient, and informed with the process, and he was more than encouraging from start to finish. Hell, I was one of the later surgeries of the day and never felt once that he wasn't completely dedicated to my care despite performing surgeries all day. The other doctors around him, the assistants, and the front office staff also make you feel right at home - truly, no one is exempt from praise. Wait times were short, attention to detail was high, the office/facilities were top-notch, and responsiveness to any concerns at all was quick. Definitely worth the price or at least a consultation. Thank you again, LA Sight!

1/18/2016, LA Sight - 5 stars: Best decision I've ever made in my life other than divorcing my wife. Dr. Wallace and his staff are the best! I would have paid ten thousand more then the price they charged me, based on service and final results.

12/18/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had my surgery yesterday, and today I have 20/15 vision! I was very nervous, and the whole staff was very nice, calm and accommodating. Dr. Wallace is very professional and nice. I felt at ease the whole time. The surgery is so not a big deal. No pain, I honestly didn't feel anything. Just looked at lights and cuddled the stuffed animal they provide. The whole staff at LA Sight is wonderful! So nice and sweet. Sepi, Karen, Keith, Dr. Graham and Dr. Wallace are all amazing. (Didn't catch the other ladies names, but you guys are awesome also)! Getting LASIK done is the best thing I could have done for myself, and if you are debating it, DO IT! Nothing is worth more than having your vision. I am so glad I found this gem and wonderful people. Thank you guys!! 

12/1/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Let's just say I cried when I was able to see Dr. Wallace face right after the surgery. He changed my life. The best investment ever. Let me tell you the story: After researching for months, this place, by far, gave me the best consultation. Dr. Tabanfar, who did my eye exam, is amazingly sweet and patient. I had a million questions, yet she was calm to answer all of them... no joke. Karen, practice coordinator, was very positive and sweet. She went over every details and didn't rush me to make my decision. She made me feel confident to sign up for LASIK.. aka she does her job really well. I finally got to see Dr. Wallace on my surgery day. He was so happy for me and I loved his energy. During the surgery, he talked through everything that he was doing. There was a moment when everything went white and I told Dr. Wallace during the surgery. He was calm and said it's okay, so I calmed down and trusted him. When the surgery was done, I opened my eyes... I instantly had tears in my eyes, because I was able to see who was right in front of me! Staff is great. They're really sweet and positive. They respond to you asap and efficiently. Place is always clean. As I'm waiting in one of the rooms. I realize there are no dust on their desks! I love talking about my surgery experience. It was quite … adventurous. Dr. Wallace voice was soothing and made me trust his skills. Post-surgery check-ins are great too. Their service is as great as it was before surgery. It makes me feel like they really care.

11/30/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: Just got my eyes done (Lasik) by Dr. Wallace last week and I was very impressed. Prices were the best I found and they were very accommodating. Plus the staff is amazing. I actually ENJOYED going to the eye doctor, something I have never said before. My eyes are perfect 20/20 and I am questioning why it took me so long to do it before. Thanks guys!!!!!

11/20/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: I visited multiple LASIK centers and was most impressed by my conversation with Dr. Wallace. He patiently answered all of my questions about risks involved with the procedure and even described his expectations about how much of the cornea he is willing to alter, which ultimately led me to the more precise all-laser treatment. My prescription was -7.5 in both eyes, and I had 20/30 vision the day after surgery in March. Yesterday I went in for an enhancement on my weaker eye, and I now have 20/20 vision. The entire office is friendly, supportive, and sincerely enthusiastic about the new vision correction-free lives their patients get to enjoy after this 15-minute procedure. I've referred two friends to LA Sight who are equally thrilled with their results. I can't recommend Dr. Wallace and his staff highly enough.

11/13/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'd have bet my shoe collection that my first review would be shopping (or at least restaurant) related, but the honors are going to LA Sight. I had LASIK surgery there about a month ago, and as the co-worker who referred me said, it truly was 'a life-changer.' I could literally see perfectly later that day. I've worn contacts and struggled with sensitive, infection-prone eyes since age 16 (my Rx was -4.50), and though intrigued by the idea of LASIK, was still a bit freaked out to actually have it. My co-worker described in detail (& quite effectively -clearly) his experience at this office, and I found he was right about everything, from Dr. Wallace's credentials to the above-average care you'll receive from the staff. They are extremely professional, yet with a personal touch. Karen, Keith, Sepi - many thanks for caring about the comfort zone factor. Dr. Wallace was great; He has an amazing resume AND a sense of humor - always a good combo. I asked him a bunch of questions during our pre-appointment, which he was happy to answer. The actual procedure is fast, miraculous and involved only a few fleeting moments of discomfort -small price to pay for being able to see, everyday, on.your.own. I doubt LASIK will be cheap anytime soon, but LA Sight is more than reasonable compared to other places of equal credentials. I strongly recommend it for those who want to go ahead with this operation. DO IT!!!! PS - I went for my follow-up appt, and my new RX is 20/25. Uh, yes, we'll take it. Many thanks to the LA Sight staff - Keep up the stellar work.

10/29/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: This was an amazing experience; they took such good care of me. A friend highly recommended this place to me. I had -4.75 visions in both eyes and was very dependent on glasses. When I came in for my first appointment the doctors were very informative and eased all the concerns that I had. The staff was extremely helpful in working with my schedule every time I was in need of an appointment and made me feel important. After my surgery I was able to go to the movies that night after a long nap, I looked a little funny with the goggles on but I COULD SEE! My recovery time was faster than expected and I was able to work full time, 2 days after the surgery. I stare at a computer all day and was able to see perfectly with minimal side effects. Also something that was always a challenge for me was having to try to exercise with glasses or contacts on. Now that I don't have to worry about my glasses falling off or my contacts irritating my eyes, my exercise routine has changed dramatically! I am running a half marathon this weekend that I was able to train for over this summer because of this and I lost 10 pounds so far. I am forever grateful to this AMAZING Staff they have changed my life forever! Thank you!

10/25/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was there recently and I loved the doctor. But besides the doctor the secretaries were so sweet they made me feel very comfortable and they were very welcoming especially Sepi such a sweetheart. I would definitely recommend this place they look and are very professional. When it comes to your eyes don't take a risk go to this doctor.

10/15/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: My son went to see Dr. Wallace about a complicated degenerative cornea disease called Keratoconus. Dr. Wallace and his staff are absolutely the best in delivering top-notch care to patients as far as treating and correcting vision difficulties-- and also exhibiting a top-notch bedside manner. Dr. Wallace is extremely knowledgable and my son having spoken with eye doctors throughout the world was throughly impressed with Dr. Wallace's honesty, knowledge and compassion. In summation you will not find a better eye doctor than Dr. Wallace. He does not push procedures that are not needed and totally informs you of the risks and benefits. In my sons case he is going to graduate school in the UK and he will be following-up with him when he returns to the states and is helping coordinate my sons care while he will be abroad. This is a doctor that truly cares about patients and doesn't just go the extra mile he goes the entire football field. His refractive coordinator Karen is top-notch as well as his entire staff. In addition Dr. Wallace truly takes the time to listen to concerns, answer questions and treats patients like a human not like a number or a billing invoice. Great doctor, great staff-- if you care about your vision look no further!!!! 

 9/17/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars:   STOP searching for another :LASIK eye doctor. If you are looking for a doctor that is professional, friendly, and extremely talented - Dr Wallace is your person. The staff was also warm and knowledgeable. couldn't have asked for a better experience. Went to work the following day (after my followup). Thanks Dr W! 

9/15/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: BEST EYE PLACE AROUND! If you are looking to get Lasik STOP SEARCHING because LA Sight has the best staff and facility. Everyone you will work with from start to finish is super friendly, professional, funny, more than accommodating, and elite! They have the latest in technology to compliment their skilled and experienced doctors who work together to get you the best results. I worked with Dr. Wallace recently and could NOT be happier! I previously had PRK about 6 years ago so I didn't know if a Lasik touchup would be possible for me. The staff truly went above and beyond and made this happen and I could not be more grateful! You truly will not be shocked by their 5 star ratings when you get there. In fact, you will wish there was a 10 star rating you could select instead! Thank you Dr. Wallace and staff you guys rock! ***Parking can be validated at coffee bean so just buy something small or whatever and you'll get an hour parking free.

9/14/15, LA Sight - 5 stars:  I had a wonderful experience all around. Lasik took only 10 min per eye and didn't hurt one bit! The next day I had 20/15 vision. The world just looks a whole lot more beautiful now :) the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

8/27/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Seriously the most amazing advancement in medicine. There are risks, sure. But as a contact wearer for my entire life, risk always comes with good vision. So I took the risk. The staff was so friendly and helpful - I felt like I was among friends and family from the moment I walked thru the door. The procedure was quick and easy. I walked in with -5 vision and left with 20/20 !! It was a miracle and I paid a few hundred extra just in case I need a touch up, but so far everything is perfect! I'm so happy with this decision and it was so much more affordable than I expected - THANK YOU EVERYONE AT LA SIGHT xoxox 

8/19/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I wanted to wait at least a year to write my review and so glad I did. I'm a million times a happier of a person after getting my LASIK done at LA sight. I haven't had a single problem and "eye" see better than I could have ever imagined!! Life just got that much better! Staff is so helpful and accommodating. They should be an example for every medical office to follow and welcome patients with kindness. I'm super pleased and promise you will be too. Thank you LA Lasik, as I wish I had another set of eyes for you to treat! Cheers to vision!! 

8/19/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: All the staff was very attentive and full of personality. When deciding to do a surgery as important as LASIK a few things have to be in line. One. The technology has to be the best. Two the doctor has to be skilled both in the surgery and in communicating with you so you understand completely . And 3 affordability. This office surpassed all plus what really earned my respect was the professionalism and humility of the entire office. This place works as a team. Thank you to all of you equally. 

8/17/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am so delighted with my new vision (20/20) and the professional environment surrounding the experience. From the moment I called LA Sight (for a second opinion based on a recommendation from a friend), I was impressed. The staff is knowledgable, kind, honest, and efficient. I had done a lot of research on the subject and on Dr. Wallace, and I am happy to say - it is all true! He really is the best here in LA. His work speaks for himself. However, despite his brilliance as a surgeon, he has surrounded himself with excellent staff members. I must also say, I am a RN, thus a tough critic!  

8/12/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: After years of considering Lasik I finally decided to check out LA Sight since it's near my work and the reviews were great. Had the procedure done within a month of my visit. Dr. Wallace and his team are top of the line - extremely professional, great bedside manner, and above all I could not be happier with the results. I am so happy I chose them. The experience from start to finish was the best I could hope for. The price is great, wonderful caring staff, and best of all my vision is perfect! Highly recommend. 

8/12/215, LA Sight - 5 stars: This is my second time getting LASIK since I needed a correction after 12 years. Dr. Wallace and his team are professional and friendly and efficient. They listened to me and answered all my questions. My vision was perfect after a day and a few months later I couldn't be happier, even the halos I had originally have almost disappeared at night which is so nice when driving! Great experience and already recommended 2 of my friends. Thanks! 

8/10/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff were extremely professional and courteous from beginning to end. I had no reservations whatsoever regarding the procedure, because they explained each step of the process thoroughly and answered any questions that I had. Their rates are comparable to others out there, and for the 5 star service that you receive, it was well worth it. The surgery itself was a success, and I was able to see almost 20/20 immediately after the surgery. It's been 4 days, and my vision has improved each day. The only suggestion that I would give for potential patients is to find street parking. Avoid the garage or lots, because it's about $20 for a little over an hour unless you get your parking validated at the Coffee Bean.

8/7/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I just had LASIK yesterday with Dr Wallace. I am so happy I went ahead and did this. My whole experience from start to finish was perfect. Dr Wallace is so nice and so kind, you feel totally at ease with him and it's easy to tell he knows what he's doing. His manner is calm, professional, wonderfully friendly and confident. I equally loved all the other doctors and staff here including the techs and the front desk staff and everyone else you come into contact with. It's simple, there's very little waiting when you go to the office and everyone looks after you, constantly checking to make sure your ok and asking if you need anything or have questions. I called the office once to ask a question and it was quickly answered without hold or delay. The surgery itself was way easier than I expected, I was kind of sleepy from the pill they give you pre op but I'm pretty sure it took about 2 minutes per eye with no pain or weirdness that I can recall. I went home feeling fine, just sleepy, woke up today feeling great and cannot believe how well I can see. Went in for the required next day post op check up and was met with all the smiling staff from yesterday who once again made me feel so welcome. All my results are perfect! My vision is amazing and I feel great. I 100% recommend Dr Wallace and his amazing team of people to anyone thinking of doing LASIK. The price and service here is perfect. I'm trying to make all my contact wearing friends go. 

7/31/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Hard not to give a 5-star here. My only critique of the whole experience is the costly nature of the procedure, which would likely have been comparable or even more expensive elsewhere. Otherwise - the service provided, comfort of the entire experience, competence of the staff, cleanliness of the facilities... etc, etc, was all top notch. It is a somewhat risky procedure, and I do consider myself somewhat lucky that my vision was corrected perfectly (and I never have to wear glasses again! woO!! (at least until I need reading glasses)) -- but they were very clear about the risks and how they would handle any future corrections if the surgery didn't end perfectly. Most common questions after the fact from friends: Can you go blind if something goes wrong? Not really...Were you awake for the surgery? Absolutely (but on valium) Did it hurt? Not at all. I'd recommend the procedure and LA Sight to do it for anyone interested. 

7/18/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Any doctors office gives me a huge amount of anxiety...but my experience at LA Sight was pleasant, smooth, and very efficient. All of the staff was very friendly and the procedure leading up to the surgery was thorough. If you are considering getting LASIK, do not hesitate to get it done with Dr. Wallace and his staff. Best decision ever!

7/18/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I recently came here and got my eyes done! Previously, my optometrist was egging me on to get daily disposable contacts. Even with vision insurance, that was gonna cost me $700 a year! NO MORE TO THAT!! All of the staff here was professional and up front about the procedures they offer and the pricing. I had gone to another place to compare and this place had it all. The procedure didn't take more than 10 minutes and there's great communication throughout the whole thing. They're pros! I'm recommending everyone to come here.

7/17/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Excellent customer service and very friendly! Went to a few places for a consultation and felt the most comfortable with LA Sight. Dr. Wallace was very open about the way the procedure would work and the two different types of procedures available (all laser vs, blade). I
opted for the blade surgery as it was a bit cheaper than the pure laser surgery. In terms of pricing, they were much more affordable than other places I looked at. The surgery itself went off very well. I was put at ease by everyone in the office and had a checkup the following day. I went from a -1.25 prescription to 20/15 vision. With my cost I get one year of check ups and a free correction if needed. So happy with the way the surgery went and the outcome. Highly recommend LA Sight to anyone looking to get LASIK!

7/17/215, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'm a new woman! I just had my Lasik yesterday and I can see better than 20/20! Thank you, LA Sight, for helping to calm my fears and put me at ease through this entire process! 

7/11/15, LA Sight  - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace performed an excellent job on my eyes. I had a -7.6 in

my left eye and an astigmatism in my right eye. I was able to see perfectly in my left eye immediately
after the procedure; my right eye was just a tad blurry due to the astigmatism, so I opted for an
additional procedure. Just paid an additional fee, and now I have 20/20 vision. I was very nervous in the beginning, but Dr. Wallace and staff helped me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. In addition, the procedure was painless and took under five minutes per eye. I still can't believe I no longer need those uncomfortable contact lenses and glasses, which I wore for 25+ years. Thank you Dr. Wallace and staff!

Yelp & Google, 7/10/2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: The results speak for themselves. I went from a -6.00 power contacts (approx. 20/500) to 20/20 vision in less than 24 hours. What more can you ask for? Dr. Wallace and his staff are exceptionally friendly and professional (thank you Sepi!). I really appreciated Dr. Wallace's candor in explaining the pros and cons of the all-laser vs. blade procedure and did not feel pressured to choose one or the other. I ultimately chose to go with all-laser as the procedure is slightly more precise and less invasive. I experienced no pain, no discomfort, and literally woke up the next morning with perfect vision. Thank you Dr. Wallace and team!!!

Yelp & Google, June 2015, LA Sight - 5 stars: Absolutely amazing! My sight is perfect post-LASIK (and it really was not painful* or frightening... *I did opt for the laser cut flap, and I hear that makes it even more likely to be pain-free). Dr. Wallace and his whole team are EXCELLENT-- professional, highly skilled, and pleasant. They exceeded all my expectations. I had worn hard lenses for 24 years and had a very high prescription (-8.50). Before looking into LASIK, one of my concerns was that a LASIK office would be more concerned with making money and pushing surgery, while not being cautious about if it was really a safe option for my eyes. I found just the opposite with LA Sight. They were very thorough, and even cautious, about when and if my eyes were ready for LASIK. They were fantastic. I honestly felt their genuine excitement for me when it came time for me to get LASIK. The surgery went flawlessly, painlessly, and my vision is perfect (no halos, or any other side effect.. and I am very picky). I can honestly say I am over-the-moon about my experience with LA Sight and LASIK.  *I was also impressed that they use the top of the line and most up-to-date machines. That was a comfort. Pricing was also excellent.

6/20/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had an incredible experience here and highly recommend it. The
whole process was quick and simple thanks to the friendliest staff ever.

5/31/15, LA Sight 5 stars: as told to me...painless and quick recovery and now have 20-20 vision..the only problem is that my up close vision has become worse and I need reading glasses to read labels on items at the store...but for driving it's been great...and everyone at the office is very nice and helpful with taking you through the whole procedure... 

5/29/15, LA Sight 5 stars: Everything they say about LASIK is true. The procedure itself is so easy you'll be shocked. But only when you experience it yourself can you truly appreciate its impact. Worries about finding my glasses, limitations on my outdoor activities, keeping my kids at a distance for fear of getting glasses-smashed - all gone. My vision is perfect now. Period. Everything they say about Dr Wallace is true. The experience with him and his staff was incredible from before I even set foot in the place. Everyone was friendly, capable, knowledgable, and supportive. They answer all the questions you have. You feel you are making the absolute right choice for you. As a physician myself, I appreciate that above all. Just do it.  

5/1/15, LA Sight 5 stars: This is a very belated review. I went under the proverbial knife back in the Fall of 2013, so the time allows for an honest review of both the procedure and LA Sight. I'm a stickler but I truly can't say a bad thing about Dr. Wallace and his staff. I researched quite a few places, a few that were drastically more expensive than Dr. Wallace. Now, let's be honest, we're not talking about swinging by an optometrist do pick out some new specs--these are your eyeballs. Most people only get a pair of these, so if shit goes wrong, the fear is that it can go REALLY go wrong. That said, Dr Wallace's price, coupled with research and some affirmation from friends that had gone to him previously, allowed for a comfortable decision. I recall that his staff was very understanding about my choice to take some time to decide, research other places etc. Dr. Wallace himself encouraged lots of questions. When the time came to commit, they were efficient in setting up my appointment as well as working around my schedule. The day of was pretty amusing. You definitely need a ride there and back. I'd never had valium and whatever else they gave me, so the whole process prior to going under that rather large contraption was...uninhibiting to say the least. The process itself isn't CLOCKWORK ORANGE-intrusive, but it is a tad uncomfortable. I think they say it takes 15 minutes, but I recall it being quicker. Once you get out from under it, while my sight was comparable to looking through the bottom of a cola bottle, I had patches of total clarity, something i hadn't experienced in 20+ years. Had I not been so high, I might have started crying. They give you a bunch of stuff for dry-eye (for the love of god, use that stuff religiously--it allows your eyes to heal and operate properly). I recall being completed zonked on the ride home, to the point that I apparently stood outside my place for a solid 5 minutes just staring at a tree before someone had to walk me in and to my to bed. Thanks, valium. I'd say by that evening and the next day, I was seeing pretty clearly, just slight halos around lights at night. I had two followups over the course of 6 months and in both cases, all was well. Using the drops kept me from having any major dry-eye issues. It's been a year and a half since I had my procedure and I could not be happier. I recommend Lasik and Dr Wallace specifically, to a ton of people. I have heard that a f/u procedure can happen down the road, and while I hope my eyeballs can go without, it's comforting knowing that the process is pretty safe. 

4/24/15, LA Sight, 5 stars: I had lasik done about three weeks ago by Dr. Wallace. It has been the best experience from the fair price, great staff, and amazing results. I have never had better vision. Dr. Wallace and his staff are very professional and made the entire process easy. I highly recommend this office for anyone considering lasik or another eye procedure. Thank you Dr. Wallace! 

4/23/15, LA Sight, 5 stars: I just got my LASIK done yesterday and I woke up today feeling great, painless, and according to my post op today, I can see 20/15! Better than I had hoped for. The surgery itself was a little scary but painless, however, afterwards I experienced light sensitivity and a stinging sensation but was able to alleviate it with some aspirin and sleep. Totally worth it though! The team is absolutely amazing. They're very nice and answered all my questions throughly. Super professional and would recommend them to anyone. I want to become a pilot and now I can without worrying about my vision. Thank you! 

4/23/15, LA Sight 5 stars: I am beyond happy with my experience at LA Sight! I had LASIK yesterday, and I can see perfectly today- it's a whole new life! The doctors and staff are all wonderful. Everything was explained to me in detail, from the procedure to financing to aftercare. Even the actual process the day of was relaxing, if you can believe it- and I HATE things in my eyes! I especially loved the special relaxation room you sit before the procedure, with a massage and heat chair, a fountain, etc. Little things, like a stuffed animal to hold onto while they do their thing, or the fact that my fiance could watch through the glass as well as listen to everyone in the room with headphones, made it all incredibly enjoyable. I can't recommend this place enough! Don't wait one more day! I called to make an appointment and was had perfect 20/20 vision less than 2 weeks later! 

4/16/15, LA Sight 5 stars: This place deserves all of the stars in the sky! Probably the best doctors office experience I've ever had. Dr. Wallace and his staff run truly the kindest and most professional office I've seen in LA. I just had lasik and it was completely painless and the results are amazing! I'm going to recommend this place to everyone I know. Worth every penny!! 

4/14/15, LA Sight 5 stars: LA Sight LASIK surgery was by far the best experience/best spent money EVER!! The staff as a whole is welcoming, warm, knowledgable and helpful (especially Dr. Wallace and Sepi!). From the moment I walked in for a consultation till the moment I left after surgery and even all of my follow-up appointments - all operations were run, clean, professionally and they all made me seem extremely comfortable. Never did I think I could be so chill with someone putting a blade to me eye! This was the best experience! I now have better than 20/20 vision and had absolutely ZERO pain before, during or after the procedure - just overall a highly recommended place to go for your vision needs :) 

3/27/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Like a lot of people, especially for me, there was a fear that surrounded this procedure. For some reason, the mere concept of Laser eye surgery brought to my mind just about everything that it really wasn't, conjuring up this scary, invasive and risky procedure where if you move slightly- that's it! You're blind. Absolutely nothing could be farther from the truth. It was so easy. So not a big deal but with wonderful and immediate results. I am so thrilled! Dr. Wallace and his staff are truly as good as it gets, and I really hope that if you're reading this right now and are hesitant because like me, you're kind of afraid of the concept of Laser Surgery- let me assure you that the experience was so safe and so easy I literally beg you to free yourself from glasses and contacts. You don't need those anymore! No really, you don't! Dr Wallace will fix that in about 5-10 minutes. You will not be sorry- you will only be left asking yourself why you didn't do this earlier. I see better now than when I was born! In the consultation, Dr Wallace sat down with me and went over what was necessary, how the procedure is done, addressed my concerns so you really get a lot of connection to what is really important to you. Dr Wallace and staff are awesome! Go see them, they will help you.  

3/20/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Truly exceptional experience and I would recommend anyone to come here. I was referred by a mutual friend of Dave, but Dr. Wallace and his whole staff was wonderful and a pleasure to deal with. They answered all my questions and kept the process very easy. I had about -5.00 in both eyes and high astigmatism. My procedure went flawlessly and quick. VERY little discomfort and no pain. The pricing was VERY competitive, if not the cheapest I've been quoted for all-laser lasik, for the knowledge and experience of Dr. Wallace and his staff. I wore glasses and contacts for 20+ years. Contacts always gave me discomfort since of my high prescription and astigmatism. I'm writing this the day after surgery, my eyes feel great! Funny thing is my eyes don't feel as dry as when wearing glasses 

3/17/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was referred to Dr. Wallace by a friend after I had went to another LASIK office that said they were unable to perform my eye surgery. Dr. Wallace performed a second diagnosis and two months later I had laser eye surgery and can see without my glasses. The whole procedure took maybe 35 min and was painless. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

3/9/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: What can I say? You really have to see as clearly as I do now with your own eyes. If you've been putting it off or contemplating going through it, don't. Getting LASIK at LA Sight was by far the best decision I've made for my health in years. I'm setup; No more reaching for my glasses first thing in the morning. No more dry irritation at the end of a long day wearing contacts. The results are instantaneously noticeable and the only thing i regret is the same sentiment shared here by others- I wish I had done it sooner. The staff at LA Sight was fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone. Go get your eyes right! Your future self with thank you. 

2/28/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was recommended by multiple coworkers, all Air Traffic Controllers, who rely on their vision to keep their jobs. Staff was great, price was great, and 20/20 vision is a dream come true. I wish I had done this years ago... and I will recommend everybody I know to come here.

 2/27/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: If I could triple the stars I would. What an amazing experience I received from the entire staff at LA Sight. I've been wearing glasses and contacts almost my entire life with a very strong prescription, I never ever thought I'd ever be able to wake up & just... see. Today, I did just that. It's like a miracle. The staff made the process so quick and painless, you truly feel like they're excited for you! If you're remotely even thinking about getting lasik all I can say is DO IT! Truly the best decision I have ever made for myself. Not an ounce of pain or discomfort, and I have a very low threshold for pain. Getting your teeth cleaned is more uncomfortable than getting this procedure! I'm certain that there is not a better place to get this procedure done. From beginning to end, seamless.

 2/20/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Getting LASIK at LA Sight was a great, life-changing experience that was even easier than I expected. Office staff were all very friendly, genuine, and informative. The surgery is not exactly painless (I'd compare it to getting your teeth cleaned by an overly eager hygienist) which is nothing when you consider the results. Plus it's super short and by the next morning I had 20/15 vision, making the whole process surprisingly smooth. Thanks Dr. Wallace and LA Sight!

 2/15/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's only been a few days since my surgery it feels surreal without glasses or contacts. For 15 years since I was 7 I have had glasses so I have no memory whatsoever without glasses. It is a huge first for me. Dr. Wallace did a brilliant job. During the procedure he spoke to me in calm voices telling me it was going to be okay and he counted down, seeing as how anxious I was. He explained every step of the procedure. I have to admit it was a tiny bit painful but maybe because I have low pain threshold, but completely worth the pain. Best decision of my life and best birthday gift ever. Best price as well! $2300 for both eyes. Recommend completely. Even the rest of the staff is super friendly. Plus I get a DVD of my surgery (I'm curious to see it from third person POV) no extra cost.

 2/13/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr David Wallace and his amazing staff took better care of me than I have ever experienced ever! The procedure took all of 20 seconds and I and I truly believe that I didn't even need the valium after it was done, that same day I was able to see better than I was and I were corrective lenses, and I'm on day two now and apparently have 20 10 vision. I would recommend la sight and dr. David Wallace to anyone interested in laser surgery. The staff was warm and inviting, and the monkey plush was a wonderful disarmament of my fears. Thanks to all the wonderful staff, and I can't wait to SEE you again!

 2/6/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his entire team were great! Everyone is welcoming and puts you at ease. The surgery is quick and painless, in and out with zero hiccups! Definitely recommend! 

1/23/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: I had been considering Lasik for a while, and was very close to having it done 8 years ago. When I finally had enough of ever-increasing costs of contact lenses (and still not being comfortable), I heard of Dr. Wallace and LA Sight through coworkers who had a great experience with him and his staff. Let's face it, it's very odd to "shop" for an eye do you know who to go to and trust your vision to? I had my consultation on a Monday and everything went well. The staff and Dr. Wallace never made me feel rushed, they answered all my questions, and I was ready to take the leap. I set up my appointment for Thursday of the same week. I had all-laser Lasik. I felt absolutely no discomfort during the procedure and Dr. Wallace talked me through what he was doing the entire time. In no time, I was done! I went in for my follow up today (the day after the procedure) and my vision is 20/20! I couldn't be happier with the results!

1/20/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: My cousin had recommended this location after he had a great experience with his own LASIK procedure so I decided to check it out. Honestly one of the best decisions I made. They offer free consultation to check if you are eligible for the procedure. From the very beginning they have been nothing but great. Dr. Wallace and the rest of the team are all so kind. Because I was very bad vision they had recommended I do the all-laser procedure as compared to the regular procedure. It would cost a little extra, but it's still worth it! I went into my operation not nervous at all because they reassured me that it would be pain free the whole time. And it was! It's been about a week since my procedure and so far so good~ Most definitely recommend scheduling an appointment with them. The procedure is affordable and everybody is so nice.

1/15/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Hi, my name is Victor, I went to correct my vision with Dr. Wallace, because I wasn't able to pass my vision test in DMV and Dr. Wallace staff check my vision and it was 20/200, in my right eye, as you see I was almost blind from my right eye, and Dr.Wallace make a laser surgery in my eye in next day morning was 20/25, it's a big change from before and I think Dr. Wallace was an spectacular eye specialist for me he change my life, all I can say is thanks Dr. David Wallace and thanks to all your staff every person working there is very nice and professional I highly recommend LA SIGHT for your Lasik surgery and is painless and fair price, Good bless Dr. Wallace and every person in your staff they are the best.

1/12/15, LA Sight - 5 stars: Cant speak highly enough of my experience with LA sight. Walked in one day and felt comfortable enough to schedule surgery fewer than 2 weeks later. It was a great decision. I experienced no pain during the ~10min operation, just woke up the next day after sleeping it off with slightly better than 20/20. I thought the price point was perfect and even post-op services have been great. Definitely recommend.

December, '14,  Yelp, LA Sight - 5 stars: I felt compelled to write a review based on the great experience I had, from start to finish, with Dr. Wallace and his team. I searched the Internet, to include Yelp for solid reviews for LASIK. LA Sight had recent solid reviews. I also asked around the office, talking with two ladies that had the procedure done recently, both of which were 700 and 1000 higher than what Dr. Wallace advertised. So, with a bit of skepticism, I made my consultation appointment. Sepi was wonderful, responsive and patient with me as I looked for a good date for the initial appointment, and then changed it on her a few times. The consultation was thorough and informative, with me sitting down with two doctors a technician for my eye check and Sepi for the final paper work. Both Dave and Dr. Wallace both were very matter of fact in saying my measurements made me a perfect candidate and both said I didn't need the more current procedure for the incision flap part. The said it was up to me, but I absolutely did not need the higher cost procedure. I went under the laser the eve of Christmas Eve. From start to finish, the team was wonderful. They knew my name as I walked in the next day for a quick follow up check. I cannot express enough how well I was treated and how well everything went. These are my eyes we are talking about, and no one wants to go cheap when your sight is on the line, but saving money and walking out with 20/15 vision as a young 45 year old is simply amazing. I ride a Harley, and can honestly say the clarity and crispness of sight on my bike at night without having to wear contacts is worth it. 5 stars. If I had another pair of eyes, I'd do it all over again. The best Christmas gift I have had in a long time. Keep in mind, I drove 40 miles specifIcally because of the reviews I read, now it's your turn. "See" you soon.

December, '14, Yelp, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff at LA Sight are extremely kind and welcoming. Dr. Wallace is an expert at what he does and I couldn't be happier (It's been three months post op for me). The surgery price is very much affordable unlike other places that want to charge you an arm and a leg. The surgery itself is quick (under ten minutes for both eyes) and the recovery time is easy as well (They send you home with goggles to wear for that first night). I had a post op appointment the following day after my surgery and was excited to know that I have perfect vision! This is hands down the BEST place to come if you are seeking this surgery. His reviews are EXCELLENT for a great reason. The staff are so caring and welcoming, his office is clean and comfortable, and most importantly he is a doctor you can trust with one of the important parts of your body - your eyes!

December, '14, Yelp, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can't believe I waited 20 years to do this. If you wear glasses, you need to do this. I searched for a very long time to find the right place to do LASIK and this was the spot. Dr. Wallace is super cool and an artist with his hands. His whole staff is super awesome and super friendly. I had surgery exactly 24 hours prior to this post and I am 20/20 and back working. No pain, no headaches, nothing. Awesome job!!! Nothing like waking up in the AM and seeing the world without glasses. This will change your life. Don't wait another day. Thanks Doc!!!! 

11/17/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have to say when looking for a place to have this procedure done it can be nerve wracking putting yourself in someone else's hands! I'm SO glad I chose correctly! They were so helpful, I mean pretty much held my hand through the process. Dr. Wallace, Sepi and the team did everything to make me as comfortable as possible. Even had a blanket and a teddy bear through the surgery! I cannot say enough about how incredibly worth it it was. I've been unable to wear contacts and have been stuck with glasses for the last 5 years. It's funny as I actually want to write this review the day after but was informed I couldn't use a computer. I would recommend this to anyone looking to go through this process. It's insane how amazing it went!

11/4/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: It's been over a month since my surgery and I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace and his team. 

 10/19/14, LA Sight  - 5 stars: I had LASIK done by Dr. Wallace Jan 2013 and my sight is still great. My bro in law had his done by Dr. Wallace too. Dr. Wallace did a great job and he is very personable. His office staff is fantastic. I am asked by so many people if I would do this again. I always say "Without a doubt, I would do this again in a heartbeat!". I would not go anywhere else.

10/18/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I asked myself as I wake up this morning able to see without either putting on my contacts or wearing glasses, "What the hell took me so long to do this procedure?" This was one of the best decisions I ever made, I just wish I did this much sooner in my life. I've been using glasses and different type of lenses for almost 28 years now. It all started when I was in mid school when I noticed that I could no longer see what was written on chalkboard from back of the classroom. My vision was so bad I had to sit all the way in the front and sometimes that wasn't even close enough. I was prescribed my first pair of glasses and hard toric lenses to correct my vision and astigmatism. I complained so much about the discomfort of these lenses I used glasses most of the time. As the years went on I went on to wearing gas permeable lenses and finally to soft contact lenses. So, here I am, 40 years old, and ready to give this a shot while I'm still young enough to get some good mileage out of good vision. I live a very active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors. During my last eye visit with my optometrist he recommended that I would be a great candidate for Lasik so I gave it a shot. I came in to my scheduled appt. at L.A. Sight on a Tuesday for a free consultation where Dr. Wallace's team associates did vision testing and questioning. Two hours later, being a good candidate for Lasik, I was scheduled to come in Thursday for the Lasik procedure. You heard me right, "Two Day ", of which I could only wear my glasses only. A great staff and modern technology is what has made this procedure not only safe but also very accurate and precise. Don't get me wrong, I was bit terrified at first but the procedure itself only took about 20 minutes and it didn't hurt at all. I came in the next day for a follow up and tested 20/25 vision. So what took me so long? I was so use to wearing contacts lenses as part of my daily life, I ignored that there were options available in today's market. I just want to thank Dr. Wallace and his team associates for giving my vision a second chance in life ;) The ability to read, drive at night, swim, ride my motorcycle, and wake up in the middle of the night without vision aids.

10/16/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are fantastic, I couldn't be happier with my experience. They provide a free consultation where they do an evaluation and discuss with you whether lasik is a good option for you. They give you all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. The procedure itself was easy and painless. It only took about 5 minutes to complete and you can already tell that your vision is improved. You only need about 12 hours of downtime before you can return to normal activities. I would highly recommend to Dr. Wallace and his staff to anyone considering Lasik. The experience was terrific and at a fantastic price that is far lower than other comparable options.

10/14/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have absolutely no words to express how happy and grateful I am with my experience with Dr. Wallace and his wonderful staff. Its been a little over a week since my lasik procedure and I can confidently say I am an extremely satisfied patient. I have had no weird side effects, except maybe some halo-ing in the evening. But even that has been getting better after each day. The first few days I would wake up in the middle of the night with very dry eyes but that also has gotten a lot better. I need to keep reminding myself to use eye drops. I have had bad vision since the age of 8 and every morning when I wake up, I am in complete awe that I am able to see so clearly. It really is amazing what technology (and good doctors) can do. And for a flat fee of $2300! (There are no added fees.) I first went in for my free consultation back in June of this year. I have been wearing ortho-k therapy contact lenses for a very long time (overnight corrective contact lenses) and I knew before walking into Dr. Wallace's office that my eyes would need a little bit more time to adjust back to its normal state. It took about 3 months for my eyes to adjust back to normal and during these 3 months, Dr. Wallace invested in my eyes by providing soft lenses and monthly check ups. Most of my visits were with Dr. Tabanfar, who is amazing! She is so knowledgable and kind. Also because it took my eyes three months, I also had more interaction with the rest of Dr. Wallace's team - Dave, Sepi, Lucy (I think that's her name), and Karen. The team is very professional. Everyone is so sweet and so willing to answer any questions you have. The environment at the office is so fun and funny. It really comforted me on the day of my surgery when I was freaking out. The entire process went smoothly and I feel good about recommending Dr. Wallace to anyone who ever wants to have the lasik surgery done. Thank you Dr. Wallace and team for restoring my vision!! Its changed my life and I am so grateful.

10/10/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I just had a free consultation at this place and it went extremely well! The people are friendly and want to support you in making the best decision for you. There is no pressure at all! I've written many reviews, but not many five star reviews, I would give this business a five star review hands-down. If you want to get LASIK surgery for your eyes I would not hesitate in choosing this place.

10/6/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are wonderful. After deciding that I wanted to get Lasik, I got referrals and sought out 3 opinions. Dr. Wallace blew the others away. He never pushed me to get Lasik -- he told me in our first meeting that I could continue with a better pair of contacts instead of Lasik if I wasn't sure. He also has a high attention to detail, and took photos of the GPC I was suffering from (none of the other doctors even checked). He prescribed me drops and we had a follow-up 3 weeks later to ensure my eyes were healthy and could be treated with Lasik. On the technology side, his office was the only one I saw where you would not have to get up between the flap being cut and the sculpting on the eye -- you stay on the bed and it rotates between the two machines. He also had top-quality lasers. Overall, the technology, his passion for ophthalmology, the friendly staff, and all of their great bedside manner made them my choice for Lasik. I was able to see after surgery, and was back at work the following day with 20/20 vision. On top of this, his rates are very competitive. I highly recommend! 

9/16/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: More than a month has past and my eye sight is perfect! No pain, no particular dryness, and I have 20/15 both eyes!  

8/17/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I cant say a single negative thing about this place. The staff is friendly: Karen and Matt are awesome, of course Dr Wallace is amazing as well. I had my eye surgery, my eyes are now perfect, and I don't have any negative side effects whatsoever. It is hands down the best place to go, and totally affordable here. I should have done this years ago!!

8/11/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing... Truly, Dr Wallace and his staff are some of the nicest, most professional people you could ever have work on you! Dr Wallace has this infectious smile that rarely leaves his face and his staff follow suit! I cannot say enough about Dr Wallace and LA Sight!

8/9/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: What a great experience! Friendly staff, almost no waiting time, professional surgeon, clean office, reasonable price, and great results! First making an appointment was a breeze. You can simply do it online and confirm it with a simple click by email. Then the office is very clean in nice building, the parking is not the best but I always found free street parking. (Fridays before noon is complicated because of street cleaning). Then the staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The waiting time is very reasonable for a doctor office (never longer than 10-15min for my first free appointment, and I was checked almost instantly the day of the surgery, and the follow up appointment). The free consultation was thorough and friendly. Have someone drive you though because they put a product in your eyes that dilates your pupils so your eyes are extremely sensitive to light, even with sunglasses and a hat I couldn't keep my eyes open for more than 30 second outside. The day of the surgery, a week later, I arrived on time and was taking care of immediately. You can see the other patient getting his surgery done which is kind of scary but it actually looks more painful tab it is. They check my eyes again briefly and have me a sedative that made me groggy and tired, and made me wait 15min in a "relax" room. Then for the surgery, they have me a teddy bear to hold and a cover. The surgery was fast (less than a minute for each eye I think) and relatively painless (you feel a strong pressure for about 5 seconds). They gave me an eye protective mask that i kept until the next morning (i went to the restaurant with it on haha). Right after the surgery I felt asleep for an hour but I had no pain. When I opened my eyes after sleeping for an hour they wear kind of stuck a little, and sensitive to the touch which is why you have a mask on. I was able to go eat out and watch a movie the same night, and best of all didn't need my glasses to watch the movie only a few hours after the surgery! 2 days have past and aside from sensitivity to the touch (very slight though) I need had any pain or any inconvenience! I put the eye drops in regularly and I can see from far!

8/6/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'm going to cut to the chase here - this is one of the easiest medical procedures you'll ever undergo, and words can't adequately describe how spectacular the results are. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention up front how phenomenally helpful, caring, pleasant, and professional Doctor Wallace and his staff are. I had a mild astigmatism that I wore glasses to correct. It was mild enough that without, I wouldn't be completely debilitated, but seeing would be uncomfortable, and reading anything more than a few feet away would be impossible. I had long debated whether the cost of LASIK - even at LA Sight's incredibly low cost - was worth making such a relatively minor correction, and ultimately, my only regret is that I waited so long, and wasted so much money on glasses before I went in to LA Sight.

8/1/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. David Wallace and his staff were great from start to finish. Let me start by saying that my husband had 20/15 vision the day after getting Lasik. The initial call to the office was informative. During the consultation, Dr, Wallace answered all of our questions and not once did we feel rushed. My husband has been wearing glasses and contacts for 19 years. His vision before was -4.25 in both eyes. He did extensive research on several other Lasik Eye Centers in the LA area and decided that LA Sight was the best fit for him. The day of the surgery we arrived early and the assistant (Sepi) immediately put my husband in a relaxing room, he was very comfortable before the procedure. The procedure itself was quick and painless. Family members can watch from the waiting room. I really appreciated the comfort Dr. Wallace provided me while I was watching my husband get Lasik. The next day for the post op my husband was very pleased with the results, hardly any discomfort or pain. He suffers from dry eyes and Dr. Wallace listened and put in a punctal plug to help with the dryness. He cares about his patients and his attentiveness definitely stands out. The staff was very professional and welcoming. So glad that we did business with LA Sight. Thank you to Dr. Wallace and his staff for taking good care of my husband.

7/22/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: The BEST money I've ever spent! I love Dr. Wallace and the staff. They're so helpful and super nice. My eyes were so bad: it was -10 in my left eye, and -8 in my right eye. I couldn't see anything at all without glasses/contacts. The surgery was quick, and it took less than 3 days to completely heal. I don't feel pain or itchiness. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace to anyone who is seriously considering LASIK =).

7/18/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Thanks Dr. Wallace, Sepi, Dave, Karen & Lucy for a great experience! The office is professional and extremely friendly. I needed to get LASIK done immediately. I called for a consultation on Tuesday, had the consultation on Wednesday, the surgery on Thursday, and the follow-up on Friday. After a lifetime of glasses, I'm seeing 20/15. If you think LASIK is right for you, this is the place do to it!

7/10/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Amazing! From the second I walked into the office I could tell it was going to be a great experience. The office was very nice, the front desk was extremely friendly and made me feel welcomed. The employees were incredibly knowledgeable and pointed out the state of the art equipment, they even showed me the exam results and explained in great detail answering every question I asked. I was set on having lasik, however the Dr. to my surprise, said I didn't need it, I insisted that I really wanted it, but he said I could save the money and gave me a pair of dime store glasses! Who does that?? Only an amazingly honest Dr., he was beyond anything I expected! I will recommend him to all my family, friends, and strangers, if I could give this company a 10 star rating I would!

7/4/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I can't even express how wonderful my experience with the team at LA Sight was! From the minute I walked in the door they were gentle, informative, reassuring and friendly. I have struggled with my contacts and glasses for years now, the misery of my life. But was also a little fraidy-cat to do the LASIK. When I told them I was scared they just offered my more time and information, never once did they pressure me. So of course I booked as soon as I could. The team were all awesome on the day, they run like a well oiled machine but are still so so friendly at the same time - I felt like I was in very experienced, safe hands and was talked through everything as we went. The discomfort is so minimal (like someone pressing on your eye a little) and pain was non existent for me. I could see great that night, my eyes were dry and slightly scratchy but 2 advil and I was fine and happy to sleep. The next morning at my post op I was told I have 20/20 vision (slightly better in one eye) and it could get better when I start using my drops!! I couldn't be happier - I didn't even know that you could see the world in 3D!!! Side note is that they're running a special price at the moment - for this experience I would have paid the regular price!! But get in fast if you want a bargain on quality!! Dr Wallace and his team are fantabulous!! My grandmother is even considering flying in from New Zealand for the procedure with LA Sight after seeing (Skype) and hearing my experience :) 

6/28/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Recently got LASIK at LA Sight from Dr. Wallace and I couldn't be more pleased; i had bad -4 vision and now see 20/20. The surgery was quick, painless and they were great pre and post op answering questions to re-assure me. HIGHLY recommended!

6/13/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Shop no more! LA Sight is THE place to get Lasik. I did my due diligence and checked out 3 places before this one and I stopped right at LA Sight. They are so professional, pleasant, not pushy.. Their prices are the best because they don't need to rely on heavy advertising. Word of mouth and referrals do it! I have already referred LA Sight to two friend who have been hesitant so far. Go get it, you ll be mad at yourself for having waited so long. NOW.

6/6/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: The staff and Dr. Wallace are incredible! They're friendly, funny, and personable. They talk you through the whole process, answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible, and make the procedure incredibly comfortable for you. Dr. Wallace works fast and efficiently. I can't believe that yesterday I couldn't see a thing 2 inches away from my face and now I have 20/15 vision. Incredible and life-changing. If you're thinking about getting LASIK done, this is absolutely the place to do it. Stubbing your toe hurts 10 times worse than LASIK. Trust me, I'm the biggest baby about these things.

6/5/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his entire team at LA Sight are the best! From consultation, to surgery , to post surgery I have been completely satisfied. Thanks to Dr. Wallace & his team I now have perfect sight for the first time in nearly twenty years, what a gift!!! If anyone has any questions about my personal experience at LA Sight please feel free to reach out to me, I cannot recommend Dr. Wallace enough knowing how it will change your life. 

5/12/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: It was a great experience. Dr Wallace is the nicest and  most helpful person I ever seen. All 3 my appointments with LA Sight were really smooth and I was always leaving this place with a smile. 15 mins and you'll forget about glasses or lenses. If you young and you don't really have any health problems you should definitely do that! Thank you guys! I am super happy!

5/12/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have had the perfect experience with LA Sight and Dr. Wallace. His team is professional, caring and helpful. I had my Lasik surgery in February 2014 and it was the most smooth procedure I have ever experienced. I was nervous about it initially- Dr. Wallace and his staff listened to all of my concerns and reassured me I was making the best decision for my situation. I am happy to report I can see better than perfect and have had no complications whatsoever. I am recommending everyone I know to Dr. Wallace. Thank you LA Sight! My life has improved dramatically now that I no longer need contacts or glasses! 

4/28/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am a dentist and my vision is very important for the type of work I do. Since last year my right eye start bothering me and I found out it is cataract. I consulted with few doctors to correct my vision. I was so frustrated to find a right doctor. one of my patients referred me to Dr Wallace and I scheduled to meet him. From the first visit I found him very knowledgeable about his work and on top of all he was very honest with me . The staff were very nice and helpful as well. I did the surgery with him few weeks after , minimal discomfort and very quick first day after surgery my eye was kind of irritated ( which i think was absolutely normal) and the day after I felt I born again , seeing well and crystal clear vision. I highly recommend him to everyone and I am thank full I found him to do the cataract surgery for me.

4/23/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Thanks Dr Wallace and his team for the wonderful gift of specs free vision they gave me. Got my post surgery check up done and I am at 15/20 Vision Yippee....Well to start with I went to LA Sight initially for the free LASIK consultation, and was so impressed by the attention that I never shopped around other LASIK centers. Dr Wallace,to sum up is a genuine and very compassionate human being.Not only Dr Wallace, his entire staff also deserves special kudos.They always had all the time in the world to patiently answer all my myriad queries.Also the price is well below what other places charge. The only thing I would have loved extra is to get my parking ticket validated. :) I wish them all the success in future and hope the carry on their A+ service.

4/14/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I'm extremely happy with my experience at LA Sight! All of the staff was extremely friendly from my initial phone call all the way to my follow up after surgery. I didn't have a bad interaction with a single person and I dealt with about 5 or 6 different staff members. In terms of the surgery itself, it went brilliantly! I called to set a consultation appointment on a Wednesday, went for the consultation on the following Monday and had the surgery that Thursday. Naturally, I was nervous going into it but it ended up being a very quick and painless experience. I had the procedure at 2 pm and my vision was good-to-go by 7 pm that same night. Directly after the surgery I was able to see but it was a bit foggy like it would be if you opened your eyes under water. Once I went home and took a nap as instructed, my vision cleared right up. I even drove myself to get ice cream that evening! Overall I couldn't be happier with my results! It's great to not have to worry about the risk of eye infection/blindness that I once subjected myself to due to never taking out my contacts. This place has great reviews for a reason and I'm grateful to all the Yelpers who led me to them! Hopefully my review will do the same for you!

3/14/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have been very scared to get Lasik surgery even though it's been something that I wanted to do for years. There's so many pros and cons when thinking of an elective surgery and especially when the eyes are so important. After my brother and sister-in-law got their eyes done in Denver, I considered flying over there. They were charged $2,300 for Lasik in Denver. After researching the Lasik centers here in Los Angeles county, most places charge an arm and leg for the procedure. I somehow stumbled along LA Sight through Yelp and his reviews seem good. I called the office to inquire their price and they quoted me $2,300, which is the special on-going price right now for their office. Sepi convinced me to come in for a free consultation the next day, which I did. The staff here at LA Sight are extremely friendly and they didn't mind me getting there late. I especially liked Dave, who was very patient to answer my millions of questions. Then I continued to bother Dr. Wallace with even more questions. I felt very comfortable with the fact that they calmed my nerves. Dr. Wallace only operates on Thursdays and they space out their patients, so you don't have to wait in a room full of other people. You don't have the feeling of being a sardine in a tin can, like other Lasik centers. I read all the Yelp reviews for all the Lasik centers in LA county, so I read how horrible some of these centers can be. LA Sight is very clean and they have plates of chocolates for their patients. It was tempting to grab some and stuff them in my purse. But then I don't eat chocolate, so it's probably best that I didn't. I brought my 2-year old son to every appointment and the staff were constantly trying to make my son laugh. It was nice that they didn't mind him screaming or trying to cause chaos. So and so, I got my Lasik surgery done yesterday and today my first post-op check-up. I felt no pain during the surgery and it was very quick. There were a million thoughts racing through my mind. What if I felt all the pain, what if the drops didn't help at all, what if my flap shriveled up because my eyes were too dry, what if I turn blind and can never see my son again... yada.. yada ... I also saw a bunch of video blogs on YouTube about other people's experience after Lasik. That all scared me too, of course. But I'm actually very surprised that I had no pains, no dried eyes, no burning, no nothing... I feel so normal, that it's so weird. Today is only the day after Lasik, so I hope I didn't speak too soon. Right now my left eye is 20/20 and my right eye is better than 20/20. It's a great experience and I love seeing without glasses. I also donated my old glassed to LA Sight, so hopefully those glasses will go to a good cause. Thanks a lot LA Sight. I could type more, but I doubt anyone wants to read it. I'll see you again in 1 month for my 1 month post-op check-up.

3/18/14, LA Sight - 4 stars: This is long over due! I'm very skeptical about getting a LASIK surgery as I'm really scared because complications can arise from it and who knows my eye sight could get worse. I've read countless articles on LASIK. I've worked and spoke with people about their experience and who they can recommend. I've been wearing glasses and contacts alternately since I was 17 and never had any eye infection. I scheduled an appointment with LA Sight I had my consultation with Dr. Wallace ( he's the one who did the LASIK on one of the doctor I work with) he said I'm a candidate and I'll benefit from it. I asked all the questions I can think of regarding the surgery and complications, safety etc in the end I decided right then and there that I'm going to do it. I read their aftercare instructions signed paper work with Sepi and she gave me instructions as well what to do. They scheduled the surgery weeks after. So the day came and they explained to me what's going to happen what they're doing I was given Valium to kinda relax me so I have to bring a driver to drive after my LASIK. My fiancee (bf then drove) he's more than willing and excited to do it was so amazed that I soon as I was done I said I can see him!! I'm legally blind as I'm told prior to this. The surgery I'm sure was more or less 20 mins. Including in the package was after care follow up. I would like to THANK Dr. WALLACE, his associates and LA SIGHT team for my wonderful care and experience. I've already recommended LA Sight to a few friends and coworkers as I know they will be taken care of. (Tips: Driving time to the place is about 45 mins-1 hour side streets on a good day no freeway, since 405 is always traffic. You also pay $2.50 for every 15 mins of parking. Parking attendants are nice and courteous people.

3/27/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: My daughter was a patient and I could not be more thrilled that I found LA Sight for her. My daughter and I were a little nervous about this procedure but Dr. Wallace and his staff put us at ease. Dr. Wallace spent a lot of time answering our questions and explaining the procedure, and he was able to accommodate us right away. My daughter felt great about her experience. She was able to see well the night after surgery. We were watching TV and she couldn't believe she wasn't wearing contacts or glasses. A week later, my daughter had her eyes checked for a job she is applying for and her vision is 20-13! The cost was very reasonable and LA Sight takes Care Credit, which is helpful. I highly recommend LA Sight

3/31/14, LA Sight - 5 stars: Perfect experience start to finish. This office wants to crush the competition.. bad. You can tell Dr. Wallace runs a tight ship immediately upon entering the office. They're attentive and super-friendly.. but not annoying-friendly.. just positive and real. I went in for a consultation for LASIK on a whim. A Yelp whim.. you know.. where you're just kinda cruising Yelp and the next thing you know you're heading to a business because their reviews are really good? At my free consultation they did a full eye exam, including taking all of my eyeball measurements with their fancy machines in case I wanted to go ahead with the LASIK. The technician who helped me was lovely.. kind and seemed to really know her stuff. Then I met Dr. Wallace.. this guy's great. Just like all the other reviews. He's a friendly, funny, straight-shooting guy. Answered all my questions.. did NOT rush me. This was one of the biggest deal-sealing factors at the office. I want to feel like my eyes are important to them ... because they sure as hell are to me, y'know? I'm not just gonna run around paying anyone to cut my eyeballs then shoot them with lasers.. I gotta trust you. And I did with them. Anyway, surgery was truly easy. Dr. Wallace talks you through every step of the surgery, and hey.. It was really easy. I'm sure millions of people shy away from this surgery out if fear. Let me tell you.. it's alllllll good. You're numb, they're pros, it's fast, no problem. Discomfort: 3 out of 10, Pain: 1.5 out of 10. I woke up the next morning with freaking perfect vision. Like the doc says, your eyes are dry for a bit.. he said up to 2 weeks.. for me it was about 3 or 4 days. Today, two and a half weeks after surgery I'm still pinching myself every time I open my eyes. Contact lenses were the worst. LASIK is the best. Thanks Dr. Wallace and everyone else at the office.

1/31/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff are so great! I had LASIK yesterday at 4 pm and after my eyes were only a little itchy (like wearing contacts for too long). I went out to dinner and then went home and watched some Seinfeld. I slept with the goggles that they gave me and woke up this morning and I can see even better than I could with glasses and contacts! Dr. Wallace even gives you tips on easy ways to put the drops in your eyes. I would highly recommend him and his team to everyone I know!

1/24/2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars:, and (same review on three sites): I was referred to Dr. Wallace office by a friend of mine. I was a little nervous at first but by surgery day I was excited to not have to use glasses anymore. Dr Wallace and his team made me feel right at home. He did the procedure himself and talked me through each step as he did it. I was in and out of there in less than a half an hour. They explained the entire procedure and answered all my questions. The very next day i was right back to work. Customer service was great. I will be telling everyone about my experience. He is definitely a top shelf doctor.

1/24/2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars: I had my procedure yesterday, and I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Wallace and his staff. The process was very clearly communicated, I felt at ease during the procedure, and my result is better than 20/20. Dr. Wallace was involved at all stages of the process, and he's extremely transparent, knowledgeable and affable. I had consultations with several potential doctors and Dr. Wallace was significantly less expensive. At one point I was tempted to choose another doctor under the faulty assumption that a higher price might equate with higher quality. However, based on recommendations from friends, I decided to proceed with Dr. Wallace. I am completely happy with my decision.

1/22/2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars: Dr Wallace is a doctor that you can trust, he takes his time during each appointment, answers whatever questions you have, and makes you feel comfortable. Not only is he a nice doctor, he is a leading doctor in his field with years of experience. I only write this review because I know how much research I had to do before my procedure and want everyone to know that my experience was and continues to be A+. Thank you for all your help!

1/20/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: I am so glad I had this procedure done! The day after surgery my eyes felt great and I was back at work with 20/20 vision! Dr. Wallace and his entire staff were wonderful and took excellent care of me throughout the entire procedure. LASIK truly is life changing.

1/16/2014, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have never been to a friendlier office. Their so nice, honest, and have great prices. I got Lasik done and they did a wonderful job. Dr Wallace and all the doctors take their time with you and explain everything to you. I love this place!!!!  You should go.

1/10/2014, LA Sight - 5 Stars:  6 stars if I was able. Lasik is life changing and Dr Wallace's is the best representation of it. Professional and caring. You couldn't find a flaw if you dug and dug. The people here are truly devoted and excited about what they do. I got my Lasik in 2010. Still so mind- blowing and awesome that I am posting three years later.

Nov. 2013, LA Sight - 5 Stars: Great experience. The staff and doctor were so nice. The surgery was painless and they made me feel so comfortable the entire time. I came back 3 more times after for free check ups. They greeted me by name. The price was great. There is nothing I can say bad about this experience and I am extremely happy I went with la sight. It has been over 4 months now and my eye sight is perfect and I had no complications. Barely any dry eye either.

11/23/13, LA Sight - 5 stars: Two days after my LASIK procedure, I ran 18 miles with the doctor's blessing. My eyes feel great and I can see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 20 years. These people know their stuff and gave excellent care all along the way. It's easier and so much better than any visit to the dentist!! Thanks Dr. Wallace & Team!

Nov. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: I've been meaning to write this review sooner, but alas life and work has gotten in they way but better late than never! I got a referral from 2 friends that had their LASIK procedures from LA Sight with no issues so of course I was very inclined to get a free consultation. The consultation was easy, and they stated whether or not I was a prime candidate for LASIK or any other procedure that they can do (LASIK, PRK). After my consultation, I did my due diligence (WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD DO BTW) and did my own research. What I discovered from my research is summed up in 2 important points: 1) THE DOCTOR: The doctor should be very VERY knowledgeable in his line of work and can clearly identify if you are a strong candidate for LASIK or not. This isn't no car salesman, and you should question everything that may concern you because this procedure IS PERMANENT. Ask questions relating to you your condition, his experience, the equipment being used (more on that below) and get a second unbiased opinion. 2) THE EQUIPMENT: Almost all LASIK procedures nowadays seem to be automated, and if you got a good doctor who is looking out for your best interest then you got half the equation! The other half is if they have the most up to date equipment/laser. The more up to date, the better the outcome for you. The laser that they use is an FDA approved laser for LASIK called the Wavelight Allegretto Laser (by Wavelight, not by Alcon Laboratories and can be found here on the FDA approved page). The process seemed very automated like a CNC machine while Dr. Wallace oversaw and managed the procedure. After years of contacts, I felt like I had superhuman powers right after my procedure. While light was was very sensitive, I was able to see fairly clearly right after the procedure, and the halos and dryness went away after a couple of week per Dr. Wallace. LASIK isn't for everyone, and I know that there has been some negative reviews by some individuals below. I can't speak on their experiences since everyone has a unique situation with their vision, but I can say that I am completely satisfied and thrilled with my experience. Not only that, it was very affordable compared to previous years! I recommend Dr. Wallace to several of my friends and they too will be going in for a free consolation (however, I still tell them to do their own research and not just trust my word. These are YOUR EYES PEOPLE! Do your homework!!!).

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: I have been considering LASIK for about a year, since I had to get glasses. Contact lenses didn't work work for me- I tried 5 different brands, none being comfortable. Wearing glasses became a major dependency, which bothered me. After meeting the staff and Dr. Wallace, I was very comfortable with the whole process-so much so that I scheduled the surgery for the very next morning. My only regret is not doing it sooner. These are very nice people, go see them. They deliver results. My vision is now perfect. Thanks guys!

Oct. 2013, LA-Sight - 5 stars: Dr Wallace and his team are excellent. Dr Wallace is very professional and takes what ever time is needed with you to fully review your eye condition and determine your lasik treatment requirements. His staff makes you feel really comfortable, as many of them have had the procedure themselves they can really put you at ease and assure you that you will have a safe and favorable outcome. Procedure was completely painless. So far so good I tested 20/15 on my left eye and 20/20 on my right on my day 1 follow up appointment.

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: One week later and all i can say is WOW! Have been thinking about LASIK for the past several years and finally decided to take the plunge. After doing a considerable amount of online research, reading hundreds of reviews and visiting a couple clinics I boiled it down to two things that were important to me. 1) the laser they use 2) the staff. LA Sight uses the latest technology and surprisingly was the only place I visited where I met the surgeon who was going to perform the work on my eyes. After meeting Dr Wallace and his team i decided to proceed with LA Sight. The day of the surgery I was very anxious however when I arrived for surgery the entire team put me at ease. Dr Wallace spoke to me through the entire surgery (less than 10 mins) letting me know what he was doing and how each stage would take. Very reassuring. One week later and all is clear! In fact i referred a friend who is going to visit LA Sight next week.

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace and his staff made me feel like I was in good hands from day one. They were knowledgeable, able to answer all of my questions, and always welcoming during office visits. I went through two separate examinations before LASIK to make sure I was a good candidate, and the surgery itself was fast and painless. They talked me through the whole procedure so I knew exactly what was going on, and even let my boyfriend watch through the window with headphones so he could follow along. I haven't been able to see without corrective lenses for 20 years and I woke up this morning with perfect vision. Amazing. I highly recommend LA Sight!

Oct. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Let's be can be pretty nerve-wracking getting a procedure done on your eyes, and also very costly. Even with some anxiety, the staff at LA Sight made it easy and almost effortless for me throughout my whole experience. Not only that, but they are much more affordable than other places. Double WIN! I just had my procedure about a month ago and everything looks great. So great that now a few of my friends are going to move forward with this as well. Couldn't have a nicer team to help support you on your big day. Would definitely recommend to everyone who's interested! Also, if you're wondering what it's like? Super simple and less than 5 minutes.

Sept. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: I did my Lasik procedure yesterday. I was a little freaked out however everyone at LA sight was so LOVELY that it was easy to trust them. I felt well taken care of from the first meeting and almost like I was there only patient ( I wasn't at all, LOTs of people there). The procedure itself was no worse than getting a cavity filled and frankly over a lot quicker than that. And today I have 20/15 vision, which is pretty amazing when you start from -5.00 in both eyes!!! I had a some eye pain and serious watering when I got home but some Tylenol took care of that quickly and I passed out for basically the rest of yesterday and woke up this morning at about 6 am feeling great. I still have a little bit of the halo effect around bright lights but I expect that to go away in the next weeks and months and its really nothing that I can't deal with in the mean time. I took this whole week off just so I could relax but I could have easily gone back to work today if needed. Great place, I would highly recommend and I'll be sending all my friends over there! Thanks EVERYONE AT LA SIGHT!!

Sept. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Dr. Wallace did my LASIK procedure a few days ago and it was wonderful. Everything went really well and I could see immediately after the procedure. My eyesight was pretty bad (-7.5 and -7.75) and I've been wearing glasses for twenty years, since I was about 10. And now I see better than 20/20 (20/15)! I originally went to Dr. Wallace for a second opinion after going to LASIK Vision Institute where they measured my eyesight at (-10/-11) and told me that I am not eligible for LASIK, but would instead need PRK (a much more involved and painful procedure). Dr. Wallace and his staff did the vision test 4 times during my first appointment just to make sure and said that I was a great candidate for LASIK. If I had gone through the procedure at the other place I would need glasses for reading (I would probably be at +2 or +3)! Please, make sure that you carefully research the place where you get your procedure done! Dr. Wallace actually charges a lot more, but I was lucky to get in during their promotional period ($1000/eye). I highly recommend you go to him even if his price goes back up in the future. This is a doctor you can really trust. The procedure itself is pretty painless. They give you a Valium and put you into a dark relaxing little room for about twenty minutes. Then you go through the actual procedure, which takes about 5 minutes. You don't feel anything except a little pressure and you see immediately afterwards!

Sept. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: Today is the first day in 25 years that I can see!!! I woke up and was very confused when everything around me was crystal clear (almost!). Right now I am seeing at 20/20 and have no pain. My vision is slightly hazy but it hasn't even been 24 hours!!! Prior to going to Dr. Wallace I went for a few other consultations at other nearby LASIK surgeons. No one made me feel secure, comfortable and informed the way doctor Wallace and his staff did. The fact that Dr. Wallace was named one of the top 10 best LASIK eye surgeons .… and the fact that his prices are affordable didn't hurt either! The procedure was over before I knew it and was much less traumatic then the frenzy I had worked up in my head. Thank you thank you thank you to Dr. Wallace, Karen, Sepi and the rest of the incredible staff for giving me the gift of Sight and making the whole experience so pleasant!

Sept. 2013, LA Sight - 5 stars: I was blind but now I can see!!! I loved my experience at LA sight! The Dr.'s and staff were very nice and helpful. It was pain free and was over in an instant! I have 20/15 in both eyes now when I used to be 20/400 and 20/425. I would recommend LA Sight 100 percent! I will forever be grateful.

Dr. Wallace performed Lasik surgery on my eyes in Feb. 2010.  My experience with Dr. Wallace and his entire staff has been outstanding. If you're like me, and you plan on meeting with a few surgeons before deciding, I'd encourage you to put Dr. Wallace on your list.  There are a lot of options out there, but this is a solid place in all aspects (price, responsiveness, results, technology, experience, etc..)

I absolutely love the team at LA Sight and Dr. Wallace! They performed Lasik on me (and my roommate on the same day) several years ago and both of our results are still great! I went from about -9.5 in both eyes to 20/20, sometimes better, in one fell swoop! Honestly, it was the best thing I ever did. I know I was a bit young for Lasik (was 20 at the time) but any future changes in my eyes (in either the nearsighted or farsighted direction) are more than worth not battling my thick glasses or rigid gas-permeable contacts for the last few years. As a student and avid horseback rider, it changed my life 100%.