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How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

We will discuss your Medicare or insurance coverage with you during your Cataract Evaluation. We understand insurance coverage can be a bit confusing, and we’re here to help. Dr. Wallace will also talk with you to clearly understand your lifestyle & hobbies, and recommend the best lens implant choice for you. Ready to see young again? Schedule your Cataract Evaluation with Dr. David Wallace!


Advanced Lifestyle Lenses

Advanced cataract lens implants restore a fuller range of vision after cataract surgery. Older-style lens implants provide clear vision at only one focus point, usually distance. But newer lens implants such as ReSTOR, Crystalens and Tecnis can deliver clear vision – near through far – without glasses. And Toric lens implants correct astigmatism and sharpen distance vision, freeing you to spend more of your day without glasses.


Insurance Coverage for Cataract Surgery

Medicare and most private health insurance plans will generally help cover much of the cost for your cataract eye surgery. If you choose a lifestyle lens implant, you will be responsible for the additional cost associated with that lens and the accompanying refractive services.


Why Choose Multifocal Lenses?

The benefit of choosing a multifocal or astigmatism-correcting lens implant, is the ability to decrease your dependence on eyeglasses. If you would enjoy the freedom of being glasses-free for most of your daily tasks – such as driving, dialing your phone, or viewing a restaurant menu – then multifocal lens implants may be the best choice for you.


Flexible Payment Options

You don’t want to live with compromised vision, and you don’t have to. We offer flexible payment options including plans that are interest-free for up to 24 months.


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Outstanding Patient Reviews

LA Sight patients are overwhelmingly thrilled with their experience, and their new vision. So much so, that we have been recognized by Yelp for earning an extraordinary number of 5-star reviews – for the second year! You’ll love LA Sight too.


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Dr. Wallace has helped thousands of people improve their vision and quality of life over the years, and has earned a remarkable number of 5-star Yelp reviews along the way. If you or a loved one are interested in cataract care, we invite you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Wallace today to learn how advanced lens implants can change the way you see the world.  We’ll evaluate your vision, and help determine the best course of action for your visual needs.

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