David Wallace, MD

David Wallace, MD - LASIK Surgeon at LA Sight in Los Angeles, CADr. David Wallace is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK), lens-based surgery (cataract removal, lens implants, clear lens replacement) and other methods of vision correction. A graduate of the UC San Diego School of Medicine, he completed his internship at UCLA and his ophthalmology residency at USC Medical Center’s Doheny Eye Foundation. In private practice since 1983, he has performed over 50,000 LASIK treatments and over 12,000 lens implant procedures.

Dr. Wallace was named by Los Angeles Magazine as one of “LA’s Best Doctors”  (way back in the 90s); he’s been quoted in the New York Times Los Angeles Times , and Business Week magazine, among others. He has authored numerous scientific papers in professional journals and several articles about laser eye care in the lay press.

Dr. Wallace is also recognized as an innovator in the field of high-tech medical instrumentation. He co-invented and developed three computer-based diagnostic instruments now used by eye-care professionals worldwide. The instruments are known as the Tono-Pen Tonometer (measures eye pressure, important in diagnosis and management of glaucoma), the Pach-Pen Pachymeter (measures corneal thickness, critical in many refractive surgery procedures and in monitoring certain corneal disease states), and the Bio-Pen A-scan (ultrasonically measures internal dimensions of the eye to help calculate lens implant strength before cataract surgery). He holds several patents pertaining to microelectronic computerized instruments, and founded Oculab Inc., to manufacture these products. They were recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America and received the Industrial Design Excellence Award. The Tono-Pen tonometer has generated in excess of $100 Million in worldwide sales since its introduction, and was used in experiments aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle. Dr. Wallace remains active in research and development of diagnostic products for the eye care profession.  He is currently managing an R&D effort to develop a family of smartphone-based diagnostic instruments for use by eye care professionals, with cloud-based data storage and AI-driven diagnostics.  This project is in mid-stage development and in anticipated to launch to market within 3 years.

Dr. Wallace is a firm believer in and advocate for public accountability of professionals including doctors and surgeons.  He has helped implement surgical outcome tracking and reporting systems within his private practice and for other LASIK providers, to both monitor and improve results for recipients of laser care, and provide the public with accurate statistics about safety, efficacy, stability and accuracy of laser vision care.  He and the entire team are very proud of the fact that LA Sight has received over 700 5-Star reviews on Yelp, and over 200 5-Star reviews on Google Business.

Dr. Wallace has provided consulting and teaching services for many ophthalmic companies including Chiron Vision, IOLAB, Medtronic/Solan Ophthalmic, Mentor O&O, Pharmacia, Synemed, Bio-Rad Ophthalmic, and Carl Zeiss Meditec. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Dr. Wallace will be pleased and honored to consult with you regarding vision correction.