Irritated Allergy-Eyes? Contacts Make It Worse? Get LASIK, Only $1,400 per eye at LA Sight. Visit Dr. David Wallace

Get Relief From Itchy Contact Lenses


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Puffy eyelids, watery eyes, redness and itching driving you crazy this Spring? Seasonal allergies wreak havoc on your eyes and often make contact lenses more uncomfortable. Isn’t it time to get LASIK, and let your eyes breathe again?

Allergies and contact lenses don’t mix. But, with LA Sight LASIK at only $1,400/eye, allergy relief in Los Angeles is incredibly affordable.


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Dr. Wallace has helped thousands of people improve their vision and quality of life over the years. If you are interested in LASIK, we invite you to schedule your consultation with LA Sight today, and see for yourself why so many people love us on Yelp. We’ll measure your eyes, determine your options, and recommend a personalized LASIK treatment plan. Then you’ll be on your way to clear, comfortable vision.

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