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LA Sight Front Office Team

LA Sight Front Office Team

LA Sight is a ’boutique’ laser eye center located in West LA, just off the 405 freeway at Wilshire. We designed our office space to be warm, comfortable, and relaxing. It is just another way that we make sure our patients’ feel completely at home when visiting us.

But, comfort isn’t everything…we take pride in running a very tight ship to ensure safety, precision and the best possible vision results for our patients:


A dedicated team in the operating room. We are passionate about the work that we do. We understand that people place great trust in us when they choose to have care at LA Sight, and we take that VERY seriously.

Carefully regulated air quality in the laser room. We use a very highly rated positive-pressure HEPA filtration system in ours. This cleanses the air in the laser room to the highest level possible for a medical environment. For the same reason, the laser room ceiling is a ‘hard lid’ (drywall and plastic laminate) that does not release microscopic particles the way that acoustic ceiling tile can.

Tightly controlled temperature and humidity. The tighter the temp & humidity range is maintained, the better the consistency of treatment outcomes. We have a separate, dedicated HVAC system just for our laser room.

Power backup. We are one of the few centers in California that has a high-capacity UPS unit on standby in case of a power outage. Though we wouldn’t start any eye surgery in the middle of an outage, we certainly would want to be able to finish any surgery that we’d already commenced.

Rigorous calibration of our laser, above the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

Results Tracking that helps us refine, perfect and maintain our accuracy. See our Outcomes page, where we review a recent series of patients and their visual results.

Every safety precaution and quality control process that we know to be of benefit, we implement.